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Kate rolled her eyes walking toward the door. Someone had just knocked on it and she was sure it was Castle. He was being ridiculous at the precinct earlier so she sent him home. He had tried to call her when she was in the middle of interrogating a suspect and left her a voicemail that said he was sorry. When she had tried to call him back, he hadn't answered, so she left him a voicemail saying she accepted and giving him the progress of the case. But she knew Castle and she figured saying he was sorry on a voicemail wasn't going to cut it for him.

"Castle I told you—" Kate cut off when she opened the door. "Josh! Hi! I…uh…I thought you had to work tonight."

"I did," Josh confirmed. "My friend, though, had to work tomorrow night and his anniversary is tomorrow and was in kind of a bind. I told him I would work for him tomorrow night if he would work for me tonight."

"Well, that's awfully nice of you," Kate said. "Come on in!"

"Maybe I shouldn't," Josh said. "It sounded like you were expecting someone else. Castle, maybe?"

"No!" Kate denied. That was true. At least, she wasn't expecting him in the way Josh was thinking. "I wasn't expecting him to show up. I just figured it was him. He was being ridiculous at the precinct today and I sent him home. He doesn't like to think I'm mad at him, so he usually calls and apologizes, but I didn't speak to him today, so I just figured that was him, since I thought you were working and all." Yes, she knew she was being a little wordy tonight, but it was very embarrassing to find your boyfriend at the door when you had called another man's name.

Josh looked down at his watch. "You know, it's almost midnight. It seems a little strange that you would just figure Castle would show up here at such a late hour."

"Castle doesn't really have great time perception," Kate told Josh. "In fact, earlier today, Esposito was telling us a great story and Castle completely interrupted him with something that had nothing to do with what Esposito was saying. We all just looked at him and Castle just said, 'It just popped into my head right about now.' If something pops into his head, you can be sure he'll do it or say it."

Josh rolled his eyes. He was used to these anecdotes about Castle. It seemed every time she saw him she had a new one. "I still don't think it's right for anyone to show up at a girl's apartment at midnight, unless that person is her boyfriend!"

"Well, no one did," Kate reasoned. "So it doesn't really matter, right?"

Josh sighed. He might as well go along with her. "Right."

"Let me just go change into my pajamas, and we can watch a movie or something," Kate suggested. "Do you want to look through my collection."

"The collection of two?" Josh teased.

"Now, now," Kate teased right back. "I have more than two! Why, the last time I checked, there were three at the least!"

Josh laughed as her phone began to ring. Kate walked over to it and her eyes widened. It was Castle. If she didn't answer it, he was just going to keep calling. She was sure of that.

Josh turned to her. "Aren't you going to get that?"

"Huh," Kate asked, momentarily distracted.

"The phone," Josh repeated. "Aren't you going to answer it?"

"Oh!" Kate exclaimed. "Of course." She walked into the kitchen and Josh became a little suspicious. He followed her, not to eavesdrop…more to listen. He assured himself it was not the same thing, listening wasn't sneaky at all. He was a little thirsty and he could say he was just coming to get a drink.

"Hey, Castle," Kate answered the phone.

Right away, a frown appeared on Josh's face. He didn't like how casually she answered the phone. Castle worked with her, shouldn't she be a little more formal? Every time Ryan or Esposito called, she always answered the phone with a formal "Beckett." Why should this time be any different?

The frown stayed on Josh's face throughout her whole conversation. He didn't like the way she was smiling and teasing this Castle so much. She seemed entirely too comfortable with a man that was not her boyfriend. Josh didn't like it, and when she came back, he was going to do something about it.


"Hey, Castle," Kate said, answering the phone.

"Hey," Castle said back. "I just—"

"Thanks so much for asking what I was doing," Kate teased. "Josh and I are getting ready to watch a movie, but I think I have a few minutes. Did you need something?"

Castle swallowed, he hating thinking about her and Josh together, especially so late. He had to smile though, at the teasing tone in her voice. "Are you busy?"

Kate rolled her eyes, although a smile appeared on her face. "I believe I already answered that."

"So you did," Castle agreed. "I just wanted to make sure we were okay, you know, after today."

"I told you we were," Kate reminded him.

"It was a voicemail," Castle said. "It's not the same. I just wanted to let you know that I really am sorry. I was going to come over, but I figured you might be busy, and with motorcycle boy there…"

"Castle!" Kate warned.

"Doctor McDreamy?" Castle asked.

"Why do I even bother?" Kate muttered, not bothering to hide her smile, since Castle couldn't see her anyway.

