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Chapter 8:

Niall Brigant, Prince of the Fey:

Centuries have passed for the humans and all supernatural beings who share their world. For Susanna and her child centuries mean nothing. Time moves slowly for the Fey, and while Susanna was slumbering her body and that of her unborn child were frozen in time. Knowledge will be the key to her sanity and survival when she resumes her human life, so we have kept her subconscious busy by a constant barrage of information.

Eric Northman's transition from Viking warrior to a bloodthirsty vampire was much more difficult because of his need to find his mate. The Fey liken his emotions to the attention a female animal receives when she is experiencing her breeding cycle. The male has no other thought in his mind, but mating with her. Food is not important as well as caring for oneself. Eric did not care for himself for centuries, as his warrior soul fought and killed without mercy, feeding on the spoils. He had no respect for other women, because he only saw them as relief for his carnal needs and a necessary meal.

He began to believe he had sold his soul to darkness, for the chance to reunite with his life mate. Slowly, however, we felt more positive about his progression as he seemed almost human once his kind came out to the world. He is now a successful businessman and the vampire Sheriff of Area Five in Shreveport, Louisiana. Even though Eric no longer believes he is capable of love, we hope that the Viking our Susanna gave her heart and soul to, is still buried deep inside. He will be the key to her ultimate happiness and she will be the only human who can make him aware that he has not lost his soul and he still possesses…feelings.

We are certain that he will recognize Susanna and be confused at first by her sudden appearance in his life. We are also certain that he will detect the scent of his own child growing in her womb. Will his darkness subside, or is he too far gone?...We shall see.

Although we cannot accompany her to the human world for a long period of time, unless a cloaking spell is once again used on her, we should be able to feel her and protect her. Sookie's scent is not strong enough to bring on the intoxicating blood lust that vampires experience when they are around the Fey, so the decision is made to end the enchanted sleep and allow her to, hopefully find her happiness. That is all Fintan and I pray for…Susanna has become our life and if Eric Northman is her future, we will do everything in our power to bring them together.

In the middle of the 20th century, Fintan was surprised to find he had feelings again for a human. He and Maggie mated for life and with her death he, like Eric Northman did not care about other females. Adele, however, called to him and his heart once again sored. The human belief in reincarnation, had taken centuries to touch Fintan, but it happened. He truly believed that his Maggie had been reborn again in the beautiful vessel known as Adele Stackhouse. She too was married when she came upon Fintan in the forest, but when their eyes met; an ancient knowledge possessed them both.

Fintan's happiness tripled and his heart sored when Adele bore him two beautiful children. Sadly they are now both dead. His daughter died of cancer and his son, Corbett, died along with his wife and two young children when they were swept away by a flash flood. All the bodies were recovered except for seven year old Susanna's.

When Fintan approached the now aging Adele about helping us with Susanna's emergence back into her human life as her long lost granddaughter, she felt honored to assist us. Our Susanna tugged at her heart strings and the resemblance between the two Susanna's was uncanny.

When our sweet Susanna awoke and found herself in a hospital with a head injury, she was told that the blow caused amnesia and wiped out some of her memories. Her academic knowledge still remained, allowing us to secure a position as Administrative Assistant with the Shreveport Health Department, however, she had no idea of who she was.

A certain vampire bar has been having a difficult time getting a permit for their newly installed food preparation area. Perhaps this is the chance we have been waiting for…..


Bon Temps, Louisiana 2012

"Gran, I really don't think that a pregnancy test is necessary." Sookie paused as she urinated on the Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test. "My God Gran… do you think I was a shameless barfly who drops her panties for anyone who has a penis? How can I be pregnant…I don't even remember having sex!" Sookie shouted through the bathroom door as she continued to pee.

"Susanna dear…..what does it say?... Was your old Gran right?... Answer me child?" Adele of course knew that her beloved grandchild was pregnant. What she could not do was tell her about the father of her child and where she had been the past centuries. Keeping Fintan's secrets will be the hardest thing an old woman can do. Susanna deserves to know who she is and feel the love that Fintan and I have felt. I trust Niall and Fintan, but my heart goes out to my sweet Susanna. Yes….she is mine! I feel it in my soul as if I had given birth to her myself.

