End of the Road for Anthony and Closure for Jenelle

These are the journals of Darien Lambert, Captian, Fugitive Retrieval Section, AD 2193.

My captain was in Kansas City in pursuit of a fugitive at large named Anthony Atwalt, a fugitive wanted for arson, murder, fraud, assault and theft in the 22nd century.

Darien approaches Anthony, a 29 year old looking gentleman with dark brown hair.

"Excuse me, you Anthony Atwalt?" said Darien.

Yeah, and who the hell are u? says Anthony

Darien Lambert with the Fugitive Retreival Section. '

Time to go home, Anthony. Says Darien

Anthony sighs for a moment and then knocks Darien down and runs, but Darien manages to pull out his MPPT fast and his Anthony with a red pellet.

"Transmission Tone, SELMA" Anthony glows red for a few seconds and then explodes in a white flash of light.

Place an ad in the Post, SELMA; Sergeant Hastings back home will be glad to see Anthony is back home. She has been waiting for this day for a long time.

Meanwhile in 2193, we see Anthony has arrived back home. Several Officers including a young late 20's something short blond haired woman named Jenelle Hastings see Anthony.

"It's about time, Lambert got u". says Hastings.

"Now, my brother who u killed in a bank robbery can rest in peace."

We see the 3 officers take away Atwalt. Jenelle sighs.

Tonight was the first night she could sleep peacefully knowing Atwalt wasn't on the run.

She personally hunted Anthony since he killed 2 people in 2190, including her brother who was a bank security guard, but when he vanished during his trial in early 2191

and her search went nowhere, she lost hope, until the Fugitive Retreival Section found out Sahmbi had sent criminals to the past and Atwalt 's name was on a list they found of Sahmbi's clients.

Jenelle begged Darien to find him and bring him in as soon as possible. Darien promised that considering Jenelle and Darien were old friends and colleagues.

Jenelle now felt sadness for Darien knowing that the Sahmbi is still out and was hoping like Atwalt, that Sahmbi would be returned to the 22nd century someday.