Chapter 1

A New Beginning


Description : Dan, Max.T, and Max.S, who are siblings from the same school(Dan and Max.T are in Grade 9; Max.S is in Grade 7), are awoken by an asteroid one morning. They find the asteroid in the middle of the night and, after looking inside in their yard, find three emblems, each with an attribute of Fire (Red with a fire symbol), Forest (Green with a tree symbol), and Aqua (Blue with a wave symbol). Dan takes the Fire Emblem quickly, Max.T takes the Forest Emblem just as Max.S is about to take it, and Max.S is forced to take the Aqua Emblem. Then, after trying them on, they activate, and they transform into their superhero forms. They then get info about their emblems immediately after the last transformation and then are returned to their normal selves and in their room. The next day, as their sister Emmy (who is in 9th grade too) is doing errands with their mother, robbers invade the bank, but she makes it home safely. Dan has an urge to take the robbers out as their mom explains what happened. Once he got to the Bank, the robbers attacked Dan(he has a codename). But he took them out very quickly with his fires and learns that the robbers are aliens! After taking out the robbers and returning home, he tells his brothers what happened and that their new powers should be kept secret from everyone unless they are told by the person who gave them to tell someone after finding out what their powers are for and who sent the medallions. Who knows what they will face with their new powers!

The House of The Heroes 3:35 AM (That is what their house will be called when something happens there)

We find 3 boys sleeping in their room one early morning.

The one at the left is Dan (from Bakugan), who is in 9th Grade and calls himself the leader of the siblings.

The one in the middle is Max Taylor(from Dinosaur King), who is also in 9th Grade and is known as the funniest one.

The one on the right is Max Shaymin(from Dragon Tales and is a clone from the one from my studios), who is in 7th Grade and the youngest of the whole family and the one with the brains.

Dan is dreaming about being the commander of the world, Max.T is dreaming about dinosaurs having electricity in their bodies (his favorite one is Triceratops), and Max.S is dreaming about his parents giving him a robot to take care of the house.

Just then, a loud crash is heard from their backyard, and it awakens the boys.

"What was that!", said Dan(Dan will have his normal voice in this story).

"Must have been house damage! Mom and Dad can take care of it! Now, back to bed!", said Max.T.

"I calculate that it was a meteorite!", replied Max.S(Max.S is a custom Bakugan character and will have his Defenders of the Core voice).


"Guys! It is 3:36 in the morning! Get back to bed!", said their father, awoken by Dan's shouting and immediately went back to bed.

"OK fine! I will go find out what happened!", said Max.T, tired.

"OK team, let's get dressed and find out what was that crash was!", said Dan.

"Yes Dan!", said both Maxs.

They changed from their sleeping clothes to their outfits.

Dan was in his GI outfit (on Earth), Max.T was in his normal outfit, and Max.S was in his outfit (the one from Max's Adventure(despite two different dimensions) and from my studios).

"Do you think out parents will notice us missing?", said Max.T as they were ready to investigate the crash.

"Follow my lead and we will be fine!", said Dan.

"OK, but I'm not so sure of this!", said Max.T.

Our heroes crept downstairs and got their shoes on.

There, they went outside from the backdoor.

The Heroes' Backyard

"MAX SHAYMIN! You were right! That was a meteorite!", said Dan, immediately after they went outside.

"Now I am really awake!", said Max.T in a surprised mood.

The meteorite was not burning, but it had a crack in it.

"I think there is something in there!", said Max.S, noticing the crack.

When they were standing right at the meteorite, Dan opened it up and saw, along with his brothers, 3 medallions, each with an unique color and symbol.

One was red and it had a fire symbol on it.

Another one was green and it had a tree symbol on it.

The last one was blue and it had a wave symbol on it.

"I like the red one because of the fire symbol and I am a fire fan, so I guess it is mine now!", said Dan as he quickly took the red medallion.

"I guess I will take the green one!", said Max.S.

