Chapter 6

Secret of the Fire Medallion

Description: Our heroes are in their house one day after they recruit Oceanus, apprentice of Poseidon, and Lelantos, apprentice of Mercury. Max.S is asked by Emmy to speak with her and their friend Enrique. He learns that the dragons from Dragon Land would be coming to the real world to visit. Max.S said he does not have time to visit them as much and goes outside. He heads for the beach because he sensed his apprentice Oceanus there. Once at the beach, he transformed into Poseidon and went into the ocean. He swam towards the coral reef. There, he saw Clay as Oceanus practicing his new powers in the ocean. As he is practicing, Lelantos is practicing his skills in a forest near the beach. Mercury meets him there as he practices. Then, Oceanus fires a water/electric blast at Lelantos, who counters quickly. Lelantos then fires a tornado blast at Oceanus, who also counters quickly. Mercury and Poseidon then meet. The apprentices tell their masters that they would practice their skills by themselves. Poseidon and Mercury agree, and as they fly home, they talk about the dragons coming to their world and how they must try to protect their secrets. Meanwhile, Emperor Reakor gets more interested in the Lords and their growing strength. In order to counter their growing power, he sends a mysterious servant to battle against Helios. The servant tells Reakor that he has learned about the Secret of Helios's Fire Medallion, the thing that transforms a human into the Lord of Fire. As the servant leaves, Reakor thinks about how to destroy the Lords. That night, the robbers, who have battled against the Lords before, return and they rob a house early in the morning. Dan, Max.T, and Max.S hear police cars, so they inform their allies to help fight the robbers via cell phone and go to fight the robbers in their Lord Forms. When the entire team met at the house of where the robbers were, the robbers were ready to battle the Elementarists once more. However, the robbers brought their strongest weapons yet. So the robbers and Lords battle once more, but before Helios can start attacking the robber he battles, a dark blast attacks both him and the robber, but Helios was found missing after the attack. The robbers then see this as an advantage, but the Lords continued to fight the robbers even without their leader and claimed victory. As the robbers retreat, Aeolus proclaims himself leader of the Lords until they could find Helios. However, Oceanus realized that his parents would ground him if he went out of the house without any info of his absence. This told the Lords that they had to get home and try to look for him in the morning. So the Lords went home. When Mercury and Poseidon returned home and reverted, Emmy caught Max.S before he got to his room. She told him that the dragons came to their house earlier that night. Ord heard him a half hour ago and was wondering why, especially since he was in his normal clothes instead of his pajamas. Max.S tells her that he needed to do something outside for a while and he was trying to not wake up his parents in doing so. After she said she was fine with that, Emmy also reminded him that Enrique and her would give their dragon friends a tour of their town. Thankfully, they would be invisible to everyone except the three of them. Max.S is then called by his brother to go to sleep and does that after telling Emmy that he would say hi to them and then do something else since he was too busy to be with them tomorrow. Emmy said that she would also be fine with that and goes to sleep. When Max.S enters his room, he notices his brother is still as Mercury, who made a spell to make a clone of their brother Dan appear as a temporary brother until they find their real brother. Max.S says that they should inform the other Lords and get some rest. So the two get some rest for the night. Meanwhile, Helios awakens in a different part of town. As he gets up, he notices that his entire body (armor, wings, and human body) have turner black. His medallion had the fire symbol now in purple. Helios wonders what happened to him. Suddenly, a mysterious person appears, claming himself to be Mysterion. He tells Helios that they are alike. Helios is confused from that statement and asks why they are connected. He said that they both have the power of darkness from the new moon in a separate form and transforms into a darkness soldier. Helios then fires a dark blast at Mysterion, who then is struck back a little. Helios remembers what he said, which was "The darkness makes us stronger since it is a combination between the strength of the dark powers inside of the user and the normal powers inside of the user.". After a quick battle, the darkness in Helios grows and as he defeats Mysterion with his dark powers (which he could not control), he disappears. Mysterion laughs, knowing Helios could not control his power. The next thing he knows is that he is inside the new moon's darkness of him, way high in the sky. The next morning, Max.S meets with Clay after saying hi to the dragons. As they talk about Dan's disappearance, the rest of the team meets them in the park. They notice a new moon in the sky. Max.T and Gingka believe Dan is still in there as Helios. Later that night, Max.S learns that Emmy was captured before he and the Elementarists set out to look for Dan while he and Clay are walking one night. They are informed of this by Quetzal. After introductions and telling Quetzal their destiny, Max and Clay transform look for Emmy, Enrique, and their dragon friends. Meanwhile, Helios learns to control his power inside the moon. As the Elementarists battle Mysterion, they have trouble battling him. Poseidon then leaves to go save his sister, Enrique, and their dragon friends from a cage. When they get to the cage, Poseidon tells his friends and sister his true identity since he is growing up and needs to be more responsible for what he does. Oceanus also reveals his identity. They try to break the gang free. Meanwhile, Helios masters his dark powers and escapes the new moon. On his way to his allies, he sees Poseidon and Oceanus at a cage. There, he helps Poseidon break the gang free. As he, Oceanus, and Poseidon return to the group, Helios tells the gang what happened to him and then enters the battle his other allies were in. He then started firing his dark powers he now could control to defeat Mysterion. He then tells the rest of the team what happened to him and then they each return home. When Max.S returns home, Emmy talks to him about his powers as Poseidon and why he has them. Meanwhile, Reakor gets angered and plots to destroy Helios.

