To the outside world, André Harris and Tori Vega should not work at all. There are so many differences between the two people. But, for some reason, they fit each other perfectly. And they couldn't care less about their differences.

For starters, André belongs to the Episcopalian Church; Tori, however, is resolutely a Catholic. Even though their respective religions are important to the both of them, the couple has learned to respect the differences between the religions; Tori's even bold enough to ask about how the religions differ (because they're supposedly very similar).

Secondly, Tori and André have differing views on hell. One believes it exists for the very worst people (like Hitler), while the other refuses to believe in its existence. But again, they've learned that sometimes these disagreeing viewpoints actually make for enlightening discussion.

Thirdly, Tori believes in respect for the unborn, while André does not. He just smiled and told her he was very liberal when he told this; she's overcome her initial shock by now and has grown to accept that they will never see eye to eye on this.

Fourthly, and kinda-sorta related to number three, André does not want babies. Tori, who wants to live out her dreams, will convince him otherwise; in her opinion, he has clearly never spent a day with a baby. Babies, she argues, have a way of making a person feel loved and special while giving a sense of responsibility and trust at the same time. And there is the purity of that relationship with a baby that Tori just loves. So this is one difference where somebody will have to compromise, and Tori is convinced that it will be André.

Finally, the final difference is on living arrangements. The romantic sap in Tori wants to wait until they're engaged to live together; André wants to move in together the second they get to college. André, you see, wants to wait until he lives with someone to decide if he wants to marry someone; he says that people can change a lot after you live with them (the ring he spotted in the window that he plans to buy, however, begs to differ with his opinion). So maybe André Harris is softer than he would like to admit; if you ask him, though, he'll say it's because he wants a successful marriage.

André Harris and Tori Vega may be very different in some ways, but there's one way they're in common that will never change: they both truly care and respect each other. They respect each other's differences, and if you ask either of them, they'll both say that their relationship is founded on that respect. Yes, that twinkle in André's eye appears whenever he thinks about his girl; and yes, Jade does yell at Tori sometimes for talking about André too much.

But, like this couple, this relationship is quite unlike any other. So who's job is it to place boundaries on them?

A/N: Breaking into the Victorious fandom with this here. I based it off of my and my should-be boyfriend's differences (oh, I wish he was). Let me know what you think!