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The leader of the old ones was happy, and most were surprised. Then again, he dosen't derivive pleasure from bunnies and butterflies. His happieness depended on one thing. Misery. Everyone on earth was miserable. And he was perfectly okay with that, no, he was really okay with that. Most of Hong Kong was dead, everyone else was in a living hell, and the gatekeepers were on separate continents! That alone would be enough for him to start dancing, but leaders of apocalyptic groups don't dance.

The King called in one of his servants. The humming bird. It would send messages the fastest. "Tell the troups, we march at dawn," he ordered.

Ah. Life was sweet. Especially when your ending it.

Scarlett's POV

She felt like crap. Her head was pounding and she felt totally wasted. Groaning, Scarlett Adams stood up, looking around. She'd been sleeping on a bed that was really, quite comfortable, in a room that was painted gold with pictures of kangaroos and whatnots on the walls, and not much else except for a large dresser and desk.

Then a maid walked in. She was dressed in iron board straight trousers with a blouse, and looked very professional and distant. "Miss, you're awake. Clothes are in the wardrobe," she gestured towards a big wardrobe in the corner that Scarlett had noticed before. Scarlett also noticed that the maid had an Australian accent that clashed with her serious look, "Please change quickly and someone will be outside to help you around." And with that, the maid left.

Scarlett stood, then nearly fell over at the sight of her appearence. Her face was wrapped in bandages horizontally, across her cheeks and around her her head with holes cut out where her nose was. She stared at herself for a second then remembered. She had been shot. Great. The fifteen year old girl got dressed and headed out of the bedroom.

"There you are!" someone who Scarlett didn't recognize said happily. Then she had an epiphany. It was Pedro, one of the gatekeepers from her dream. He stumbled slightly on the words, "You're finally awake!"

"Really? That's fantastic!" another voice called from the hall. This man also had an Australian accent, "With any luck we'll be able to transport her within a few weeks!"

"Pedro, where am I?" Scarlett asked, she figured she was probably somewhere in Australia, but other than that, she had no clue.

"Well, Scarlett, you are in my house. As for the location, I'd say a few miles outside ," a man of of whom she didn't recognize stepped around the corner. He was rather large with rather unkempt hair and bags under his eyes, "G'day Scarlett! My name is Harry Foster, I'm a member of the Nexus, an organization that is trying to prevent and Apocalypse by bring you five together. But for now, would you like some breakfast. We can explain the story to you there."

A few minutes later, Pedro, Harry Foster, and Scarlett were sitting at the table covered with mounds of eggs and bacon. The two explained how she'd been shot in the face and that Pedro's healing power saved her life. They also recounted the story of how she arrived here. They said that when Scarlett and Pedro showed up in a cave somewhere near an old farmhouse in the desert. Richard had called the Nexus and they sent them to Harry's house outside Adelaide to recover in time for the next battle against the Old Ones.

"Do you understand now Scarlett?" Harry asked.

"Yes. When do we meet up with the others?" she was strangely eager to see the five again. Then they'd be whole, an indestructible force against the Old Ones.

"We'll have to wait a few more days. At the moment, no one else knows your here. You'll rest a few more days and then we'll take you to England."

"Why England? Shouldn't we meet up with the others first?"

"We'll go to England because that is where the Old Ones are. I will go to the Inca. I must find people to help us destroy the Old Ones," Pedro said, "Jamie and Scott arrived in America and Matt in England. They will locate more people. Then we will all go to England, where it all began."

"Where it will begin again."

Scott's POV

Scott was feeling really, well, relaxed, though that might sound odd coming from a 15 year old who was soon going to save the world. "But, really," he thought, "He had his brother, was eating the absolute best burger ever, and they had a solid plan as to how to kill the Old Ones, nothing could be better."

Of course, he did have some problems, like why Matt didn't trust him. Sure, he'd been locked in a mental prison for a few days and could potentially be a spy who would ruin them all unintentionally, but he didn't have to separate him and Jamie. Jamie had nearly gotten killed in Hong Kong had it not been for him, and it was all Matt's fault.

He sighed, he really shouldn't take it out on Matt. It was them. All them. Their fault entirely that Matt wouldn't trust him, that his little brother and new friends had nearly died. He could feel them, poking through his thoughts, whispering awful things that almost made him turn on Jamie, the only one he could trust. That's why he kept him out, so he wouldn't have to hear, so he could worry about his own problems.

Because he was supposed to protect them both, and he wouldn't fail again.

Jamie's POV

They were home! Good ol' America, where he and Scott had been born and raised, though he often tried to forget about the raised part. The two boys were having lunch in Natalie Johnson's penthouse, and her chef, was amazing! Maybe someday, he'd get rich and hire his own chef to make him food all day long.

But it wasn't all fun and games. After the chairman of Nightrise had died, the whole ticket counting scandal had been sorted out and John Trelawny had been sworn in. Now he was trying to convince people in Congress to listen to him and send troops to help them fight in the bloody war to come, because he knew that they'd need an army to face the Old Ones. Jamie and Scott were trying to find out as much as possible about Nightrise, the Nexus believed that if they could stop people from joining the Old Ones, they would win. He doubted it though. They would have to trust Matt. He had led them out of this before, and he was going to do it again.

The problem was Scott didn't trust Matt. Jamie had gotten much better at reading through his barrier and he knew that Scott resented that Matt didn't trust him, to the extent of separating them.

Jamie hoped that they would eventually become friends. They were going to need it.

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