So here is the first chapter of my newest story. I hope you like it. The end is a bit fuzzy-like, but it's kinda Sam's thoughts and he's kinda drowning right now so…

Also, I realize this isn't really Sam's POV because it's third person, but it's kinda Sam centric…

Ages: Sam 16, Dean 20, idk how old that makes John…

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Drowned Rat

Part 1 Sam's POV

Oh shit. Was all Sam managed to think as the icy water consumed his body.

Stupid spirit. The spirit of a little boy who had drowned when an inattentive father didn't notice him get caught in the undercurrent. Now the restless spirit was on a mission to drown everyone who dared come near the lake. Not that many people did. The lake was known for its sharp rocks and nasty undercurrents.

Well somehow it had managed to not only get the drop on the Winchesters, but actually get a hold on Sam, who was promptly yanked off the dock and below the surface.

Sam thrashed around, desperately trying to get his head above surface or at least get a hold on the edge of the dock. Suddenly there was a strong hand around his wrist pulling him up. At the same time there was something strong pulling him down. Don't let go! Sam pleaded of the hand pulling him towards the surface. Another hand broke surface and grabbed just above Sam's elbow. He could sort of make out the shape of a person kneeling on the dock, but it was unclear who.

Sam was vaguely aware of someone calling his name from above surface, but it was muffled and watery.

With a force that could only come from something supernatural, Sam was yanked out of the warm hand's grasp and further down at an alarmingly fast rate.



Almost total darkness. Total and encompassing.

I'm gonna die! No, don't think like that! I'm not gonna die! Oh yes, I am. I'm at least twenty-feet below the surface now… Sam's mind viciously reapeated.

All of a sudden, there was a splashing noise that sounded far away and the grip on his ankle weakened slightly. Sam struggled like a fish out of water – or more like a drowning boy in water – and managed to get a bit higher.

However his needy yet deprived lungs were starting to ache so intensely Sam felt sure they were going to collapse – either that or they would explode.

What the heck is that? Something strong wrapped around his chest and pulled him upward as though trying to separate him from his lower-half which was still in the grips of the spirit. Sam attempted to force his eyes open, but they refused to work. He tried to struggle free of whatever it was that was holding him, but his arms also refused to work.

Why couldn't his body just do as it was told? Was that really so much to ask?

Sam's head was getting cloudier and cloudier as if someone had turned on some switch.

His last thought before fading out was Where is Dean? And then nothing.


So what did you think?

A question – this story is two parts, divided into four chapters…

Chapter 1 – Part 1 Sam's POV

Chapter 2 – Part 1 Dean's POV

Chapter 3 – Part 2 Sam's POV

Chapter 4 – Part 2 Dean's POV

Now, should I include John's POV in there? Like chapter 3 be part 1 John's POV? It would be diffrent the Dean's because they seperate for a bit, you'll find out more about that in the second chapter, but anyway. Should I just stick with Sam and Dean? Let me know what you think!

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