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"Huh?" Kagome said not exactly sure why she dragging her back to camp if that's where the demons were being that she usually just causes more trouble

"Hey, Sango… why is it you need me? I'll probably hinder you more than help you." Kagome said struggling to get out of the taijiya's grip earning minimal results for maximum effort

"Man Sango's serious she doesn't even realize that her 'death grip' just might live up to its name."

Just as Sango was about to answer she heard "air please." Sango set Kagome down for a second allowing her the chance to breath

"Well we were all worried about you." Sango said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Kagome gave Sango a skeptical look "you forgot to exclude Inuyasha." She said out loud just as Sango nearly killed her best friend again. Good thing she's used to rough handling. "whether Inuyasha knows it or not he gives bumpy rides and just about breaks a bone or two when he pulls me out of danger not that I don't appreciate it but…"

"Inuyasha cares too and you know it!" Sango snarled glaring a head of her towards the camp as if she could see him.

"You're right where would he be without his shard detector?" Kagome with a wry smile.

Sango glared down at Kagome who looked back up at Sango with a face that clearly said 'I'm not impressed.'

They were almost to the camp when the hoards descended upon them and Sango sped up the pace they had just reached the camp with Kagome gasping for breath for Sango's grip was deadly 'okay after this fight I'm getting a sword and serious training. Dying via being saved is a sad way to go not to mention a bow is not always a really reliable weapon when it comes to someone within less than five feet I bet Sango's got training in all sorts of weapons she can probably choose a more suitable weapon for me I mean my skill with a bow has gotten better but I'm not Kikyo I don't think I'm meant for a bow and the fact that I use one probably only makes me look more like Kikyo. Alright! Say no to the bow!' while Kagome was catching her breath and questioning her choice in weapon quietly the battle suddenly stopped.

"huh? What the hell happened?" Inuyasha yelled with clear annoyance.

A man or more like a demon in humanoid form was seen walking towards them at high speed and stopped to open his eyes and look at the whole group 'well this explains the strong part most of the demons were minor maybe his aura was mixed in with the rest.'

'wait is he…?' "excuse me are you possibly the northern lord? Lord Hayao?"

The demon seemed surprised at her question "yes, but if I'm not incorrect you are human how would you know of me?"

His question went completely ignored by the young priestess as she asked a question of her own "to what do we owe the pleasure? Are you just passing through?"

Deciding his question wasn't an immediate matter he decided he'd get his answer later "I've come to bring you with me to a meeting lady Sango."

Inuyasha began to bust a gut as everyone else just stared at Hayao dumbstruck.

Inuyasha, the only one capable of making any sort of noise, between bouts of laughter, huffed out "th-that's K-Kagome h-h-how c-could you mist-take the t-two of them? M-man you m-must be ret-retarded. Kagome's about a-as str-strong as a-an a-ant!"

Broken out of her surprise induced trance by Inuyasha's impertinent mouth kagome dished out punishment "INUYASHA! SIT!"

A THUD could be heard could be heard for miles around.

Kagome than grabbed Miroku's staff from him and hit Inuyasha in the back of the head as and used it to poke him in the back while saying "who's weak again? And for your information ants can lift ten times their own weight that is not weak"

"!#$*&%^$!#" a rainbow of obscenities could be heard from the twitching red and silver figure deep in a crater. (Although hard to understand due to a mouth full of dirt.)

"Lord Hayao, please allow me to apologize for my idiot friends complete lack of respect." Kagome sighed and bowed while she gave Miroku his staff

"Am I to take it that this sort of thing happens often?" Hayao asked as Inuyasha emerged from another hole, one of many that Kagome made using Inuyashas body over the years across the country side.

"Yes very often" Miroku answered

"I see… well … it doesn't matter… I've come to escort lady Sango to a meeting with all four arch lords and a few minor lords." He said first eyeing the half demon that was now covered from head to foot in dirt.

"whoa sounds big it's not often that kind of thing happens." Kagome said eyes slightly wider than before

"ho wwould you know this Kagome?" Miroku asked

"Miroku, I know things that won't be known for five hundred more years." She said a bit smugly which was an unusual thing Miroku had been taking notice of some changes in Kagome he didn't know what to make of it and didn't know of the right time to ask.

"you have a point…"Miroku trailed off unable to think of a good argument at the moment

"Okay we ought to go something this big it has to be important!" Kagome exclaimed exuberantly.

Now the demon lord had only meant to bring Sango along but he suddenly felt tired and decided not to argue (a trick kagome learned from Sesshomaru) "lets go."

A group containing a monk a Hanyou and a priestess waits in a finely furnished room

Kagome sighs "I wonder what's taking so long does it really take that long to make sango look presentable? I think she looked plenty presentable already."

" indeed… lady Kagome you don't suppose she's met someone and…" Miroku trailed off suggestively and kagome smacked Miroku since Sango wasn't there to do it her self

"of course not she'd sooner kiss you for groping her." Kagome said blandly "she'd knock out whatever poor sucker tried that stuff with her before you could say 'hirikotsu'"

"actually I gotta disagree, she'd probably be screamin by now cause she accidentally killed'em she's used to hitting a monk, with a head that is inhumanly hard."

