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Eye of the Beholder

Chapter One - Eye Of The Storm

The sky was turning from burnt orange to an equally vibrant peony pink as he walked along Old Lodge Lane with the bumbling giant beside him. Taking a glance at the man, Harry could almost believe he wasa giant, if magic was true then surely it was possible. When the first glimpse of the orphanage came into sight, he turned to Hagrid, giving him a dubious smile which, non the less, gained him a toothy grin in response.

Struggling to keep the sneer from his face, Harry motioned to the building, "I'm sure I'll manage from here, Mr Hagrid," the 'just Hagrid for you Harry' had been dismissed irrefutably the moment it was said, and thankfully Hagrid hadn't pressed again, though he had been certainly less enthusiastic since. "I have lived here most of my life after all."

Harry felt no guilt for pained flinch the man didn't attempt to conceal, as far as he was aware, the man deserved to feel guilt for his suffering, and he had no qualms with using it against him.

"Well, I suppose yeh'll be fine from here. Yeh remember about gettin' the train? got yer ticket?" at Harry's suffering nods, Hagrid drew himself up with a shudder and, hesitating for a brief moment, ruffled up the young wizard's hair with one large palm.

He gave another toothy grin before turning quickly, setting off up the street at the brisk march as if he could feel the young saviour's one visible eye watching his departure coldly.

When finally the gamekeeper disappeared from his view onto the next street, Harry turned, lifting the cage holding his striking owl from where he had sat it as the two of them parted ways, and leisurely strolled the rest of the way down the street until he stood before the drear orphanage he reluctantly called home. The grey concrete walls and chipping paintwork gave an accurate impression of the building's age and current neglect. However despite what the outside looked like, Harry was aware that it wasn't the most needy orphanage within London - nor was it the most affluent: it was just South of central, and he had made do with it for nearly seven years now.

His feet carried him unconsciously through the front door, up two sets of stairs and down a corridor, painted magnolia in a failed attempt to lighten the hearts of those who traversed the wooden floors each day. Placing his new belongings down on the wobbly desk and his trunk at the end of his bed, he lay back on his bed, careful to keep his feet hanging over the end - lest one of the matrons disturbs him and brings him grief - and took a moment to think over his day.

There had been no indication at the start of the day, no reason to assume that by ten o' clock his world would have been so categorically altered. When he attended breakfast at barely seven, the first to rise of the orphanage's charges as always, the matrons had given him warm, if somewhat hesitant, smiles and wished him a happy birthday and asked if he would like anything special cooked for him that morning. His expression did not change and he gave them a silent shake of the head before he took the bowl of cereal that was handed to him. He allowed himself an internal smile as the women continued their blathering around him: he would admit being slightly fond of the women who saw to their needs each day, even if he distanced himself from them. They quietened as the head of the orphanage walked in, smiling when she spotted him sitting silently fishing flakes from his bowl.

"Ah, Harry, just who I was looking for. I received a letter in the post regarding you yesterday, all good, don't you worry." Where she got the impression he was worrying from, he couldn't say, but allowed her to continue. "I would've told you about this yesterday, give you more time to come to terms with it, but I had to make sure it was official first, such a strange name," she muttered the last part to herself before seeming to realise she was heading off on a tangent. "Well, anyway, the letter says that you've been offered a place at a boarding school in Scotland. Someone's coming here today to tell you about the school and take you to London to pick up supplies. The headmaster has assured me the man's reliable, but I'm sure one of the girls can go with you as well, I don't think sending you into London with-"

"I'll be fine Mrs Port. I've been out on my own in London before, and if I'm going to be attending this school, it's necessary for me to trust them." He eased her fears, though the questioning look on her face let him know she still wanted to protest to someone going with him. However, after several moments silence, she nodded reluctantly. "You take my phone for the day though young man, and if anything happens, you ring one of the girls or my office and someone will come get you straight away!"

This time he couldn't stop the small smile reaching his face, and she let out a reassured sigh. He could see her hand twitching against the table, wanting to reach across and touch him in some motherly manner, however they had all learnt of his dislike of physical displays of emotion towards him, so settled with standing up before her smile faded entirely.

Pacing out into the hall, her voice echoed back into the kitchen, "He'll be here at ten."

He finished his cereal quickly, passing his bowl to one of the girls who were now coo-ing over him even more than previously.

Half an hour later he found himself laying on his bed, a book open before him. He had planned to go to the library that day and change some of the books he had out for others, but with an appointment now at ten o' clock, he decided to put it off for a day: two hours wasn't nearly enough for him to get to the library, pick out the books he wanted and get back in time. He had enough books to keep his interest for the weekend at least.

Harry's head shot up from the book as he felt two people approaching his room. One he instantly recognised as Mrs Port, the other though, was restless and anxious, the aura around them greatly different from what he felt around any one else in the orphanage. It had energy, life.

He pulled himself out of his stupor as they reached his door, several small knocks making a request for entrance.

Slowly he stood from the bed and pulled the door open, his eyes widening briefly in shock at the gigantic man before him, before returning quickly to their normal size, giving Mrs Port an expectant look.

"Harry, this is Mr Hagrid, he's from the school I told you about earlier. Do you want to show him to the dining room where you can talk?"

Harry nodded, mutely, ignoring the curious looks Hagrid was giving him and leading him down the hall as Mrs Port watched cautiously.

Once the door was closed behind the two of them, the large dining room suddenly seeming to shrink in size by the intrusion of Hagrid's giant berth, Harry offered Hagrid a seat whilst he took his own, eyeing the chair curiously as it seemed undecided on whether to support the weight or not. It was then Harry caught sight of the pink umbrella in the man's hand, as it tapped gently on the chair's legs. It was strange, the weather today was clear and bright, and the rest of the week was meant to be similar. Why carry an umbrella with him? Keeping that in mind, he looked at Hagrid who was beaming across the table at him.

Unnerved by the overly-happy expression, and on-going silence, Harry placed his hands delicately on the table and opened his mouth to introduce himself formally.

However the giant beat him to it.

"Haven' see yeh since yer a baby Harry! Yeh look jus' like yer father, except the eyes, yeh've got Lily's eyes!"

Momentarily taken back, Harry took a second to gather himself again, "You know me?"

"Course I know yeh Harry, I was the one who brought yeh to the Dursley's on Dumbledore's orders!" the giant announced, proudly.

Whatever he had expected, it wasn't for Harry's eye to narrow in hatred.

"So you're the reason I can't see out of my right eye..."

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