Max.T swiped the medallion before Max.S could take it and said, in a not nice accent "No-No-No little brother! You are too young for the forest!"

"Fine! I'm taking the blue one!", said Max.S, in a grumpy mood, while taking the blue medallion.

"So what are these medallions?", said Dan, looking at his medallion.

"I am very smart, but I have no idea whatsoever about these medallions! I guess you put them on! You do it first, Dan", said Max.S, also looking at his medallion.

"No-No-No-No-No-No little brother! I call dibs on putting this on first!", said Max.T, showing his medallion in honor.

"Be quiet Max Taylor! I agree with Max that I will put it on first!", said Dan.

Dan then put his medallion on his chest.

It started glowing on the fire symbol!

"What is happening?", said Dan.

A transformation started to Dan's body. Fire engulfed his whole body. He grew wings on his back. The fire then went into his body. It then blew out, ending the transformation.

Dan looked at himself. He was in his NV outfit, but his shirt was different because of his medallion on his chest. His wings were Neo Dragonoid's, but they were not on his arms, since one of them was different because there was a dragon who look almost like Drago, but was not because it was actually his weapon! His goggles had its color lightened. Also, he was wearing a glove on his arm (covers his whole hand unlike in NV where it had fingerholes) that did not have the weapon on it.

"Woah! Max Shaymin, you are a great little brother! Now I can get to school faster without taking the bus!", said Dan, excited of his new powers!

"Heh! You call that awesome? Let's see if you are right about that by letting me try!", said Max.T.

He put his medallion on and his transformation begun. He was wrapped up in tons of bark, but he grew out of it. He has gotten forest wings, a green/forest green battle suit, and his hair color changed to black. His flashlight horns became real horns and were all the same size, but the color of the band remained red. The band also had a yellow shade on Max's eyes. Then his transformation was complete.

Max.T's weapon arm was a green Triceratops with yellow eyes like his shade.

"I feel like I have big muscles even though I don't! Maybe I have the strength of a tree.", said Max.T.

"I guess this is it. Here I go!", said Max.S.

His transformation was interesting! He was sent into a body of water! His whole body changed(even his head because Max is the only one that has a whole body change) and the body of water decreased! Unexpectedly, Dan's body came out and the transformation was complete!

Woah! I'm Dan!", said Max.S, in a different voice.

He had the same body as Dan, but he had a blue shirt, blue wings, a blue dragon for his weapon with orange eyes, green goggles and Max.S himself had blue eyes.

"You do look like me, but your voice is different too!", said Dan.

Max's voice was Dan's voice from Defenders of the Core.

"Woah! Is that meteorite flashing!", said Dan, noticing the meteor.

All our heroes knew was that they were warped.

Mysterious Temple

"Where are we? And what is that light up there?", said Dan.

"I am the one that sent the medallions that gave you these new powers.", said a voice.

"Whoever you are, thanks! It can be useful in times I need it!", said Max.T.

"You may be thinking that, Mercury, Lord of the Forest (Max.T).", said the voice again.

"Who is Mercury? Someone else?", said Max.T.

"You, human. Look at you medallion. It indicates you are the lord of the Forest. It is your attribute. Mercury is your codename for this form.", said the voice to Max.T, who was now called Mercury.

"OK! But what about my brothers?, asked Mercury.

"Lord of Fire (Dan), you are Codename Helios and the leader of the lords. Lord of Water (Max.S), you are Codename Poseidon and the brains of the lords.", said the voice again.

"Now that we now what the attributes of our medallions are and what they make us, what is the reason of the medallions and their power?", asked Helios.

"To protect your world from destruction from the alien organization called "The Destructive 6", said the voice.

"Who are you? And why are we going to fight these Destructive 6?", asked Poseidon.

"I will tell you tomorrow night. It is time for you to return to your original forms and return to your bedrooms.", said the voice.

"Obviously you need to take off the medallions!", said Mercury, as he took off his medallion.

