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"No choice... can't trust... old codger..."

"Wizarding Britain... doomed... anyway."

"...hope this works..."

"...magic disappearing... no hope for wizards..."

"Nuclear war... Muggles..."

"It... dangerous... ritual..."


Lily Potter clutched her bundled infant son to her chest and hurried down the stairs into the first basement. Every five steps a door closed and with a wave of her wand in her free hand wards sprung up with each door. She closed her ears to the sounds of the fighting going on upstairs, knowing that she would never see her husband again in life. The redhead kicked open the trapdoor that led into the second basement/ritual room. Her delicate feet fairly flew down the spiraling steps. More wards popped up behind her. The house above shook to her foundations but still she hurried into the middle of the room. Poison green eyes scanned the chalked circle before her for any disturbances. A woven basket big enough to hold the swaddled babe in the crook of her arm rested in the middle. Warnings blared in her head as the Dark Lord Voldemort crashed through each layered ward.

"Forgive me, Hadrian," Lily whispered to her slumbering son. She pressed trembling lips to his smooth forehead. With careful steps, she went forward to place the baby into the basket. Gently she took its loosely woven lid, so that little Harry could breath, and placed it on top of the basket. She exhaled, fighting back her tears. The enemy was close. The witch withdrew a ritual dirk from her pocket and slashed the palms of her hands. Tossing the dirk aside, Lily held out her bleeding hands, the blood dripping down onto the chalk. Deep Magic lit up the ritual circle and she chanted in Welsh. "Go forth; Beyond this time and place; To an Earth not our own; Safety and Peace; So mote it Be."

The basket and child disappeared into a vortex through time and space. Just as Voldemort entered the room, the vortex above the circle burst into light like a supernova. The Dark Lord shrieked in agony as he and the connections to his Horcruxes disintegrated. Death Eaters across the country screamed as one and literally melted into puddles where they stood. Lily cried out, futilely shielding her face with her forearms. She too disintegrated. Shockwaves spread out from the epicenter of the ritual circle, leveling the Potter home and shaking the foundations of the village buildings and homes out of alignment.

And then it all suddenly stopped.

The people of Godric's Hollow stumbled out their homes. Their disbelieving eyes stared at the devastation that was wrought. Houses were tilted and sidewalks ruined. Screaming and crying from various children filled the night air, mixing with the babbling of the adults as they formed into groups with their neighbors.


La Volpe skidded to a halt and watched with wide violet eyes as a strange, swirling mass of light appeared above the River Arno. "Santa Maria!" he gasped. His gaze darted around to see if anyone else was witnessing this as well. There was no one near at this time of night. He continued to watch as the light spat out a strange mass and then disappeared. Curiosity took hold of the young master thief and, without regard to his boots or clothes, he waded in. And thus beneath the full moon, La Volpe grasped what appeared to be a woven basket. Lifting it carefully, he stumbled back onto shore. He set it down on the sandy bank and knelt beside it. Slowly he removed the lid and gaped. The lid tumbled out of his fingers onto the sand

'Twas a baby!

"Dear God in Heaven..." La Volpe muttered. He flinched back as the babe wriggled a little and then opened its eyes. The thief's breath whooshed out at the sight of those bright green eyes that shimmered in the moonlight. And he knew that he could not give this child up. A glint of silver in the swaddling caught La Volpe's eye. He reached into the basket, lifting up a long, delicate silver chain from around the baby's neck that has a round, flat pendant with a name in Latin engraved into the metal.


"A mouthful for a child." The Florentine pursed his lips and cocked his head to the side as he stared down at the quiet child. A reluctant smile tugged at the corners of his mouth when the baby mimicked him by turning his head to the side as well. "Well, little Hadrianus, we will be quite the pair, you and I." He stood up and scooped up the basket, leaving the lid. He grasped it by its handles and carried it before him and began the long trek home. "I am La Volpe and you?" He glanced down at the cooing baby. "You shall be La Piccola Volpe!" He laughed when Hadrianus squealed happily from within his basket.

Thief and baby disappeared into the shadows of Firenze.



I have no idea where this came from but I am a secret La Volpe fangirl, well not so secret now. XD La Volpe and Baby Harry are awesome!

La Volpe- the fox

La Piccola Volpe- the little fox