The Heroes' House

Our heroes are just relaxing from constant battles with Plasmatalian forces sent by Reakor.

Just then, Emmy came in to the room they were in.

"Max? I need to talk to you in the Playroom.", she said.

Max.T thought it was him she needed to talk to, so he walked up to Emmy.

But then Max.S walked up to Emmy faster than his brother.

"Nice try brother, but I think she meant me, Max Shaymin, instead of you, Max Taylor.", he said.

"A little bit too much drama there, but you're right. I wanted to talk to you, Max Shaymin.", said Emmy.

So Max.S and Emmy went to the Playroom.

"You know you should really try to bring your seriousness ad Mercury into your real life, Max Taylor!", said Dan.

"Sorry! I thought it was me she was talking to!", said Max.T.

"Relax bro. Save that anger for the Plasmatalian forces.", said Dan.

"OK bro.", said Max.T as he relaxed.

He then sat back down.


Max.S and Emmy went into the Playroom, where Enrique was waiting for them.

"Max, we are planning to bring our dragon friends from Dragon Land to this world tomorrow.", said Emmy.

"Yeah. We want to show them around our world.", said Enrique.

Max knew that his friends from Dragon Land would appreciate him to show them his world.

But he also knew that he was the chosen one for the Blue Medallion, which made him the destined one to be Poseidon, Lord of Water.

"I'll tell them I'm too busy to show them, but I will say hello.", he said.

"Why?", Emmy asked.

"I don't have time to see them. I have other business to take care of.", said Max.S, even though he does not think there will be trouble going on tomorrow.

Max.S then went outside.

"What's with him?", Enrique asked.

"I don't know. This has been happening since the robbers at the bank almost captured me and my mother.", said Emmy.

"Do you think he's connected to the Elemental Lords?", Enrique asked.

"I don't think so.", said Emmy.


Max.T sensed something.

"If it's fine with you, I'm going outside.", he said,

"OK. But be careful. And don't expose yourself.", said Dan.

"OK.", said Max.T and went outside.

"Reakor, wherever you are, me and the Elementarists are going to defeat you and end your ways of evil!", Dan thought.


Max.S was walking to the beach because he sensed Oceanus, his apprentice as well as his friend Clay, in the ocean.

"Clay, I hope you are practicing your skills so that someday you will be as strong as I am as Poseidon.", he thought.

He then looked around for anyone near him.

There was nobody around him, so that meant the coast was clear.

Max.S got out his medallion and put it on his chest, transforming him into Poseidon.

After transformation, he went into the ocean.

He swam and swam until he saw the coral reef.

"Oceanus must be practicing here somewhere.", Poseidon said.

So he kept looking until he saw Oceanus, who was practicing his water attacks in the ocean.

"Hey Oceanus. How are your skills as of now?", said Poseidon as he went up to Oceanus.

"They are good, but I need to practice more if I want to get stronger. Practice makes perfect you know.", said Oceanus.

"Indeed. I came to see how you were doing.", said Poseidon.

"I'm fine. Just strengthening my skills.", said Oceanus.


Max.T went towards a forest near the beach.