Helios and Poseidon took theirs off.

The next thing they knew was they were their regular selves again, but they were in their room.

The Heroes' Bedroom

"Well, I guess we need some rest before we get caught!", said Dan.

"Ah finally, more rest!", said Max.T.

"We should hide our medallions first!", said Max.S.

"Good point! We should put them so that we can easily find them and hide them from our parents!", said Dan.

The heroes hid their medallions in their drawer somewhere only they can find them. Then they took off their shoes and went into their beds.

"Let's sleep until 7 because we do not have school today!", said Dan.

"OK!", said both Maxs.

They all got under their covers and went to sleep.

7:00 AM

The boys' dad is concerned about the boys sleeping too much, so he decides to wake them up.

"DAN! MAX TAYLOR! MAX SHAYMIN! WAKE UP! YOU'RE GOING TO NEED BREAKFAST!", screamed their father as he came into their room.

"Dad! It's a Saturday! Can't we just sleep in!", said Dan, in a tired mood.

"I do not care! Get up! And tell me why you are all dressed already and your shoes are in here!", said their father.

"Do not ask! We will be down in a second!", said Max.T.

"OK! But come down here once you are done in here!", said their father as he went downstairs.

"Get the medallions and put them in your shirt pockets!", said Dan.

Both Maxs, along with Dan, got their respective medallions in the drawer and put them in their shirt pockets (Max.T, however, put his in his pocket strapped around his waist). Then they went downstairs.

The Kitchen

"There you boys are! Get your breakfast quickly! I need to do errands and your sister will come with me!", said their mother.

"Yes Mom.", said all 3 boys, in unison and while they got their breakfast, which was their usual waffles.

As their father, mother, and their sister Emmy were eating breakfast, they noticed how quiet they were.

"After seeing how quiet they were, their father said "Boys, is there something up with you? You are never this quiet!" They did not answer, however.

"Boys, listen where Emmy and I are going after we all finish our breakfast.", said their mother.

The boys shook their heads and continued eating.

"First, we are going to the grocery store, then the library, then the bank as usual. Do you understand?", she said.

Again they just shook their heads. Their mother decided that they heard and now know what she said.

After Breakfast

"Max, get your brothers here in the playroom! I need to talk to you!", said Emmy after breakfast, but before she left with her mom to the places she said she would go to.

"OK!", said Max.

"Do not worry little brother! We are right here!", said Max.T after hearing what Emmy said.

The guys went into the playroom to speak to Emmy.


"I am going to try to have the dragons come here for once!", Emmy announced.

"Are you sure? I mean, we know about them. So why take them here to our world?", said Dan.

"Yes, but it might take a few days!", said Emmy.

"Emmy! Time to go!", said their mother.

"OK Mom!", said Emmy, as she exited the playroom.

"With her gone, we should find out what out new powers are really for!", said Max.T.

"You are thinking wrong! The voice said we will find that out tonight!", said Max.S.

"Yeah, you are right! So, what should we do until then? I mean, it's a Saturday. We have no school!", said Max.T.

"I suggest you boys clean you room before you play any video games or hang with your friends!", said their father, coming in after hearing Max.T asking his brothers what to do.

Their father immediately directed the boys to their room so that they can clean it. After they finished, they knew what to do.

"I'm going to hang with my friends. Call me if you think something is wrong or Mom and Emmy are back, OK?", said Max.S.

"OK!", said Dan and Max.T at the same time. Then as Max.S had the door close, Max.T and Dan shook their heads and screamed "Gun Fire 3 : The Power of War (their favorite video game)!".

Dan and Max.T had free for alls, but Dan won them ALL THE TIME!

Meanwhile, Max.S was with his friends, teling them why his mother and sister were gone.

By the time Max.S got home, he saw his brother playing Gun Fire 3 and said "I should have known."

"OH YEAH! 45 TO NONE!", screamed Dan.

"Don't think I done just yet! I'll beat you someday!", said Max.T.