As if on cue Sango screamed

"Inuyasha lets all hope you're still as stupid as I thought you were and hope you're wrong" kagome said getting up and rushing in the direction she heard the scream threw open the door to see Sango wrapped in a towel and backed up against a wall cornered by two male demons one holding a rather ornate looking kimono the other holding an obi. Looked like the two were trying to dress her

"ummm Sango? Why'd you scream and why not just dress yourself?" Kagome said blankly still a bit shocked at this sight.

"Oh! Kagome, oh… they won't let me dress myself they are insisting that I let them dress me, I have no intention of doing that letting a stranger dress me? I'd sooner kiss Miroku for groping me!" Sango snarled while she kept he eyes on the demons with a glare.

Kagome had to keep herself from laughing as Sango used the same words that she herself had used only a few moments ago, until they heard a "really?" from the door way kagome turned to see Inuyasha with his back to them and a rather eager expression on the face of her favorite vulgar monk and she slammed the door in Mirokus face and went into a quiet and muttered rant about 'hard headed monks' and 'earning lumps'.

She began to slowly approach the demons trapping her poor friend and quietly grabbed the kimono and obi from the demons and made a shooing motion towards them not that she thought that it would actually make them go away but it was worth a shot

"woman what do you think you're doing?" one of them asked indignant at her behavior towards them

"Well to be honest I thought it was sort of obvious I'm going to be the one to dress lady Sango and or hopefully help her preserve at least a little bit of her modesty or is there a problem with that?" kagome asked looking annoyed yet professional and reserved. Apparently letting your emotions get the best of you in certain situations, depending on the circumstances, is looked down upon and earns you no respect or rather reduces respect.

"We were told to have her dressed correctly that is our job." the response came from the other one this time.

"well cannot lady Sango's handmaiden do that?" Kagome asked earning three confused looks from the only other occupants in the room.

'handmaiden? But I don't-' "umm… Kagome I don't-" kagome cut off the demon slayer saying "Please lady Sango I will handle this affair you needn't bother yourself with those of ignorant minds.

to think… it seems that many demons are ignorant enough to think that those who are greatly valued would not have the proper assistance." Kagome said effectively shutting Sango up and annoying the two other demons in the room but none of them knew how to respond,

"but you have spiritual powers wouldn't you-"kagome cut them off "and you have demonic powers but you were going to dress her, besides I'm just saving you the trouble of trying to hold her down and force her to allow you to dress her I'm probably also saving you from a few injuries Lady Sango would no doubt inflict upon your person that is if she didn't out right kill you and it wouldn't matter who you were she'd do it without a second thought . so if you would excuse me and my lady it would be much appreciated now it should take at most 3 seconds to get out that door I expect you to go tell whoever it is that told you to get her ready that its being taken care of properly and by a professional."

"Well that would be fine… but do you even know what to do? Do you know what's going on?"

"I'm assuming that someone of great importance is not promised although they are of age and judging by the way you seem so anxious Sango Is one of your last hopes?

Don't worry I've been with Sango I know what looks good on her and she will not only look presentable but also dazzling while still making it look natural just tell me where the makeup, kimonos, obi's and such are I'll take care of the rest."

For some reason they felt tired and decided to just go with it and just left to tell the lord's of the south and north and smaller divisions of the country (lord of the east is busy).

Mean While:

"this is ridiculous!" exclaimed the outraged western demon lord. "you come onto my land and try to tell me what to do?"

"yes exactly! You are not following the set path for a major cardinal lord you need to follow the right path otherwise be dethroned! You are of age now you must mate at this point I don't care be it demon or human , male or female you must take a mate!" The northern lord gave him the same lecture that he did any time he saw him over the past 250 years and Sesshomaru was getting tired of hearing it.

"From what I was told I should wait for the right female and then mate her from what I understand a big point of mating around my current age is to create an heir I don't think that's possible should I mate a male and I haven't found the right female the wenches you drag in here are either stupid, weak, horse faced, or just plain crazy! That is not what I'm looking for! I need a strong female to make strong hiers not the pathetic females you tend present!" Sesshomaru was tired of this, it was bad enough when it was just his clan that were on a constant defining tirade, but now the other cardinal lords are involved if it wasn't below him he would have started cursing. It is these things that cause him to desire the shikon Mikos company though human her spiritual aura that would put most demons on high alert is calming and sooths his tense nerves.

Two servants walked in and said "Lady Sango is ready for presentation". Snapping Sesshomaru out of his anger and into questioning thought where have heard that name before there aren't very many names I bother to remember being that there aren't many people that were truly worth remembering being that the name seemed familiar he either had heard the name enough times that it simply stuck in his memory or he had once blessed them with his notice.

The scent beyond the door was familiar along with one that was much more familiar and he would undoubtedly recognize any where the servants moved aside to let Kagome and Sango into the room.

And there you have it.