"I sensed you, Lelantos. Just what are you doing now?", he thought.

Max.T then got his medallion out and transformed into Mercury.

Elsewhere in the forest, Lelantos was practicing his forest attacks.

Mercury met with him.

"Hey Mercury. I know you are Max.T, but how are my skills?", said Lelantos.

"Great. Practice more and more so that Reakor will be defeated easier.", said Mercury.

"Good, since I believe Reakor is very powerful and hard to defeat by yourself.", said Lelantos.

In the ocean, Oceanus saw Lelantos.

"I'm practicing with him. Let's see how he's doing and see his skills.", said Oceanus.

Lelantos used some of his skills he gained as an apprentice of Mercury.

Just then, a water/electric attack came towards Lelantos from the ocean.

Lelantos countered with a forest-elemental attack and counter with a wind-elemental blast.

Oceanus, who used the water/electric attack at Lelantos, countered with an electric attack and went out of the ocean.

"I see you've learned to counter my attacks. Good.", said Oceanus.

"Same with you, fellow ally.", said Lelantos.

Poseidon went out of the ocean to see Mercury.

"Seems like they've improved.", he said.

"Yeah, but Reakor still lives here in this world. We have to stop him still.", said Mercury.

"Yes. We cannot stop fighting until we defeat Reakor and the Plasmatalian forces.", said Poseidon.

"Master, we've been practicing by ourselves.", said Oceanus.

"That way, we can be used to being allies.", said Lelantos.

Poseidon and Mercury agreed with what they have said and flew back to their house in the air.

"You know Poseidon, they might be the future Lords.", said Mercury.

"That might be true, but there's something else I want to talk to you about.", said Poseidon.

"What is it?", Mercury asked.

"It's our sister. Emmy and Enrique want to bring our dragon friends from Dragon Land to this world. My concern is that they will get badly injured if they face the Plasmatalian forces.", said Poseidon.

"We'll do that.", said Mercury.

"But what about keeping our powers a secret from them? I know we have to tell them if it is necessary, but what about our parents? They are my main concern in this situation right now.", said Poseidon.

"We'll try to rescue and protect Emmy, Enrique, and these dragon friends without exposing ourselves to the town as best as we can if they are attacked or captured.", said Mercury.

"Alright then.", said Poseidon.

So they flew off to their house.

Reakor's Lair

"Interesting. The power of those Lords seems to have increased for the past few days since many new warriors have awakened. Now there are 7 warriors instead of 3 warriors. Pretty soon, they might find the ones destined to use the Light and Darkness Medallions, which means that they will find the Lords of Light and Darkness.", said Reakor as he looked into his orb.

He looked at his new servant, who appeared instantly.

"But I have a plan to rid of that leader since he is the one chosen to defeat me in battle since he is the strongest.", said Reakor.

The servant walked up to Reakor.

"Master Reakor, what is my command?", he asked.

"I want you to rid those Elemental Lords of that leader they have. He has a secret power you know, so he might learn it. That's why you ought to rid of him as soon as possible.", said Reakor.

"His name's Helios and I know his secret power. The "secret power" of the Fire Medallion, the very thing that gives his human form the very power of the Lord of Fire and what he possesses that is! He won't be able to control his new power! Why? Because I possess the same power he has!", said the servant.

"Yes. Now go and rid of that Helios!", said Reakor.

"As you wish, master Reakor.", said the servant who disappeared.

"It seems those Lords are stronger than I thought they were. I need to think of a very good plan to destroy them all!", Reakor thought after his servant disappeared.

The Heroes' House That Night

Dan, Max.T, and Max.S were sleeping in their beds that night.

However, Dan is having a dream like nothing like he has ever seen.

In fact, it was a nightmare created by the mysterious servant of Reakor to haunt him.

Dan's Nightmare

Dan was running in a purple nightmare world.

As he was running, he constantly came across the mysterious figure, whom of which caused him to turn and run in another direction.

He did this multiple times.

Dan then saw the mysterious servant again.

"Who are you? Answer me!", he said.

"I know your secret. You will never defeat me, Lord of Fire!", the servant said.

The servant then tried to grab Dan with his dark hand, but the nightmare ended right when he was about to grab Dan.

The Heroes' Room

Max.T awaked Dan from his nightmare.

"What's going on? Why did you wake me up?", he asked.