Just then, the boys saw their mother and Emmy come back. But for some reason, they were crying and an officer was behind her car.

Their father noticed this too and immediately told his brothers to listen what is going on.

"Maria (their mom's name)! Are you OK?", said their father.

"Oh Alex, it was horrible at the bank! Robbers busted in and we quickly exited! I am so glad that we are safe! The police, however could not take out the robbers", said their mother.

"Those robbers were weird. We are taking the other civilians home.

If there was some way to stop them!", said the officer.

Dan, Max.T, and Max.S headed for the playroom quickly.


"Guys, I will take them out! Leave those robbers to me!", said Dan.

"If you are doing this, then good luck!", said Max.S.

He should be fine, little brother! If he can beat me 45 times in Gun Fire 3, then he can take out these guys!", said Max.T.

"I do not think that this can be easy because these are weird looking robbers! But I will take them on!", said Dan.

He immediately threw out his medallion and put it on his chest. After his transformation sequence, he was now in his hero form, but now known as Helios, Lord of the Fire. He then ran and flew out of the window.

"Wow! I'm actually flying! Now, to the bank to save the people!", said Helios.

Helios flew towards the City Bank where the robbers are.

Once he got to the roof, he said "Wait, how can I fight them without revealing my identity? I should try my goggles!".

Helios activated his goggles and they transformed into a helmet. Now he can fight the robbers without revealing that he is Dan.

Dan flew up and fired a blast at the roof so that he can get in. He immediately flew in.

Bank Lobby

The mysterious looking robbers were about to take the civilians inside when suddenly the roof exploded.

"What the!", said one of the robbers.

Helios flew down and said after seeing the robbers "You might not look like robbers, but you are indeed a threat to be stopped!".

"By who?", said another robber.

"By me, Helios, Lord of the Fire", said Helios.

"The elemental lords are here? Surround him, now!", said the robber leader after seeing the medallion of Fire on Helios's chest.

"As they surrounded him, Helios said, "I guess you are working for the Destructive 6, huh?".

"Indeed! But now, give us your medallion!", said the robber leader.

"You want the medallion on my chest? Then eat this!", said Helios about to fire from his arm.

Helios fired a blast that hit one of the robbers. He then walked up to the robber he hit and looked at him.

"So the Destructive 6 are real aliens!", said Helios.

"Indeed as well! But now, can you take on the rest of us 5 (there are 6 robbers total)?", said the robber leader.

"Then eat this!", screamed Helios.

Helios fired another blast of fire that hit the other 4 robbers. The police gasped that they were aliens.

"Wait! I surrender! You win! Don't fire at me!", said the robber leader.

"You wish!", said Helios as he did one final blast to the leader.

"So you are Helios, Lord of the Fire! Where did you come from?", said a reporter from the news.

"I will tell you that when you see me with my allies Mercury, Lord of the Forest and Poseidon, Lord of the Water, beat more of this new alien invaders called "The Destructive 6. Well, I got to return to my allies who are also my brothers!", said Helios, as he flew out of the bank.

Helios flew back into his house through the playroom window and saw his brothers worried about him.


Dan reverted back to his original form after landing by taking out his medallion and put it into his shirt pocket.

"Dan!", screamed both Maxs.

"Those robbers were too easy! I burned them out with my blaster!", said Dan.

"Heh! They were too easy for you huh?", said Max.T.

"There is something I need to tell you guys! Those robbers were working with "The Destructive 6"!", said Dan.

"So they arrived, huh? Then I'll show them my strength once I see them!", screamed Max.T.

"This is info that we must tell that voice tonight!", said Max.S.

"I agree! But, let's check on our parents! They might have known already about the robbers defeated!", said Dan.

The boys then went down stairs into where they enter the house.

Living Room

"Boys! There you are! Where were you?", said their father.

"In the playroom, doing stuff.", said Max.T.

"I am glad you are alright!", said Emmy, giving each of them a big hug.