Adele knew that the test would be positive and she knew why her granddaughter was deathly quiet behind the bathroom door. Finally Sookie spoke, "Yes, sniff….sniff….it's positive, Gran." She took a piece of toilet paper, wiped the tears from her eyes and blew her nose. As she closed her eyes, she tried to imagine who the father of her child could be. "Gran, can I have just a few minutes to digest this…I promise I will be out and we can discuss our options." As far as Sookie was concerned the only option was to have her baby. For some reason, it was important to keep this child even if she had no idea who the father was.

As Sookie tried to dig through the darkness of her past, a quick image flashed in her mind. A bloody warrior astride a huge black stallion. What the hell was that! She thought as the vision not only made her heart ache, but it was more like a vision from a movie she had seen in her past. I was trying to conjure up my past lover, damn it…not some hot, hunky movie star from a medieval, action movie!

"We will do this together, baby girl. You have made your old Gran a very happy woman. Now, get your sweet ass in gear, you have been looking forward to your meeting tonight all week." Adele began to giggle because she knew exactly what had been going on between Susanna and Eric Northman and she also knew he was her true love….so she just wished she could be a fly on the wall when they finally met again. "I have heard that you do not keep a powerful vampire like Eric Northman waiting. I have also heard that he is very charming."

"Well, all I can testify to is that he is a complete ass on the phone and I am not looking forward to our meeting. He doesn't like being told what to do and he doesn't seem to have any regard for city codes or suggestions from me. I don't care if I keep him waiting or not…I am not giving in to his demands just as I am sure he will not give in to mine!"

"I have also heard he is quite the ladies' man, so I suggest you dress…well you know, to show off your….. attributes." For some strange reason Sookie felt a pang of jealousy. Where did that come from? She thought as Gran continued, "Also, vampires are not allowed to do it, but they have been known to get their way by glamouring humans."

"Gran…I appreciate everything you have done for me since the hospital, but right now I need to think for a while. I stink and I need a shower. I promise I will be ready in time for my meeting with that….that….womanizing vampire!"

"Certainly, I will just be in the kitchen finishing up your dinner. Take your time and then we can talk after your meeting with the vampires. I am so excited! Do you think I will be able to meet one soon? Perhaps you could invite him over one night?"



My child, Pam, can be a thorn in my side at times. She has insisted that we start feeding the pathetic bloodbags. In the process of installing a state of the art food preparation area, the bitch at the Health Department won't issue a permit until we figure out what to do with the cooking oil. What the hell is her problem? Pam and I will be meeting with her tonight and I will just glamour her and all will be well. I am sure she is a 200 pound, buck toothed, greasy haired bitch that can't get laid and she is taking out her frustrations on us. Miss Stackhouse is just a flunky who follows the orders of her superiors, but she is making my blood boil for some reason. Eric began to pace in anticipation of his battle with the Administrative Assistant from Hell.

All women, except for his child Pam, were nothing but a means to fulfillment. There wasn't a night that went by that he didn't think of her. A day that he didn't dream about the short time they shared or about the life they could have had. Godric assured me she wasn't dead, so I have searched for her on every continent, in every building I enter and in every female face I see. If she is truly Fey, will I have enough strength not to drain her? I am becoming a creature that even my child grows tired of. I no longer have urges to feed on humans and if I can't make love to her…then I don't even want to attempt it any longer. If I truly am the cold, calculating, evil vampire Pam says I am slowly becoming….I welcome the battle tonight with Miss Stackhouse of the Shreveport Health Department. I am up for a fight….hell I need a fight. I can't wait to see her ugly face when I scare the shit out of her! Ha, ha, ha.