"Bro! It's the robbers again! They've robbed another house!", said Max.T.

"Them again? I guess we'll have to show them the power of the Elementarists!", said Dan.

So he got dressed and met with his brothers in their room.

"Are you ready?", Dan asked his brothers.

"I am!", said Max.T.

"Alright then.", said Max.S.

"Let's do this!", said Dan.

The three brothers then transformed into their Elemental Lord Forms and instantly went outside to hunt down the robbers.

Emmy heard them transform.

"What was that?", she thought.

As they flew, Oceanus, Lelantos, Gaia, and Aeolus joined them later on.

They heard the sirens from the police and decided to help defeat the robbers once more.

"I know these robbers are easy, but who was that person anyway? What does he want with me anyway? And what is that secret of my medallion he mentioned?", Helios thought as he flew.

"These robbers were stopped by you guys, right?", Oceanus asked.

"Yes. They're easy due to our strength as Elementarists, or Elemental Lords.", said Gaia.

"But they're actual humans. Not aliens.", said Lelantos.

"Good point. We have alien powers to use against evil for the right of good.", said Aeolus.

"Indeed.", said Poseidon.

Mercury saw his brother Helios concerned as he was flying.

"Brother, what's wrong?", he asked.

Helios noticed Mercury.

"Nothing. Why you ask?", he said.

"Just wondering.", said Mercury.

"Sorry team, but I'm not sure I can tell you what I had just a few minutes ago just yet. I have to find out what it means first before I can tell you guys.", Helios thought.

The Robbed House

The robbers were once again robbing yet another house.

"There's no use trying to run from the cops! They'll get you!", said a man held hostage with his family in his own house.

"Well too bad for ya! I'm gonna kill all of them cops!", said one of the robbers.

The police, yet again, wait for them to come out with their hands up.

"Alright, the end of the line is here! You're gonna come out and come quietly with us to prison right now!", said the police sheriff.

The robbers heard the police as they were stealing from the house.

"Well boys! Time to get those cops!", said the lead robber.

"Boss! We shouldn't forget…", said another robber.

"We'll be ready for those punks who have those pathetic "magical" powers!", said the lead robber interrupting the robber.

"Sheriff, I've identified the lead robber. His name is Ronald. He's been causing multiple robberies even before these strange Elemental Lords appeared in other towns around the country!", said a police officer.

"So he's robbed multiple places in the country? I guess we'll have to inform the government about these robbers so that they will be put to a stop immediately.", said the sheriff.

Ronald then unloaded the mysterious boxes the robbers brought.

In the box was a very dangerous flamethrower.

The family held hostage looked at the weapon in shock.

"This weapon will take care of any foe who gets in our way!", said Ronald.

Each of the robbers then got out their own flamethrowers.

The robbers then exited the house.

"Alright Ronald! You're going to jail for a very long time for your long history for your role as a brigand!", said the sheriff.

"You got me.", said Ronald.

He then fired his flamethrower at one of the police cars, setting it on fire.

However, the Elementarists arrived just in time.

"That car's on fire!", said Mercury.

"Those robbers look like they're ready to fight us!", said Lelantos.

"True, but remember that right now, 5 of us have an advantage against fire.", said Poseidon.

"You're right. They're just too weak to fight us! But still, we better do it to protect the humans of Earth.", said Gaia.

So the team, under Helios's order, descended into the house to fight the robbers, who have knocked out each of the police officers.

Poseidon, Lelantos, Oceanus, Aeolus, and Gaia each took out the fire as they descended.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't the magical humans who think what we do is wrong! Well this time, don't count on winning the fight! These flamethrowers will kick your butt!", said Ronald.

"Oh yeah buddy? Let's see you try and defeat us!", said Helios.

Each of the robbers except for Ronald ran to fight each of the Lords except for Helios and battled for a while.

"I guess you're the leader, huh? That means you'll be my victim for my flamethrower!", said Ronald holding up his flamethrower.

"You think so? Well, I've got my flames from my arm to defeat you!", said Helios showing his blaster arm.

But before either Ronald or Helios could attack, a dark blast came out of nowhere from the sky and hit both of them.

Everyone saw the attack.

Ronald was pushed back and knocked out cold, but Helios was nowhere to be seen after the attack.

"Helios!", exclaimed Mercury.

