Time of Your Life

A/N – Thanks to Dean Star, this popped into my head. It's kind of a companion piece to my story "Whatshisname" but you don't have to read both. Angst warning ahead. (Don't say I didn't warn you)

Again, Green Day has been my inspiration. Go listen to the song now!

Kurt Hummel once again found himself striding toward the football field of McKinley High School in Lima Ohio. He never thought he'd be back here, especially after so many years, but he had promised Mercedes he'd come to see the new and improved Cheerios. She had taken over the squad almost ten years ago, and it had taken almost that long to get rid of Sue Sylvester's legacy.

So much had happened since he had left McKinley to go to Dalton. He had spent his final two years of high school at the private school, graduating with honors. He had left that fall for the University of Illinois at Chicago without looking back and had thrust himself headlong into their drama department.

At his graduation from college, he had never seen his father so proud. Despite the fact that he had won several theatre awards at school, he decided to stay local for a while in order to get his Equity Card. He did regional shows in Chicago and Cleveland for a couple of years before finally deciding to give New York a try.

It was tough at first. He was used to being well known in the regional theater and here he was in the big city almost having to start from scratch. But he did it. He climbed the ladder. Starting out in small off Broadway productions and working his way up to ensemble roles and finally getting the role of Fyiero in a revival of Wicked.

His dreams finally came true when he was nominated for (and actually won) the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Burt and Carole had managed to get tickets up in one of the balconies. It was probably the proudest moment in his life.

And so, he finally decided to accept Mercedes invitation to see HER Cheerios perform at the Homecoming game in Lima. Standing at the sideline he saw the squad. It was much more diverse than it had been when he was in school – all different races, heights, weights, and there were just as many guys on the squad as there were girls.

He found a seat and as the first half of the football game droned on, he scanned the crowd. Right up front he saw a very familiar (albeit older looking) man paying as much attention to the Cheerios on the sideline as he was the players on the field.

Kurt smiled wistfully as he watched Dave Karofsky. Mercedes had told him that Dave had come back to Lima after college. He had apparently married his college boyfriend and now taught science at McKinley as well as coaching the hockey team to a state championship last year.

Kurt watched as Dave stood and cheered loudly when the Cheerios took the field for the halftime show and wondered which one of them had really "made it" after all.

A/N – Yep… sad, well more bittersweet. Sorry guys… it just came out this way. I appear to be in a pensive mood today.