EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a "tie-together" fic (like Kako Mo Ima Mo Mirai Mo Kakenukero) for two other fics: Issho Ni and Eieni Ni. It is strongly recommended you read Issho Ni and Eien Ni before you read certain chapters in this fic as they take place parallel to or after these fics. You will be warned when they approach. - Taiki Matsuki

Otoko No Chigiri
Pledge I: Love (Shiota Hirokazu)

"Wake up already!"





...Ruki, why did you have to kick me like that? The first person I ever kissed, thanks to you, was Kenta! Y-You made me kiss Kenta!

"You know, Ruki, you're actually really cute-"

"Oh, shut up, Hirokazu. Why the hell did we even bring you two idiots here, anyway?"

...I-I had...to say something manly! I-I mean...I JUST KISSED KENTA! NOT COOL!

At least... Kenta's not too grossed out. W-We shared a bath earlier, that...wasn't too awkward. We've done it before, bath houses, hot springs, stuff like that...I mean, it's...not like we haven't done that before and...We sort of...forgot about the kiss by then. Or at least the awkwardness from it...I-I had a little trouble looking at Kenta in the eye 'til we got to Jijimon and Babamon's. Granted, we were also being blown about by super-strong winds and dodging...Household appliances of all things, but...Well, like I said, we were back to our old selves by the time we took a bath...

...K-Kenta did...get a little close while we were singing, though, the whole...Arm in arm next to each other thing, but...I went along with it, it was our favorite song and we always sing it together at karaoke places or wherever. And Kenta actually sounded pretty good singing it for once (the bus ride to the camp with Guilmon and Takato is another story, probably in the top five of Kenta's worst performances). I think it has to do with how sound bounced off the walls of that bath...I mean, it was like a room where you're waist deep in warm water. Just this huge bath! And I heard how singers record in their bathrooms because of something to do with sound, so I think it's like that.

Jijimon and Babamon really liked Otoko Shibuki. I love that song, too...All about being a man, drinking sake, our manly flying spit going into the sea as we get the biggest catch of our lives...Carving the pledge of a man into the side of my ship and going out, calm or storm...Men don't care, men do what men have to do! ...That's how I wanna be in life.

And...I sort of failed my pledge as a man. Kenta and I...feel bad about suspecting Jijimon and Babamon as 'evil Digimon.' Th-They took us in, fed us this huge dinner, let us rest at their place and all after we, literally, crashed into their house and...We're jerks. We're sorry. It's...just strangers in another dimension, you know? ...We...meant no offense. At least they don't actually know we...suspected them of that. I-I...I'd feel even worse if they did.

I follow Kenta down the stairs to our beds in the basement area of their place. Kenta sits back down on his bed, I do the same. He lets out a loud sigh, staring up at the ceiling, resting his head on his hands, once adjusting his glasses with one hand before putting it back under his head. There's...barely any light down here, but I can kinda see Kenta's silhouette.

I'm laying the same way. "...Feeling bad?" I ask.

"...Y-Yeah, but...I'm...also thinking about something else...from today."


Kenta clears his throat. "Um...Ruki and..."

"Oh, dude...Th-That..." I look away, even in the dark I can't look at Kenta and talk about...that. I feel my cheeks turning red, good thing it's too dark for him to see it. ...I-I...can't believe Kenta was my first kiss. Thank you sooooo much for that, Ruki...

"I-I...I know you...don't wanna talk about it," damn right I don't, Kenta! "But...Um... ...Does it count?"


"A-As...y'know...Our first kiss."

"Our first kiss?" I ask, my voice a little louder than I wanted it to be. Gods, I hope Ruki didn't somehow hear that...Jijimon and Babamon, too, but...I don't think Digimon have a concept of...y'know...guys who like other guys and stuff.

"I-I meant as in your first kiss and my first kiss, not ours as in...We'd...do it again or something!" Kenta rolls over, looking to me. In the faint light, I can't tell he's blushing or anything...But he probably is. Like I said, I just see his outline...kinda. "N-Not like...we're...an item all of a sudden or...anything!"

