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The dreams were always the same. A dizzying whirl of memories: bright, vivid, and alien. Images of places she'd never seen, feelings she'd never experienced. Light and darkness, battle and song, blood and glory. And always the voices. A hundred languages all babbling in her head, some of which no longer existed. Terrible voices, screaming war cries. Beautiful voices singing melodies. Chants and conversations whose speakers died centuries ago. None of it was intelligible.

Except one.

A single question, five words long.

"Will you let me in?"

The answer was always the same.


Mallory woke up with a gasp, jerking upright on the couch. Her mind finally realized it had been a dream and told her heart to stop racing. She rubbed her face with a groan. Every time she went to sleep, she dreamed Amitiel's memories. And every time she heard the angel's voice, whispering gently to her. She wondered if it would ever stop, and tried to ignore the part of her that hoped it never would.

A quiet whine drew her attention downwards, and something nudged her right knee. She put her hand out and encountered warm fur. "It's okay, Crow," she soothed. "I'm all right." A wet tongue dragged across her palm. She patted the German Shepherd one last time before fumbling for the watch on her right wrist and pushing the button.

"Eleven forty-one, pm," the mechanical voice told her. Mallory groaned again and put the book she'd been hugging to her chest on the coffee table. This wasn't the first time she'd fallen asleep reading. Her internal clock was screwed all to hell and wasn't getting any better. She stretched her arms and rolled the kinks out of her neck.

There were no lights on in the house except the porch light that was never turned off. Mallory didn't bother with lights anymore. She didn't need them. Mallory was blind. Had been for going on a month, now. Everyone told her that it was going to get easier, but she was still waiting. The bandages on her left wrist were a testament to how "easy" it had been for her.

Crow whined again and shoved his head onto her lap. Mal ruffled his ears affectionately. They'd brought the big dog home last week and Mallory had instantly fallen in love with him. He was more than a seeing-eye dog. He was cross-trained as a guardian, which meant that Bobby felt comfortable enough leaving Mallory alone while he went to help the Winchester brothers out with some poker-playing he-witch.

"I know, I know," she said. "I should go to bed." But she didn't move from the couch, absently scratching Crow's neck. Finally she reached for the cane propped at the end of the couch and got to her feet. "I'm hungry. What about you, boy? You hungry?"

Crow didn't bark or wriggle excitedly as she headed for the kitchen. He paced sedately along beside her, leaning against her left leg to let her know where he was. The cane in her right hand wasn't technically necessary as Mallory had already memorized every detail of Bobby's house, but she felt safer with it at hand.

It had been made specifically for her, of iron rather than fiberglass, making it heavy enough to use as a weapon. Its hollow interior held enough salt to make a ghost-proof panic circle and the whole thing had been consecrated by a priest. It'd been a gift from Sam and Dean and Miriam quite liked it, actually. It was useful for poking when Dean made another stupid blind joke.

The interior of the refrigerator was carefully arranged, with everything in its own place so Mallory could find things easier. She was getting quite good at sandwiches, but Bobby refused to allow her to do anything involving the stove. She wasn't going to argue with him about that. After she made herself a sandwich, she got Crow a milkbone and listened to him crunch it while she ate.

Bobby said he'd be back in three days, tops, and told her to call Rufus Turner if she needed anything before then. He'd programed the number into her phone before he'd left. Mallory crumbled the bread crusts in her fingers and wondered when Castiel would come by. He'd made periodic visits over the past month, always when the depression started to get too bad. Mal suspected Bobby was calling the angel in, but Mallory didn't care. Having Cas around helped.

Because Mal still missed Amitiel. She missed having the presence of an angel inside her. The only analogy she could think of was drugs. She'd become addicted to Ami and then had to go cold turkey when Amitiel ripped herself free from Mallory in order to save her. Being with Cas wasn't the same, but it was the next best thing.

Crow finished his treat and came over to lie at Mal's feet. Bobby had hoped getting her a dog would encourage her to leave the house, but she hadn't ventured past the front porch, yet, and she only went that far when Crow needed to go out. She finished her sandwich, put her plate in the sink, and returned to the living room, finding her book again.

Where Cas had found the demonology text in Braille, Mallory couldn't imagine, but it had been a gift from the angel in the first week of her blindness. He'd taken three painstaking days to teach her to read Braille and then insisted she practice every day. She'd only gotten to page five, but she was quickly improving with Bobby's continued coaching.

