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4 years later

Leif pried her hands from around his neck and deposited the beautiful red head on the couch beside him, "All right you little minx, you just had a snack an hour ago. Against my better judgment, I suppose I will have to relent and then," he wiggled his eyebrows, "we're off to bed."

Just as Leif got off the couch and headed toward the kitchen, Pam entered the spacious living room with a gorgeous blond boy in tow. "While you're at it, would you be a love and get my hungry boy a snack too?"

"Anything for you, Lover…however, you know how jealous I have become about your feelings for that one." Leif raised an eyebrow in classic Northman fashion as he pointed to the boy who had his arms around Pam's neck.

Even though Pam's smiling face was in the process of being peppered with wet kisses, she still managed to blow a kiss to Leif, "Thank you my dependable partner."

Leif smiled and then he froze in place just for a moment. His mind seemed to be in a faraway place…..or time, as he exclaimed, "Thank the Gods we no longer need food!"

Pam nodded in agreement, "Sometimes I do miss the meals my parents' cook prepared. Nothing but the best for them…" she too got a faraway expression.

Leif continued, "There was a time in the very beginning that I missed it. I missed passing by a neighbor's home and smelling the aroma of a hog roasting on a spit. When the population began to grow and cities popped up, the smell of early morning baking would always remind me of my mother." Leif looked down sadly, but his sadness was only fleeting as his handsome face resumed his silly smile, "I have to admit, I do miss holding something delicious in my hands and anticipating the first bite…but now I thoroughly enjoy my first bite of a sexy little hellion like that one on the couch." Leif winked at the beauty as she giggled about his name for her. "The food my brother and his wife buy, however… would certainly not be missed!"

"Leif, you know that Sookie is a wonderful cook. That frozen food is just for times like this when we are alone with these two." Pam placed her companion on the couch beside his twin sister and told them to behave.

"Pammy, do we have to go to bed already?" Andrew asked his aunt as she and Leif headed for the kitchen to prepare their snack.

"If your mother and father return and find we have not done our job, well I shudder to think what our punishment will be." Pam pretended to shiver as Andrew and his sister Annalisa, began to wrestle on the couch.

The two of them were as different as night and day. Andrew, like his father and mother, had silky blond hair with large, sea blue eyes. His dark lashes made the blue in his eyes even more radiant. He was tall for his three and a half years and possessed intellect far beyond a child his age. Annalisa was small and petite with a combination of her father's blond and her uncle's red hair melding into a beautiful strawberry blond. Not only did she inherit her uncle's sexy green eyes, but her mother's angelic features completed a beauty that could only be called a work of art. Needless to say they were not only the light of their parents' eyes, but Uncle Leif and Aunt Pam could not go a day, or night in their case, without seeing them.

"Do you regret it Leif?" Pam asked as she took a frozen pizza out of the freezer and turned on the oven.

"Regret what, Sweetheart?" Leif settled against the bar as he watched Pam's sexy body move elegantly through the kitchen. She would have been a wonderful mother…..she already is a wonderful lover. His mind wandered back to his human life and how it could have been with Pam instead of Aude. He began to smile at the thought, as Pam's voice brought him back to reality.

"You know…..marriage….children…..love….sunshine?" Pam continued as she held up the frozen pizza with a frown. "We already discussed food."

Leif paused for a second, and then tried to answer a question that he had been asking himself for centuries. "I have never regretted becoming vampire, in fact it was the kindest thing Eric could have done. The marriage I experienced was a loveless farce, so I can't say I regret that, but children…yes, I regret never having my own. My father's thralls presented me with several, but I never took the time to know them. Then again one could never be sure the children were truly yours since the women serviced many...and then I also serviced many." He laughed out loud at his own humor.

Leif grabbed Pam's hand after she placed the pizza in the oven and hugged her to his large body. "Eric was given a miracle when he met and fell in love with Sookie. Her Fey family gave them a precious gift by pulling a 'Snow White' and forced an enchanted sleep on her and our little ones. They respected Sookie's need for Eric and waited until he was not a danger to her. It helps that we are out of the coffin too." Leif slowly kissed her neck and worked his way towards her pouty lips. He smiled when he spoke, "Now because of her family we all get to share the babies they made centuries ago. I never want to think of losing them to old age or death. I hope my brother has a plan…..because I don't want to lose him either."

