A/N: Hey guys! So listen, I have been done a lot of stories without any song lyrics (Except my talkshows). But this time I want to try a new style, song – fics style! I decided to make a WHOLE story with some of my favorite songs, but my style! Not exactly the same way in the music videos. Here's the list of the songs I'm going to use (Warning: If you are not Robstar fan or Bbrae fans please stop reading):

1. Kori (Starfire) ft. Rachel (Raven) – Telephone (by Lady Gaga)

2. Richard (Robin) and Vic (Cyborg) – The boys are back (in High School Musical 3)

3. Rachel/Garfield (Beastboy)/Terra – Girlfriend (Avril Lavinge) (A/N: Don't worry Bbrae fans, this is for Beastboy and Raven)

4. The whole Teen Titans – We can't back down (Camp Rock 2)

5. Rachel – Reflection (in Mulan)

6. Kori – Wish upon a star (Samantha Mumba)

7. Garfield – Lonely (Akon)(A/N: Ok, this might contains Bbterra but no flames plz!)

That's it. Tell me what you think about it and give me some advice about this subject. Maybe you can give me some song advices and performers. Summary in each chapter