"Don't worry about him. We better take out the rest of these robbers first before we look for our leader.", said Aeolus.

"OK.", said Mercury.

"Ha! Now without your leader, this time you'll be defeated!", said one of the robbers.

"I don't think so! HURRICANE FLAMETHROWER!", said Aeolus.

A huge tornado blast came from his hand and defeated some of the robbers.

"Good one Aeolus! Now it's my turn!", said Oceanus.

But the robbers continued to run towards the Lords.

"THUNDER STRIKE!", said Oceanus.

A powerful lightning bolt struck the robbers.

But the robbers continued to run towards the Lords.

"EARTHQUAKE!", said Gaia.

When he struck his sword towards the ground, the ground rumbled towards the robbers, knocking them back.

But the robbers kept coming.

"They keep coming!", said Lelantos.

"Alright Lelantos. We better combine our powers for one attack!", said Mercury.

So the two charged a powerful "BEAM OF NATURE".

"Let's do the same thing master!", said Oceanus.

"You got it.", said Poseidon.

So the two charged a powerful "BEAM OF TSUNAMIS".

The robbers were ready to fire their weapons.

"BEAM OF NATURE!", said Mercury and Lelantos.

"BEAM OF TSUNAMIS!", said Poseidon and Oceanus.

Both beams were fired and combined to form one super attack, which ultimately defeated the robbers.

"Retreat! Retreat!", said the robbers as left with Ronald, whom they picked up and carried back to their base.

"We did it!", said Mercury.

"But Helios, our brother, is missing! Bro, if our mother finds out Dan's missing, we're dead!", said Poseidon.

"Well that blast hit him and he's now nowhere to be seen here.", said Gaia.

"I'm taking Helios's place as leader of the Elementarists until we find Dan, as Helios or not.", said Aeolus.

"Speaking of parents, I better head home before my parents get mad at me for being out too long.", said Oceanus.

"We all better go home for the time being. It's getting late to search for Dan. Mercury and Poseidon, think of what to tell your parents where your brother is before he returns.", said Aeolus.

"OK.", said Mercury and Poseidon.

The Lords each went to their homes.

"Dan, where are you bro? You need to help us defeat the Plasmatalians!", Mercury thought.

The Heroes' House

Mercury and Poseidon flew through the window of the playroom.

Poseidon then reverted and walked out of the playroom, only to find Emmy waiting for him.

"Oh hey Emmy.", said Max.S.

"Hey Max. I know it's late, but the dragons came here earlier this night, around the time you were talking with your brothers about something.", said Emmy.

Max.S remembered that he was talking with his brothers about a plan to defeat the Plasmatalians: fight them as they look for the final 2 destined ones.

"Hey Max. We heard something a half hour ago and told Emmy what happened. I believe it was in your room Max. You're not in your pjs, but your normal clothes, so what happened anyway?", said Ord from inside Emmy's room.

"Sorry. I had to do something outside for a while. I tried to not wake up my parents in doing so.", said Max.S.

"That's OK Max. Also, Enrique and I are going to give the dragons a tour of our town tomorrow. They would be invisible thanks to Quetzal's invisible magic. You want to come with us?", Emmy asked.

"I know that my friends would like me to be with them, but then again, my brother is missing! I better tell Emmy that I'm too busy to show the dragons a tour around the place.", Max.S. thought.

"Max! Get in here and get to sleep!", said Max.T.

"I'll just say hi to them, alright?", Max.S. asked.

"OK Max.", said Emmy as she went back into her room.

Max then went back into his room.

"Where are you, brother?", he thought as he went back into his room.

But when he entered his room, he was surprised to see his brother still as the Elemental Lord Mercury.

"Max! What are you doing?", he asked.

"Don't worry brother. I'm going to use a spell to make a temporary Dan until we find him, OK?", said Mercury.

"Good idea, since our parents will be suspicious that Dan is missing. I believe I saw him still as Helios, Elemental Lord of Fire when he disappeared.", said Max.S.

Mercury shook his head and used the spell that would create a temporary Dan until they found the real one.

"We should inform the other Lords about this so that they will know what you are planning to do.", said Max.S.

"Don't worry. I've already done that.", said Mercury.

"We should get some rest anyway.", said Max.S.

So Mercury reverted and the two brothers went to sleep.