I guess being pregnant won't be so bad as long as I have Gran to help me. Standing in line at this God forsaken vampire bar is annoying. I haven't told Gran, but I can hear the thoughts of people around me. I guess that hit on the head did a number on me. Not only do I not remember anything that happened in my life up until two months ago, I hear the sometimes very shocking thoughts of the people around me. At first it scared me, but now it is just very annoying. The scantily clad women in front of me can't stop thinking about some 'hot as fuck….their words not mine…..vampire' they want to sleep with. It can't possibly be that arrogant a-hole Eric Northman, because I wouldn't sleep with him for a million….no a trillion dollars. His voice is sexy, I'll give him that. When he wants his way, he acts like a child having a temper tantrum. I hope I didn't have sex with someone like that... Can vampires and humans have sex?... That's a thought. Sookie's mind raced as she stood in line outside the bar that Eric Northman owned. She had heard that humans embraced the vampire culture with open arms. By the looks of the women and weird men in line tonight, she felt very much out of place

"Aren't you a lovely one? I need to see your I.D. precious; you look rather young to be frequenting our establishment." Sookie looked up at the sexy voice and came face to face with a very beautiful woman. She didn't realize that she looked so young, because she actually felt like she was ancient as she removed her I.D. from her purse. All of a sudden the beautiful lady bent down close to Sookie's ear and sniffed. The sniff was strange enough for Sookie, but the following sigh scared the hell out of her.

"Thank you for the compliment Miss," Sookie said as she flashed her Driver's License for the woman. "As you can see I am twenty-one, so could you please inform Mr. Eric Northman that Miss Stackhouse is here for our meeting? Also," Sookie's pouty lips slowly turned up to form a wicked smile and continued, "Tell him I don't have all night, so he better not keep me waiting!"

Ewe, do vampires bite people when they have sex? How in the world did these creatures exist without detection for so long? Maybe if this a-hole settles down and talks to me….without yelling….maybe we can talk intelligently. Gran said I was a history major before I hit my head. I have quite the fascination with ancient Norsemen and Ireland. Maybe the father of my baby is a Highlander, because I also have a strange urge to visit Scotland. Sometimes, though, I dream that an extremely tall and handsome Viking drags me off to his homeland and we get married and have six or seven children. I never really see his face, but his body is hot. Amazing what our imaginations can conjure up to make us happy. I think I will tell myself my dream Viking is the real father of this baby. That would make just as much sense as not knowing who the hell he is!

"What is your pleasure…..I mean….what would you like to drink, Miss Stackhouse? Eric will be with you shortly. Oh, I gave him your message," Pam smiled a sly smile, "I can't wait for this meeting!" Pam could not believe the audacity of the beautiful innocent looking Miss Stackhouse. She certainly will surprise Eric.

"Just water please, thank you." Sookie answered as she remembered her positive pregnancy test. While she was seated in Eric's office, waiting for the master's arrival, she was surprised that it was very neat and tidy. The large painting of the goddess Freya behind Mr. Northman's chair almost reminded her of something, but it was only a flash. How did I know that painting was Freya? It amazes me at how much I don't remember about myself and on the other hand, my mind is full of facts and figures.

Even through the walls of Eric's office, the thoughts of the women in the adjoining bar inundated her. I have to learn how to block out everyone's thoughts, or I will be back in a different kind of hospital. This Eric Northman must be a cocky ass if all these women want to sleep with him!

Adele's sage advice while she was dressing repeated in her mind as she sat in Eric's office... "He won't be able to refuse you anything if you wore one of your low cut sun dresses."

Sorry Gran... Sookie muttered to herself. She refused to show off for a womanizer, so she chose to dress in a professional manner by wearing a black pencil skirt and a white silk blouse. The only problem with the white blouse was that her already large breasts, were now growing even larger from her pregnancy and the blouse was not. One item she could not leave behind, were her sexy black heels. There are enough nearly naked women in the bar to keep Eric Northman's mind off of my shoes! She huffed as her expensive heels made her feel almost sexy.

Just as Sookie decided to get up and leave Eric's office because she knew he was toying with her by making her wait an hour, the door behind her opened. She could tell he stopped at the door, but she could not figure out why. Then she heard him sniff the room just like the beautiful woman did. What the hell is wrong with these people….er….vampires? I took a shower, I used deodorant and I blew in my hand and my breath smells like the tic tac I swallowed ten minutes ago! Eric continued to his chair and sat down completely ignoring her.

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