"I know you're smiling," Castle said. "I can hear it in your voice."

Well, darn him. "I'm going to plead the fifth on this one!" Kate joked. Before she could end this conversation, she really was keeping Josh waiting too long, he was bound to come looking for her any moment, Castle spoke up again. "Isn't that my line?"

"Castle, I really do have to go," Kate told him, ignoring the last question. "Josh is bound to come looking for me soon."

"Josh?" Castle questioned, pretending like he had no idea who she was talking about.

"I'm hanging up now," Kate told him.

"Wait!" Castle cried. "Just so we're clear, you're not mad at me? You know how sorry I am for annoying you today, and I'll see you tomorrow, same time, same place?"

Kate smile grew just a little bigger. She really didn't know what she would do without him sometimes…not that she would ever tell him, or anyone, that. "Castle, I am not mad at you. I never was. You were just being especially annoying and I figured we would both get more accomplished if you went home and worked on your book. I know you're sorry. I will see you tomorrow, same time, same place…as long as you come bearing coffee and sustenance."

"Don't I always?" Castle asked.

"Yes," Kate agreed. "You do."

"Bye, Beckett," Castle said before hanging up.

"Bye, Castle," Kate said.


Josh figured now would be a perfect time to walk into the kitchen. Right as she was saying goodbye. That way, she would know he knew who she was talking to. He wanted to see if she would offer an explanation.

"Ready to watch the movie?" Kate asked. If he wasn't going to ask about Castle she wasn't going to tell. She knew he knew Castle was on the phone, but if he wasn't going to say anything, there was no need to volunteer information. Things were going good with her and Josh, and she wanted to keep it that way.

Josh had gotten his drink and they began to walk toward the living room. It seemed she wasn't going to say anything, so Josh took matters into his own hands. "Castle called?"

Kate sighed. There was no way to get out of this one. "Yes, he did."

"Did he want something in particular?" Josh questioned.

"He just wanted to tell me, again, that he was sorry," Kate told Josh.

"You talked to him for an awful long time if that's all he wanted to tell you," Josh pointed out.

"He can't take a hint," Kate hedged.

"It's 12:15," Josh began, sitting his drink down on the coffee table. "A man, who is not your boyfriend, called you. Your boyfriend was here, yet you left the room, to go take a call from another man. I've never met this man, yet I probably know him as well as you do! He's always encroaching in on our time together, whether it's because he calls or because you go to a case. I ask you how your day was, and you give me a standard answer and then launch into a story about what Castle did that day!"

Kate's eyes widened. She never realized she told stories about Castle. Oh well, she would apologize to Josh and quickly change the subject. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I told stories about him. I'll watch it, I promise. And, it's not really him cutting in on our time, it's work, where he just happens to be. Are you ready to watch that movie?"

Josh sighed. He had been quiet too long. "I'm tired of it, Kate. I'm tired of him. Can't you partner him with someone else?"

Okay, change of subject: fail. Kate shook her head. "He isn't my partner, he's my shadow. His book series is about me, therefore he has to follow me. Now, about that movie…"

"Can't you fire him?" Josh asked.

"Fire him!" Kate cried. Kate suddenly realized how panicked she sounded. She schooled her voice to sound normal again. "He doesn't get paid, so he can't be fired. Besides, the mayor and the captain, not to mention the boys, want him there. He's helpful, sometimes."

"I don't like it," Josh told Kate.

Kate shrugged. "I'm sorry, I really am." Kate was being serious. She was sorry Josh didn't like it…but she wasn't exactly jumping on the opportunity to make Castle leave. She liked him there too. "Weren't we going to watch a movie?"

"Would you rather have him or me?" Josh inquired.

Kate's mouth dropped open. She had planned to direct him back to the movie, but now, every thought flew out of her head, except for his last question. "W-What?"

"Would you rather have him or me?" Josh repeated.

"I…" Kate stopped. She loved Josh, didn't she? He was her boyfriend, of course she did. But Castle…he brought her food, he brought her coffee, he made sure she went home, he made her life fun.

"You have two days," Josh told her, breaking into her thoughts. He grabbed his coat, getting ready to leave her apartment.

"Two days, for what?" Kate asked.

"Two days to decide," Josh clarified. "You can keep Castle as your 'shadow' and break up with me, or you can keep me and get rid of Castle."

After that, Josh walked out the door and slammed it behind him.

Kate closed her eyes and sank down on the couch. She couldn't help but whisper, "Break up with Josh or…get rid…get rid of Castle."

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