"Speaking of alright, the police called us! They said that some guy named Helios, Lord of the Fire, took out the robbers that were aliens. I am glad the people at the bank are alright.", said their mother.

"Boys, find something to do after lunch. Then have dinner with us. Finally, spend the rest of you Saturday until you go to bed.", said their father.

"OK!", said the boys!

Later (Now 8:30 PM)

"Dan! I'm ready to beat you in Gun Fire 3! You up for a match?", said Max.T.

"We will, after we see that voice again!", said Dan.

"Oh yeah, I forgot.", said Max.T.

The boys told their parents that they are going outside for a little bit.

Behind the Heroes' House (in the Backyard)

The guys went where the meteor was, even though it is not anymore.

"Where is the meteorite?", said Max.T.

"I guess the voice is helping us protect our secret!", said Max.S.

"I guess we transform here.", said Dan.

All 3 guys pulled out their respective medallions and put them on their chests to activate their transformations. Max.T did his first, then Max.S, then finally Dan. Once all 3 were completed, instead of being in the exact spot where they transformed from, they were warped again.

Mysterious Temple

Helios, Mercury, and Poseidon were now in the temple where they heard the voice from last night.

"Welcome back, my heroes! I have heard about what has happened today with you, Helios!", said the voice.

"Thanks! Now, tell us who you are and who the "Destructive 6" are.", said Helios.

"First, I will tell you who I am.", said the voice.

Just then, a figure appeared in front of the boys.

"I am who told you about your powers! I am Zeus, the Lord of Light!", said the figure.

"Now tell us who we will face!", said Mercury.

"The Destructive 6 are a gang of aliens called Plasmatalians with 6 elements : Forest, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Darkness. In order to stop them, not only must you use your powers against them, you must find the medallions of Wind, Earth, and Darkness and who will use them. Now then, allow me to tell you who you will be facing.", said Zeus.

The Plasmatalian of the Forest is called Trunkar.

The Plasmatalian of Water is called Wavhalius.

The Plasmatalian of Earth is called Jabafar.

The Plasmatalian of Wind is called Orion.

The Plasmatalian of Fire is called Volcantia.

And finally, the Plasmatalian of Darkness and leader of the Plasmatalians is called Emperor Reakor.

"That's a lot of power! We should find those other 3 medallions and Lords!", said Mercury, exaggerated to fight the Plasmatalians.

"Indeed! Now it is time to return home. Take off your medallions!", said Zeus.

The Lords agreed and took off their medallions.

As they were about to leave, Zeus said "One more thing! Only you can take off your medallion!".

The boys shook their heads and returned to their yard, in their regular forms. Then, they went inside.

At 9:30 PM

The boys got ready for bed in their rooms.

"Guys! One more thing!", said Dan.

"What is it?", asked Max.T.

"Our new powers should be kept secret from everyone except ourselves.", said Dan.

Max.T interrupted Max.S who was about to say "Unless Zeus orders us to.", and said "Unless we have no choice but to tell someone."

"Yes, but next time, do not interrupt Max.S, Max.T!", said Dan.

Max.T shook his head and the guys got into their beds and said to each other "Good night!".


Chapter 2: Enter the Drones Again!

Description: It has been a day ever since the boys have gotten new powers. Now they need to find a way to fight the Plasmatalians without getting caught. Luckily, they each have a secret helmet that keeps their faces secret. So they decide that in order to protect the world, they must live like ordinary school teens until Plasmatalians strike! The plan works until 7th Period. Dan is safe in his 9th Grade History Class, and Max.S is also safe in his 7th Grade Math Class. But all does not go well in Max.T's 9th Grade vscience class when they go outside! More drones attack! Can Max.T become Mercury and stop them? And also, why is he so eager to beat Dan in Gun Fire 3?


One more thing! I have been doing a lot a Dragon Tales Stories and now it is time to take a break and have Bakugan and Dinosaur King the main two topics for the Crossover!