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Andy peered into his parents' bedroom early that morning before school and smiled slyly. His mother was sleeping on the side nearest to the windows; his father, on his stomach like usual, was sleeping nearest to the doorway.

The five-year-old giggled very softly and crept in without making a sound. He turned himself invisible as he neared the bed and only came to a stop when he was right next to it.

Danny was sleeping soundly, one arm tucked beneath his pillow while the other hung limply over the side of his bed. His black hair was a mess, on account for turning and changing positions in bed during the night. He had no shirt on—Andy knew his father liked to sleep without one. He took a deep breath subconsciously and continued to slumber.

Andy grinned deviously and crouched down. He mentally counted up to three and leaped into the air over his father, hoping to scare him.

Just as he was about to fall back down over his father, Andy still invisible, Danny raised a finger. "Uh-uh," he muttered, as though he had been awake the entire time.

Andy gasped and came to a complete stop in mid-air. He cried in surprise and turned visible again.

Danny remained as he was until finally opening an eye. It was glowing white, but within seconds the glow disappeared and his blue irises reappeared. The man smiled cleverly. "Did you honestly think that I wouldn't catch you?" he asked.

Andy moaned and hung his arms limply, just as Sam stirred and turned over. "Awww," the five-year-old said. He crossed his arms. "I liked it when you used to not catch me. Now you always do."

"Keeps me from getting a heart attack," Danny replied, turning onto his back as Sam rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Danny's eyes glowed white again and he pointed at his stomach. Slowly, Andy floated downwards until he was lying over his father. "Just remember one thing, Andy; turning invisible does not keep you from being heard."

"That stinks."

Danny chuckled softly before closing his eyes, just as Sam sat up in bed. "Did you clean up the mess you made in your room yesterday, Andy?" she asked.

"No," Andy replied. "Daddy said he was gonna help me pick up."

Sam frowned tiredly and looked at her husband. Danny opened an eye, which had returned to normal, and grinned. "Well, I did sorta help create it," he said.

"Well, do it before breakfast, then," Sam said. "Your flight for Texas leaves at one, remember?"

"Is Daddy gonna go flyin' to the moon again?" Andy asked excitedly, sitting down on his father.

Danny groaned softly when Andy sat up and then opened both of his eyes. "Not this time," he said as Sam got out of bed and put on her bathrobe. "I'm just going to give a meeting. My boss and supervisors have chosen people for my crew, so I'm going to go meet them and talk to them for a little bit."

"Why do you need a crew?"

"Because I can't go on the special missions by myself, you cooke. I need people to help me."

"But you went alone the last time."

"No, I didn't. I had four other people with me. And that wasn't a special mission. We just went to the moon for a week to fix one of the rover machines."

Andy lay down on Danny's chest again and placed his hands on his cheeks. "Whatcha gonna do on the special missions, Daddy?" he asked.

Danny grinned. "Get Space samples," he said. "With the new space shuttles, we can travel further and come back faster, which means I won't always be gone for more than a month."

"Are you gonna meet aliens?"

"Aliens don't exist, Andy."

Andy's eyes twinkled. "Then are you gonna meet… ghosts?"

Sam sighed loudly as she tied up her hair. "Okay, ghost freaks; time to get out of bed and ready for work and school," she announced.

"But Daddy didn't answer my question!" Andy complained.

"He can answer it when he comes back tomorrow night."

Andy moaned. Danny looked at him and smiled. "Your mom's right, Squirt," he said. "When I come back, I can tell you a bit more about the missions… All the while helping your uncle Tucker put up the finishing touches to the ghost portal downstairs. How's that?"

Andy smiled brightly and sat up quickly while slapping his hands against Danny's stomach. "YES!" he exclaimed.

Danny groaned in surprise as Andy rose to his feet and leaped off of the bed. "Whoohoo! We can paint the ghost portal!" he cheered, dashing out of the room. "Wooooohooooo!"

Danny watched him leave while tenderly rubbing his stomach. "Okay, if I had been his age and my dad said that, I would have freaked and hid under my bed," he muttered as Sam laughed.

Sam walked up to him and rubbed Danny's head. "Andy's not a nervous wreck like you were, remember?" she teased, gently slapping his cheek. She left the room. "Get dressed and meet us in the kitchen; then you can help Andy clean up his room."