"O-Oh, r-right...S-Sorry, I-I don't, y'know...Think you're...like that or anything..." N-No way...Otoko Shibuki, damn it! ...Kenta's not...And I sure as hell am not...like that. I-I don't even wanna say it...

...The G-word...

"I-I'm not! No way...That's...gross!" Kenta shakes his head back and forth really fast. Then lays back on his pillow. "I-I just... ...Does that count...as a first kiss?"

"Um...I-I have no idea...Are there any, like, guidelines for first kisses or anything?" I ask.

Kenta shrugs. "I doubt it... I just wonder, does it count for both...or...just any kiss?"

"...Both?" I ask. What are you talking about, Kenta?

"...L-Like, um...Can you have two first kisses? One first girl kiss and one first...guy kiss? Or is just 'first kiss, guy or girl, it's a first kiss?'"

"I-I...I think it's...Um... ...W-Well, it...It doesn't count," I say. "I mean, your first kiss is...someone you really love, right? A-And you choose to kiss that person...And...Ruki kicked me onto you, dude, I-I swear I...I didn't...do it on purpose!" That's...what really bugs me...I kissed Kenta, not the other way around...I mean, I'd be...grossed out either way but... ...If Kenta was the one, he'd...be the one denying any...um...motive. Not me. A-And I wouldn't suspect he did it on purpose, but... ...I don't like being on gay-trial here!

"I-I know, Hirokazu...Ruki's...just...Ruki, I know you didn't do it on purpose."

"Damned straight," I reply, because I am damned straight.

"R-Right...But, wait, what about some jerk who steals a girl's first kiss?"

"...Um... ...Damn..." He's got a point, that happens in some anime, manga and dramas...Kissing bandits, who steal a girl's first kiss. "I-I think that...only applies to girls. Guys...don't care as much." ...Well, we kinda do right now, but...That's due to...Ruki being...RUKI! Damn her! I-I'm not into guys, neither is Kenta! We're...MEN, DAMN IT! MEN DON'T KISS MEN! ...Except...gay guys...But... WE'RE NOT GAY!

"...Y-Yeah, guys...generally don't care that much," Kenta says, quietly. "...I-I just, um...Y'know, I wasn't sure if...you counted it or anything."

"...Do you?" ...J-Just checking, Kenta...

There's a period of silence that's...a lot longer than I want it to be.

"...No." Kenta finally says.

"N-Neither do I." I say, quickly.

"Um...Just, if it did count..."


"Nothing, I was...just thinking, like, if there was...an actual guideline that said it counted..."

"...Then...I'd be really, really pissed at Ruki. But...It doesn't. We're...not...y'know..." I-I just...can't say that word. Not to Kenta, especially.

"No. Way. In. Hell."

"Exactly. Otoko Shibuki, Kenta!"

"...Otoko...Shibukiiiiiiiii...!" Kenta 'sings.' I laugh.

Kenta falls asleep a little after that...I just...think...

...Kenta and I, we're...best friends. Kenta's been my friend since...Forever.

Kenta and I were friends before we were born, let me put it that way.

...No, really! I'm serious! Kenta and I...were hanging out before we were born. My Mom tells me the story now and then. She was pregnant with me and she met Kenta's Mom while at the hospital for a check up...They met a few times again at the same clinic and became friends, they would visit each other, like, a couple times a week and chat for hours. Our Moms are really good friends to this day, even.

...I came out about five months later, Kenta came out two months after that...My Mom says, after I was born, she let me near Mrs. Kitagawa's stomach a few times to "say hi to my first friend."

The Kitagawas actually didn't know if they were going to have a boy or a girl, they wanted to be surprised when Kenta was born. Our Moms joked, after I was born, that if Mrs. Kitagawa had a girl they'd try to pair us up. Nope, they had a boy and named him Kenta. If he was a girl, he told me his name would have been Keiko. Keiko Kitagawa.

