Me: Welcome to the twelfth, and final, Chapter of Hitchhiking!

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Antauri: Excellent!

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Otto: All right!

Nova: Way to go girl!

Gibson: Bravo!

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Chiro: Cool!

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Chapter Twelve: Watching You

Chiro was once again the energy-filled, determined teen we all knew and loved again. Gibson had declared him healthy and the first thing he did was go and play a video game with Sprx and Otto. Their antics made me smile. It was good to have the old Chiro back.

"Come on Tauri!" Chiro shouted. "We're going to play tag!"

"Coming Chi!" I shouted. "Are you coming Gibson?"

Gibson smiled. "I believe so," Gibson said. He walked out into Command Center.

"Antauri!" Otto yelled. "Don't forget the stuff!"

"I won't!" I shouted back. I grabbed a backpack that had medical supplies in it. Some of the medicine was for Sprx who had a nasty fall last week and some of it was for Chiro who was devolving a severe case of asthma.

I joined the others and we walked of to the park. It was a nice and sunny day but I never let my guard down. I never let my guard down when Chiro could be in potential danger. Especially outside a building or the robot.

While Gibson and I got out a game of chess, Chiro and the others began to play a game of tag. Chiro was laughing so hard and that made all of us smile. That laughter is what we lived for everyday.

Gibson and me were in the middle of our fourth game of chess when we heard Otto scream. We looked over and Otto was hovering over Chiro, who was breathing heavily.

Gibson grabbed the backpack and sprang into action. He got out Chiro's new inhaler and rushed over to Chiro's side with me right behind him. Gibson tried to hand Chiro the inhaler but Chiro wouldn't grab it. He couldn't. One hand was clutching his chest and the other was clinging to a stick and wouldn't budge.

I grabbed the inhaler and put it into Chiro's mouth. As soon as I pushed down Chiro's breathing became normal and even. I gave Gibson a worried look and he honestly looked frightened. If Chiro couldn't care for himself how would he handle in a battle? Would him be able to save himself?

Sprx and Nova came over and quietly helped Chiro to his feet. Otto climbed up onto his shoulder and refused to get down. Both he and Chiro needed the comfort.

After the 'attack' we went home. The sun was setting anyway. Chiro and Sprx both needed rest in order to recover.

As I led Chiro to his room I felt something stir inside me. I hadn't felt this since we had to take care of Otto when he had lost all feeling in his right leg. I knew it was a protective force that I could never resist.

When Chiro was all snuggled into his blankets I kissed him on the forehead. Chiro smiled at me and fell into the veil of sleep. I began to meditate and became adapt to my surroundings so I knew what was sulking around. But I didn't go into full meditation. Chiro might need a savior in a spilt second and if I was in full meditation I wouldn't be able to save him.

Don't worry my son. I will always be here for you, even after I am long gone.