"I know I never say it enough Pam, but I love you and I thank my brother every day for finding you. If you had shared our human life centuries ago, we would have been married. Aude was never my choice and I stayed away from her as much as possible. I don't know if she was barren as much as I just couldn't stomach making love to her. I look at Andrew and Annalisa and see what we could have made together. Our children would have been beautiful and spoiled rotten with love."

"I would have liked that. When Eric found me I was so unhappy with my life. I wouldn't give in to my father's marriage plans. I fooled him…..his choice was an old codger who wanted not only my large dowry, but I was supposed to be presented to him as a simpering virgin. Ha!….what a farce, I lost my virginity years prior to my father's arrangement. Eric saved me that night and gave me a new life. Like you, he was beautiful and sexy and offered me the world. At the time I couldn't understand his lack of lust for me. He was a good teacher and friend, but his heart was closed to us all….now I understand. His human heart and vampire heart had already been claimed and I am so happy he found his love again." Pam pressed her center into Leif's perpetual hardness, "when I met you ginger ass, all I wanted to do was jump your bones and swear off bitches forever. I love you too, Leif Northman and I'm so glad you have decided to stay with us for good. I missed you each time you went away." Pam hesitated and continued, "What a fucked up, but wonderful family we are! At least we can share Eric and Sookie's babies. Speaking of which, we had better get back in there before they tear the living room apart. They tend to take advantage of us."

"Yes they do, but I plan to cherish every minute of my time with them." Leif's soft lips found one of Pam's nipples through her thin tank top. As his tongue circled the bud he whispered, "I never tire of your sweetness. Even though your blood doesn't nourish me, I still love to," click, "drink your essence. I need to feel you inside of me while I am inside of you. And yes, I miss the sunshine. I miss the sea air on my face as Eric and I sailed the frigid seas of our homeland. I miss it all, but like I said…..you make me happy and spending an eternity with you…..not so bad, me thinks."

Just before Leif sunk his fangs into Pam's luscious neck, the kitchen door swung open and two little Northmans entered the kitchen. Andrew had ahold of Annalisa's long curly hair and tears were running down her angelic face. "O-o-ouch….. Pammy…. he's hurting me. I think he needs a spanking!" Annalisa pouted and she turned and started to kick her brother in the shin.

Leif reluctantly backed away from Pam and grabbed his little niece before her tiny foot made contact.

"I have to admit your brother needs one once in a while, but your mommy and daddy would spank me first before they allowed me to lay a hand on either one of you." Pam winked as Leif danced around the kitchen with Annalisa.

Annalisa placed her dainty hands on Leif's face forcing him to look her in the eyes, "Have you ever been to a Cinderella Ball, My Leify?" Annalisa loved fairytales and insisted that she be read to every night before bed.

"As a matter of fact, I attended many a ball. I loved to dance around and around the huge ballrooms of Europe." Leif proceeded to waltz Annalisa in circles as she held him tight and began to giggle. "You know what Baby, I never found a princess as beautiful as you. Will you be my Cinderella?"

"No, I don't think I can." Annalisa first frowned, but after giving Leif's request some thought she continued with a smile. "Pammy can be your Cinderella. My Prince Charming is in a castle growing up like me. Daddy says my Prince is waiting for me like he waited for Mama."

"He is for sure, Baby. When you grow to be a beautiful princess, he will find you. Just leave one of your Nikes on the ground and he will go from house to house to find you!" Leif gave his niece a kiss and sat her down next to her wiggling brother.

When the timer on the oven went off, Pam pulled the bubbling hot pizza out, letting it cool before slicing it for the little ones. "Pammy, did you know Grandpa and Greatest Grandpa are in the living room?" Annalisa nonchalantly informed her.

Pam gave a quick scowl to Leif and looked down at her niece, "No, baby girl…..when did they arrive?"

"I don't know how to do the clock yet…so maybe this many minutes ago." Annalisa held up ten fingers and then started to wiggle her hands in the air which led to her wiggling her entire body. Andrew joined her and before they knew it the hokey pokey was being performed by them all.

"Well I guess we had better go in and greet our guests! Do you think Prince Brigant and his royal son eat pizza?" Pam looked at Leif with a questioning stare…

"Hell if know my little sexpot. Offer it anyway, serves my brother right for buying this s-h-i-t."

"I can spell, Uncle Leif," Andrew giggled, "and I think you should just say poop. That's what my mommy says is proper."

"As you wish, clone of Eric. Let us go and give this poop to your grandparents." Leif opened the kitchen door for Pam as she brought the sliced pizza into the living room. Annalisa was carrying the paper plates and Andrew carried a whole role of paper towels.