The point is, we've always been friends, I-I can't...picture things without Kenta, so the kiss thing...I-I just wanted to make sure it...wouldn't make him think I'm...that way. I-I don't want him to not want to hang around me. I-I'm not that way!

...And neither is Kenta... ...I-If he...was...I-I dunno, I'd...Um...

...I'll cross that bridge if I ever come to it, but...I doubt it. He's Kenta. Kenta Kitagawa, the best friend Hirokazu Shiota ever had and ever will. Nothing would change that! Ever!

Hirokazu and Kenta, friends for life!

Otoko Shibuki!

Original Author's (AKA Ori's) Notes:
Presenting: The third in the Issho Ni - Eien Ni fic series... Otoko No Chigiri!

And...This is sort of the Hirokazu and Kenta version of Kako Mo Yadda Yadda Yadda, except with a shorter title. The title "Otoko No Chigiri" means "A Man's Pledge." It's a line out of Hirokazu and Kenta's duet, Otoko Shibuki (Manly Flying Spit):

Otoko no chigiri wo
Kizande yuru ze

The pledge of a man,
I'll carve it on [my ship]

It's (sort of) a song about being manly, but at the same time a couple lines I think can be taken...in a "slightly different" way...

My favorite is: "Women don't understand exchanging beer and manly flying spit." Women don't understand Hirokazu and Kenta getting drunk and swapping saliva? ...Is that so, boys?

And let's not get into the fact the song is more or less about men (Hirokazu and Kenta, for example) out at sea for extended periods of time, "fishing"... ...Yeah, there's nothing subtle about those two. NOTHING!

Anyway, this chapter takes place during episode 26, known on the dub as "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure" and known to Digimon fans as "Hirokazu and Kenta's coming out episode." They kiss about two minutes in and the whole episode just keeps getting gayer from there (bath scene where they sing Otoko Shibuki, especially)! Seriously it is Hirokazu and Kenta at their best as the Ambiguously Gay Duo of Tamers...And I mean that in the best way possible, it's also one of the funniest (BlackWarHirokazumon and MegaloKentamon! GO!) and one of my top five favorite episodes of any season.

I'm going to have a bit of fun with Hirokazu's denial in this one, I just know it...Now, normally, I would realize I'm having FUN with a homophobic character and atone for betraying my brothers and sisters with the act of gay seppuku (and thus giving Taiki nightmares - Always fun!) but... ...This is Hirokazu we're talking about! We know the truth, so no gay seppuku once again, Twerp-chan. You're really lucky with that these past couple months...

Anyway, part of why I'm writing this is because Issho Ni and Eien Ni were so much fun to write and...I feel like I've been neglecting these two. Especially Kenta, he's always gay but not always with someone, he has to sit back and watch Jianliang and Takato be happy. Sorry, Kenta-kun...This one is for you.

Also, I'm kinda using "Otoko Shibuki" as a catchphrase for Hirokazu and Kenta in this...Sort of as a term to assert their manliness or something like that. Like I said earlier, it translates to "Manly Flying Spit." ...Which is why I'm kinda sticking to Japanese for the catch phrase...And I got a theory behind that title, but...I don't wanna up the rating of this fic.

Taiki's Notes:
Thank God, again, I don't have to witness the horrors of a description of Gay Seppuku!

I really liked Otoko Shibuki, by the way. At the start of our project, Ori would send me "Musical Care Packages" of Digimon songs I didn't have or had never heard of (he has quite the collection, believe me!) and Otoko Shibuki was one of such songs. I do wish Jen and Takato got a duet, too, that would make me very happy, especially if it had "elements" of Otoko Shibuki, if you know what I mean.

And, Ori, I never thought about that "at sea" aspect of the song. That just takes their "ambiguously gay" status to a whole new level. In my mind, at least.

Moving along, after reading Hirokazu's "I'm not gay" denials and such in this opening chapter I think I am going to love what happens when he realizes he has a thing for Kenta! Ha ha ha!

-Taiki Matsuki