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Part 2 Dean's POV (With a bit of John mixed in there)

Dean pulled his exhausted body from the water. After a bit of coughing and some deep breaths, Dean sat up and pulled on his jacket. He crawled over to Sam who was laid out on the dock.

"He's not breathing!" John realized as Dean crept up to him. Dean and John got into position to commence CPR. John did the compressions and Dean blew into Sam's mouth.

"Come on, Sam!" Dean pleaded. Sam had to be okay. Dean refused to entertain any other possibilities. Being the stubborn kid he was, Sam was just taking his sweet time joining the world of the living. If he would just hurry up then maybe Dean's heart would stop trying to jump out of his chest, not that he was worried, Sam was going to be just fine…

"Just breathe, damnit!" Dean cried, his voice betrayed the fear he truly felt despite his mind trying to tell him otherwise.

Each time Dean gave a breath to Sam, a bit of his hope faded. This was taking too long. Sam had been out too long.

"Don't do this to me!" Dean whimpered.

John's own fear was slowly creeping up inside him. Making itself more known with each passing second. Each second his little boy wasn't breathing.

"Come on, son!" John said, adding his own encouragement.

"Please, Sammy, you have to be okay! You just have to be!" John felt his heart break at his oldest son's desperation. This was just supposed to be a simple salt and burn for crying out loud!

"Oh god, please, Sammy." Dean cried. It had been too long. John knew it. After Dean gave a breath to Sam, John did nothing.

"What? Why are you stopping? Do NOT give up on my little brother!" Dean screamed.

"Dean, please, you have to understand, it's just been too long." John tried to explain. He hoped Dean would get it because if he had to say his baby boy had died one more time he was gonna burst into tears and that was not something Winchesters did.

But Winchesters were allowed to cry when their youngest was in mortal peril. Well not anymore, now it was just when Sam was…John couldn't bring himself to finish that sentence. Tears started leaking out of Dean's eyes and, to John's surprise, out of the oldest Winchesters eyes as well.

"Dad, please, please, just try one more time," Dean begged. Another thing Winchesters wouldn't do for anyone but Sammy – beg. John found himself nodding and slowly began doing compressions on Sam once more. After eleven compressions, the best thing that could have happened at that moment in the eyes of the two older Winchesters, happened. Sam began coughing and choking, his eyes remaining shut. Dean rolled Sam onto his side to help him breathe.

John was shocked. More at himself than anything. How dare he? How dare he give up so easily on Sam. If Dean hadn't made me continue, then Sammy would have… A shiver ran through John and he just wanted to scoop his boys into his arms and run far away from this goddamn lake. Unfortunately Sam wasn't breathing so well, so that was out of the question.

Dean began rubbing Sam's back. "Shh, it's okay, Sammy, just relax, deep breathes," Eventually Sam's hacking coughs gave way to deep gasps.

Sam's eyes began to flicker and Dean ducked into his immediate line of vision.

"Hey, Sammy," Dean said with a smile. Sam smiled faintly and reached out a hand towards his brother

"Dean," Sam choked out.

Dean grabbed Sam's hand and John shrugged off his jacket and placed it over Sam. Sam turned glassy eyes towards his dad and quietly said "Dad," John nodded and began rubbing slow, calming circles in Sam's back.

Sam closed his eyes and took a few deep breathes, relaxing into his dad's jacket. After a few minutes Dean gave Sam a little prod and Sam opened his eyes.

"What do you say we go back to the motel and get you dried off?" Sam smiled and nodded.

Dean chuckled and replied, "Good, 'cause I gotta tell you, kid, you look like a drowned rat."


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