Disclaimer: All characters belong to Melissa Marr.

Author's Note: This is just a s very, very short fanfiction about Seth and Aislinn.

Time: Fragile Eternity

Genre: Romance, Angst, and Drama

Date Finished: January 9, 2011

He ignored it. Whenever she touched him, it burned his skin. It melted his soul. He wanted her. He wanted to be with him and only him. He didn't like to share.

He didn't say anything. It made her feel bad. So, he dealt with it.

He loved the way the sunlight shone on her skin. He loved the way it glowed. He loved how it grew brighter when she saw him.

It made him feel wanted.

Yes, he loved her, but so what. He didn't care what the others thought. In fact, he wasn't sure if anyone knew about them. If they did, then he'd probably have to share.

And he didn't want to.

He pretended to be okay with the other. He pretended to be cool with it. He wasn't She belonged to him.

He couldn't tell her. It was break her heart. She would hate him for it. She might even leave him.

So, he just allowed her touch to burn him. He like the hurt. Loving her hurt too. It burned him.

It burned his soul.