Cas' other gift lay on the coffee table, as well: a text-to-speech converter Mal could use on Bobby's other lore books. She might be blind, but that didn't mean she could just sit around feeling sorry for herself. Bobby demanded that she help him with the research he did for hunters around the country, and her knowledge of the supernatural was quickly expanding.

Tonight was no different. Night really didn't mean much to her anymore, and it was typical for her to spend all night reading and sleep through the day. Crow didn't mind at all, following her faithfully as she puttered around the house or lying on top of her feet when she sat on the couch. So she opened her book to the marked page and rested her fingertips lightly against the page.

She let out a startled yelp when someone knocked on the front door, the book tumbling to the floor. Crow was on his feet in an instant, body tense and ready. Mallory frowned, reaching for her watch. "One oh four, am." Who on earth was visiting at this hour? She reached for her cane and made her way carefully to the front door.

There was a devil's trap painted on the ceiling of the porch overhang in front of the door, and iron in the threshold of the door itself. All of the windows were similarly demon-proof, courtesy of the Winchester brothers. Mallory was fairly confident that no demon could set foot inside the house.

Unfortunately, there were plenty of things that were immune to devil's traps and iron. But that was where Crow came in. They hadn't had to train him for this: animals, especially domestic ones, were naturally averse to the supernatural, becoming very agitated in the presence of non-human beings like shape-shifters or former human beings like vampires and ghosts.

Mallory led Crow right up to the front door and waited. Crow leaned against her legs, alert but not agitated. Reassured, she threw the lock and opened the door a crack. "Who is it?" she asked.

A woman's voice replied, weary and hesitant. "I—My name is Amelia Novak. I was told we'd be safe here."


And now, a brief flashback:

Mallory Graves, nineteen years old, was kidnapped from the campus of University of Detroit Mercy by one Eddie Kruger (whose name you may instantly forget) and held prisoner in his basement for three or four days until the angel Amitiel, weak from a recent attack and in need of a new vessel, offered to help Mallory escape in exchange for the use of her body. When Mallory agreed, Amitiel killed Kruger and proceeded to travel six hundred miles to Camden, NJ to find Dean and Sam Winchester, in order to contact her brother, Castiel. As it turned out, she had rebelled as a direct result of Castiel's fall and also had been cut off from heaven. She was being followed by a group of demons serving a fallen angel named Belial that Cas and Ami had imprisoned over a thousand years ago. Said followers, lead by the demon Marax, were seeking to release Belial, and the ceremony required a blood sacrifice from both Cas and Ami. Castiel eliminated the demons trailing Amitiel, allowing her to escape Camden with the Winchester brothers, but was captured himself and taken to Detroit to be tortured and held as bait for Amitiel. Ami, Sam, and Dean were able to rescue him and were subsequently discovered by the police, who had been searching for Mallory for the last two weeks. After another attempt to capture Cas and Ami, the two angels fled the hospital and retrieved Sam and Dean from the police headquarters, all of them making it back to Bobby's. Ellen and Jo were called in for aid and they launched an assault on the factory where Marax and Belial's followers were camped. Luck again abandoned them and they were all captured and Belial was released. When he attempted to kill Castiel, Amitiel blocked his attack in such a way that it banished Belial, Marax, Cas, and Ami to four different parts of the city. They recovered Castiel first, only to discover that the angel was unconscious and Jimmy was in control. Jimmy led them to Mallory, who was being pursued by Marax. Jimmy was able to kill Marax and save Mallory, but Mallory had lost her memory of the past three weeks, not even remembering that she was still carrying Amitiel around. Jimmy was then able to guess whereabouts Belial might be and the hunters planned a last assault to kill the fallen angel. Castiel woke up during the battle and was able to resume control just as Belial caught Mallory and held her hostage. Castiel offered to trade himself for Mallory but Belial ordered his demons to kill all of them. Amitiel then woke and, realizing the situation, left Mallory, dragged Belial free of his own vessel, and vanished in a large explosion. Mallory and Castiel both confirmed their belief that both perished, Amitiel sacrificing herself to save the others. The trauma of Amitiel's exit, combined with a brief glimpse of Amitiel's true form left Mallory blind. As she was no longer able to return home, Bobby agreed to allow her to stay with him until she decided what to do next.

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