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A Mother's Plea

A ghost came to La Volpe nearly three weeks after he had plucked his La Piccola Volpe from the River Arno. The dark blond thief let out a shriek and he ended up rolling off of his bed. He popped up from the floor and threw a throwing knife straight through the apparition. The ghostly woman laughed a little and floated closer. La Volpe scrambled back until he was stopped by the wall behind him. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"My name is Lily," the ghost said slowly and with a thick accent, as if she wasn't used to speaking Italian. "You're the one who picked up my baby Hadrian..."

Blinking, La Volpe looked over at the open crate that he had made into a makeshift crib. He choked a little on his breath when he saw La Piccola Volpe peeking over the edge of the crate-crib. "Mama!" little Hadrianus squealed. "Mama, mama, mama!"

"You are... his mother?" La Volpe relaxed a little and stepped forward a little, his knees bumping lightly against the edge of his bed.

"That's right, I was his mother." The ghost named Lily bit her lower lip and the thief realized just how beautiful the female was even as a spirit. "Sir, I sent him here to this world to save him." She tore her gaze away from the bouncy baby that was her son to stare up at the thief. "He is a special boy."

"This I know already," La Volpe soothed. "I saw the light that brought him to me. That was you?"

Lily nodded. "Yes. Please, I don't have much time. I must tell you something important!" she exclaimed. "Please, I beg of you!"

"Sì, sì, if it is for Hadrianus, I will do what I can."

"My son is a wizard-child. He must have a teacher or there will be disaster. I know that this is another Earth so history is similar enough between what is here and what was in my world. Seek out a man by the name of Prospero Mancino on July thirtieth five years from now. Bring Hadrian with you."

"And he will train the child in his powers?"

"Sì. I thank you. Please tell Hadrian that I loved him very much. Good-bye..."

La Volpe could only watch with sad violet eyes as Lily faded away.


Putting the Wiz in Wizard


"Merda...!" La Volpe gasped, blinking his eyes rapidly to prevent urine from getting into them. "You wicked child!" He swiped at his face with his sleeve. The laundress he employed that took care of his clothes was not going to be pleased with the stains.

Hadrianus giggled.


In the River Arno

"You're sure he knows how to swim?" Twelve-year-old Ezio Auditore asked as he and Hadrian peeked up over the parapet of the Ponte alle Grazie to watch Vieri de'Pazzi walking down the bridge.

"If he can't, I suppose you could save him," La Piccola Volpe said nonchalantly.

"Me? Why should I save him?"

"You're the expert swimmer, remember?"

"So? You can swim too!"

"But you were the one bragging about your lessons from your father!"

"That is not-"

"SHH! Here he comes, that prancing brat!" Hadrian hissed, He flashed a grin at Ezio and on the count of three the two boys reached over the parapet, grabbed Vieri, and threw him into the river.

"AAHH!" Vieri screeched as he hit the cold water. He started paddling around in a circle. He looked up and snarled in rage as he watched two familiar boys skitter up over the parapet to race off into the crowds. His toadies stupidly looked over the edge of the bridge at him. "IDIOTI! Get me out of here!"

Vieri swore revenge on Ezio Auditore and that dirty street urchin called La Piccola Volpe for this latest indignity.



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Sì- yes

Merda- shit

Idioti- morons