The children rushed to their grandparents with Annalisa climbing on Fintan's lap and Andrew on Prince Brigant's. "Greatest grandpa, did you bring us presents?" they both asked in unison.

"We did, but we will wait for your parents to arrive before I give them to you. They are very special and magical and you need to have your parents keep them until you come of age." Prince Brigant touched in finger to Andrew's nose.

Prince Brigant had many children, but Fintan's family was his favorite. He watched Sookie every day for centuries as she existed in her extended sleep. He grew to love her beauty and wondered at the little ones in her womb. Now that their plan came to fruition and the children were healthy and happy, he and Fintan made sure they visited their Human/Fey/Vampire family as often as possible.

"Grandpa, Pammy made us all pizza. Would you like some?" Annalisa asked Fintan.

"That sounds wonderful, we certainly would. Your Aunt Pam is quite the cook." Prince Brigant winked at Pam knowing he made a joke. "You two are lucky to have such a loving aunt and uncle. Don't forget that Fintan and I love you too."

"Well speaking of love and stuff, Mommy and Daddy are having some." Andrew proudly proclaimed.

"Is that so?" Prince Brigant asked with one raised eyebrow. "I was under the impression that this entire house is filled with love. That is one of the reasons your grandfather and I come here as often as we can."

"Oh yeah we got plenty of love." Andrew answered, "but Mommy and Daddy are havin' some right now. Mommy told me they needed a 'time out' for a few hours because they are celebrating a special 'versery." Andrew let out a sigh and started to eat the pizza on his paper plate.

"Well thank you my child for reminding us of that very special anniversary. We brought your Mommy a gift along with the two of yours." Fintan answered as he too bit into his piece of pizza.

"I have a feeling they will join us soon and the gifts will be explained to you all. Trust me when I say these gifts are the gifts that keep on giving." Fintan and Prince Brigant laughed while Pam and Leif raised their eyebrows and mouthed 'What the Fuck?'


"This day 1,005 years ago, we married, made love and made our family. I love you Mrs. Northman and bless every day you and our babies are with me. Now, let me show you how much I appreciate you in my life." Eric coaxed Sookie on to her stomach while he went into the adjoining bathroom. When he returned, he carried a bottle of warm massage oil that smelled of honeysuckle. "This smell reminds me of the first day I found out you were a woman, a very sexy women tied to my bed I might add. I remember every smell, every sensation from my human life….our human life. This smell helped me survive many a lonely night after I lost you."

Eric poured the warm oil into his hands and rubbed them together. He straddled his wife's shapely thighs and kissed her neck and shoulder blades before he started his sensual massage. Sookie moaned each time Eric's talented hands found a sensitive spot.

"You are a wonderful mother, but I think you need to take Leif and Pam's offered help more often. Your shoulders and back are too tight and tense."

Sookie got a sad look in her eyes, "I cannot bear to spend a minute away from them. You will have more time with the children and that makes me happy that they will have you…but, I love you all so much, I don't want to get old and die. Does that sound whinny and selfish?"

"No my love...that makes you perfect. Roll over."

Sookie obeyed and the vision that she presented never failed to make Eric growl as he grew hard in anticipation. If he had his way he would spend all of his waking hours making love to his wife. That, however, did sound selfish, since his children were also his life.

Eric placed more warm oil in his hands and began rubbing Sookies shoulders and upper chest. When he got to her perfect breasts, he took his time softly rubbing and circling each hardened nipple. Sookie let out a moan and could not keep her lower body from arching toward the object of her affection. When his long fingers circled her center, a powerful orgasm hit her by surprise.

"That's it my love. Let it go…think of me inside of you…loving you." Eric continued down her shapely thighs and lower legs. His massage ended with each toe.

"After we celebrate our love, I have a surprise for you." Eric sniffed in the air, "yes, they're here."

"Who and what surprise? Eric….you know I hate surprises. Ever since I lost and regained my memory, I cannot stand not knowing what's happening in my life. Please, my love….." Sookie slowly ran her fingers down Eric's muscular back until her hands landed on his sexy butt cheeks.

She pulled his body down so that his manhood rested on her stomach. She undulated up and down, showing him exactly what she wanted him to do. "Please make love to me now….kiss…..kiss…and then the surprise!"

Eric could wait no longer. His hunger for Sookie has only gotten stronger through the years. "Open," he ordered as he nudged his knee between her thighs. He once again placed his hand between her legs, "Yes, you're so wet for me."

