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Inauguration night will soon come. Shinobu, who have just entered Mitsuhashi-dai, started to think about it.

"What should I do for presentation?"

Miyagi caught Shinobu's confused face. "Hey, hey, what are you thinking about? Cabbage?"

Shinobu pissed off. "Of course not! I'm thinking about what will I do for inauguration night..."

Miyagi smirked a bit. "Stripping?" Soon after his word, he got a kick from Shinobu.


"H... hey, I'm kidding... How about.. Singing acapella?"

"A good idea, but my voice is not that good..."

"Perhaps it's not that shameful like str..."

Shinobu then hits Miyagi. "Shut up!"

On the inauguration night, he really do the stripping, along with singing acapella. His action is getting a full attention from female students.