Kiss Me Fool

'Kiss me fool, if you care/ If your words have any meaning" -Fefe Dobson

She didn't know when she started staring at his lips instead of his eyes. And she didn't know when her thoughts turned from how sweet his offering was to how his lips would taste after eating the chocolate burning a hole in her pocket that very moment.

Most girls would have contented themselves with staring at his eyes. After all, they were the most unbelievable blue that could turn to ice or warm like a summer day with a breath. Those eyes that had always looked at her differently. That had always sought her out above all others.

So, when she one day stood with her hands in his and the dust settling slowly around her, she found herself staring a few inches below his eyes and watched in muted fascination as those lips moved and lifted in a heart-warming smile. She watched as they pulled back to reveal white, deadly fangs.


Jerking herself out of her musings, she looked up with a sheepish grin at Kouga. His eyes were worried and bluer then she'd ever seen them. But once again her own eyes began to stray to his lips.

"Are you alright, Kagome?" Kouga asked once again as Kagome's eyes glazed over and her small pink tongue came out to trace over her lips. "Kagome?" She seemed to shake herself and lift her eyes to meet his and there was something different in her gaze, something that made him look closer. There was a hunger there. An intensity that made him slightly wary.

"What did you do to her, you fucking mutt?" he demanded in a stroke of panic as her eyes glazed over and a look of insatiable curiosity crossed her pretty features.

Kagome tuned out the voice of Inuyasha's rebuttal and gave her and Kouga's joined hands a slight tug to bring his attention back to her. When he looked at her, she kept her gaze forcefully locked with his and saw his concern and his slight fear. This man had been by her side when she hadn't noticed, had been with her when others had not. And all she could think about was how he would taste with chocolate on his lips.

She was gonna find out, one way or another.

Kouga leaned back slightly when a devious look crossed her feature. But a breath later the look was gone and all that stood there was his Kagome with the sweetest smile he'd ever seen on her face.

"Kouga, would you like to stay for a little? I'm sure you must be tired from that run."

Blinking, a wide grin crossed his features as Inuyasha's loud objections filled the clearing.

"Of course. I would like that more than anything." All his worries washed away and his concerns were forgotten with her answering blinding smile. And he didn't notice the twinkle in her eyes, nor did he notice how her hands held his longer then before and didn't immediately pull away, so busy was he with his silent victory.

Later that evening, as the group sat quietly around a fire, Kagome made her move. Kouga lounged a few feet away against a tree, with his gaze locked onto the fire and Kagome found herself wishing those eyes were on her once more.

Kouga looked up when he felt Kagome shift and his eyes fell upon her small smile as she settled herself next to him, barely a breath away.

"Where are Ginta and Hakkaku?" she asked after a moment, her eyes off in the distance.

"I told them to go check up on the den while I went on ahead."

There was a beat of silence before Kagome turned to look at him thoughtfully. "Why are you here?" she asked quietly, knowing only he'd hear.

With a slight humorless laugh, he continued to gaze away from her. "Because you're mine." His deep blue eyes caught hers and held. There was such emotion that it took her breath away and made her lean toward him to hear his next words. "Because I can't seem to control myself around you."

With that, he got to his feet and mumbled something about firewood, quickly disappearing into the deep shadows.

Because I can't seem to control myself around you, those words echoed in her mind as Kagome stared wide eyed where Kouga had once been, not noticing when the others' conversations hushed and all life around the fire seemed to pause.

Have I really done that to him? Have I really made him wish he could walk away from me? It hit her like it never had before. With all his brash offerings and all her polite dismissals, he always came back. Always. Had she really taken him for granted so much that he didn't feel like he got anything in return? So involved in her own little world, she hadn't thought of those that she might hurt in her pursuit of Inuyasha's affections.

Well, that's going to change, she thought resolutely. Looking up she watched him ample in, those beautiful eyes seek hers out almost as if they could do nothing but then look away again. It's going to change whether I want it to or not.

"Kagome, are you sure you're alright?" Kouga asked once more. She looked up at him with an innocent smile and nodded. For the whole night, she had stayed glued to his side, seeming to notice no one else. She only absently brushed away Shippo when he cried out during one of his and Inuyasha's fights and seemed content to stay where she was.

Kouga couldn't seem to put his finger on it, but there was something off about her smile. A false quality to it. After their talk, he had returned to his normal self, fighting Inuyasha and making passes at Kagome. But this time, she didn't brush them off. This time, she actually seemed to enjoy them.

"Kagome, when are you going to finally join me and my tribe and become my mate?" Kouga asked Kagome, as he usually did right before he left. Expecting her blush and for her to pull her hands away from his, he loosened his grip on her and was surprised when she was the one to tighten her hands.

"Kouga, you know as well as anyone that Naraku needs to be destroyed." He nodded, his heart falling as it usually did whenever she rejected him. "But once that's done, I think…" She paused and seemed to go within herself for a moment then return with a bright smile. "I think I'd like to stay with you at the tribe for a little bit."

"Kagome, are you bat shit crazy?" Inuyasha burst out, his eyes wide. Sango and Miroku stood by in stunned silence. "You can't run away with that nasty flea bitten wolf!"

Sighing, Kagome closed her eyes, but didn't loosen her grip on Kouga's hands and didn't look away from his hopeful gaze. "Inuyasha, once the jewel is complete, out agreement is over. And besides, we need to think about destroying Naraku more than anything." But she said softly so that only he could hear, "But I thought I'd give myself something to look forward to after the fight."

A residing gasp caught the onlookers as Kagome leaned on her toes and softly, briefly pressed her lips to his. Pulling away she whispered in his ear. "Thank you for staying with me."

She turned to join her stunned friends when he caught her hand and spun her back to him. Pulling her against him, his flashed her a brilliant smile. "You bet your beautiful ass I'm staying with you." He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers earnestly. She barely began to respond when he pulled away and disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Lifting a hand to her lips, her smile cleared away the dust as she turned it on her friends. "I think things are going to be okay. I really do."

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