"Eric, please….now." Sookie's pleading whisper sealed the deal.

With one swift move, he was deep inside of her. Movement was difficult for him at first because he was always so overwhelmed by their joined bodies. When they were together like this, Eric no longer doubted that he possessed a soul. Their souls, bodies and hearts were joined. "Our marriage," Eric pulled out. "Our reunion," he slowly pushed back in and swirled his hips hitting every nerve Sookie's vagina possessed. "The birth of our special babies," he once again pulled out, but this time he rammed back into her so hard that Sookie's head almost hit the built in headboard. Sookie cried out as another climax rocked her soul and caressed his manhood.

"Our never ending love," Eric pulled out one last time and rammed back in while Sookie's tremors continued. He grew harder and longer until his seed spilled deep inside of her. While their combined bliss continued, Eric bit into Sookie's neck, drinking her pure, sweet essence. Without coaxing, Sookie followed suit and bit Eric's nipple. "I will never live without you," he whispered as he slowly, torturously pulled out. The loss of connection always brought on a strong desire to start over and make love again…but...

"Okay, mister….my surprise." Sookie jumped out of the bed and pulled up her skinny jeans followed by her tank top.

"I'm ready again, Lover." Eric pouted.

"You're always ready, now cover that sexy ass and give me my surprise!"


When Eric and Sookie finally entered the living room, Sookie frowned at Leif and Pam, because her special twins were dancing on the floor. "It's past your bed time little ones." Sookie's order was answered with a round of excited screams as Eric grabbed them both and tickled them senseless.

To Sookie's surprise, Niall and Fintan entered the living room from the kitchen. Fintan's happiness was evident as he escorted his true love, Adele, towards a leather loveseat.

After Pam saved Adele's life four years ago, Adele's health and beauty seemed to return. Not only did her beautiful skin radiate a youthful glow, but instead of her hair getting greyer, her natural blond waves began to return. She still looked years older than Fintan, but neither cared. Their love was strong and everlasting.

Sookie ran to her father and grandfather, presenting them each with a big hug and kiss. "Is your unexpected visit my surprise?" She turned a questioning glance toward Eric.

Prince Brigant was never able to control his emotions around Sookie. He was so proud of her and loved her so much, that when Eric came to him with his request, he did everything in his power to oblige him.

"Please Greatest Grandpa, give us our presents!" Andrew and Annalisa jumped up and down as they begged.

"Very well." Niall waved his hands over the coffee table three times and a carved, wooden box magically appeared. The childrens eyes widened as they squealed with delight.

The box contained three beautiful rings. Niall picked up the first one and handed it to Sookie. The ring contained three precious stones….Garnet..to balance the physical with the spiritual body, Amber…for strength and protection, and finally a beautiful diamond... for scrying and astral travel.

"Oh grandfather, it's beautiful! I'm truly honored." Sookie gave Niall a kiss and asked if she could try it on.

"You may my dear, but first you must understand the importance of this ring. Eric came to me and said that he refused to live after you grew old and died. He begged me to use all the powers I possessed to come up with something that could keep you with him forever, without making you vampire." Niall took a deep breath and continued, "Each stone has individual powers, but combined they provide the magic your body requires to live as long as you wish. You will stay the age you are when you first place the ring on your finger. It can only be removed when you no longer wish to live. I pray that you stay with us by accepting this ring my sweet granddaughter."

Sookie fell to the ground and cried tears of joy. "Yes I want to stay with you all."

Pam and Leif hugged each other realizing their wish had come true.

"The other two rings are for Andrew and Annalisa." Niall turned to the two children and stressed. Your father and mother will lock up the rings until you reach the age you wish to remain. Do you understand?"

The twins nodded but looked sad, "What do we get now? It's our 'versary too!"

"Indeed it is, so we brought you each a necklace with a special amber ambulant. It will provide protection for you both until the time comes for you to wear your magical rings." Niall placed the delicate chains on each child. "Since you are twins, you must chose the same day to place your forever rings on your fingers. The ambulants will protect you both until that day."

"Thank you." They both yelled as they ran around the living room modeling their gifts.

Eric finally spoke up. "I want you all to know that on this day centuries ago, my life was complete. Even though evil separated my other half from me, she was protected by two amazing beings. When we finally became one again, my biggest fear was being separated by death." Eric got down on his knees beside his wife and thanked Niall for answering his prayers.

"Daddy, are we going to be a family forever?" Andrew asked.

"Yes, baby….forever."

The End….HEA

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