Helios awakens after he is hit by the strange dark attack from the battle against the robbers.

He finds himself somewhere in town, but somewhere else than the house where the robbers were.

"What happened?", he asks himself.

As he got up, he notices his entire body (armor, wings, hair, eyes, etc.) was black (darkened).

"What happened to my armor?", he asked.

His medallion's fire symbol was now the color purple instead of red.

Just then, a mysterious figure appeared (which was the servant sent by Reakor).

"Seems like your dark powers awakened in you while you were asleep from my attack.", said the figure.

"Who are you? And what do you know about this form anyway?", Helios asked.

The mysterious figure did an evil giggle.

"Just call me Mysterion. You and I are alike, Helios, Lord of Fire.", said the figure.

"Alike? But why?", Helios asked.

"You and I have the same dark power in us. This power, since it is a separate form, is stronger than the power of the Darkness Elemental Lord because it is a combination between the dark power it possesses and the full strength of the user's power.", said Mysterion.

"What do you mean anyway?", Helios asked.

"You see the moon?", said Mysterion.

Helios looked up and saw it.

"The moon! It's like darkness has covered the entire thing!", he said.

"That moon is the core of the darkness your secret power has.", said Mysterion.

"Secret power?", Helios asked.

"Yes. The Fire Medallion has secret powers. However you will not be able to control it and defeat me or Reakor!", said Mysterion.

"You wanna fight? Well then, I'm ready for you, Mysterion!", said Helios.

Mysterion then transformed into a dark soldier.

"This form is what I use to harness the power of the dark moon!", he said.

Mysterion then rushed towards Helios.

Helios jumped, but was taken down by a dark hand from Mysterion.

"This power I have can negate any of your moves!", said Mysterion.

He then fired dark punches that severely injured Helios.

"I…can't….lose…here!", said Helios.

He punched Mysterion and flew up.

"Eat this!", said Helios as he fired a dark blast at Mysterion.

However, he could not control it, so it actually hurt a little before firing the blast that injured Mysterion.

"Interesting! You can't control your powers! And you never will! Why? Because when I take you to Reakor, you and the Elemental Lords are finished!", said Mysterion as he got up.

"It's over. I'm done for!", Helios thought.

Then he remembered what Mysterion said.

"The darkness makes us stronger since it is a combination between the strength of the dark powers inside of the user and the normal powers inside of the user.", said Mysterion from a flashback.

"I can't contol this power, but I can't give up! I must control my powers!", Helios thought as he got up.

So he charged up a more powerful blast of his normal shot.

Still, he could not control it, but this time, he was hurt so hard, he was knocked out.

However, the blast defeated Mysterion even though his powers could get some of the blast away.

When Mysterion got up, he knew he was defeated.

However, he declares victory because Helios is missing.

"Well what do you know? He could not control his powers!", said Mysterion followed by an evil laugh.

Unknown Place

Helios woke up in a dark world.

"Where am I?", he asked.

All he saw was a dark/purple world.

"Helios, next in line to use the power of the Fire Medallion. It seems you need my help to control the powers of the darkness of your medallion. Very well. I will help you.", said a voice.

"Who are you? And where am I?", Helios asked.

"You are in the darkness of the moon.", said the voice.

"I have a feeling you know about this dark power I have. There's got to be more information about this power.", said Helios.

"Seems I must tell you about your powers before I can help you, however. Do not worry. I am an ally of Zeus.", said the voice.

"Yeah. But what about my powers?", said Helios.

"My name is Dusk. I am the protector of this dark power. The power you now possess is the darkness power. It's stronger than the normal Darkness power of the Darkness Elemental Lord.", said the voice.

"Strong? Seems like I need to control this power since I currently have difficulty using it currently.", said Helios.

"Yes. I must train you so that you can control this new power you have.", said Dusk.

"OK.", said Helios.

The Next Morning

Max.S was looking as his medallion with a concerned look.

"Where are you Dan? We need you more than ever.", he thought.

Just then, his cell phone rang.

"Hello?", he asked immediately after he answered.

"Max, it's Clay. Get to the park immediately. We need to talk.", said Clay.

"Alright. I'll see you there. Bye.", said Max.S.

Clay hung up and so did Max.

"This probably is going to be about how we are going to find our leader.", said Max.S.

But just as he was about to leave his house, Ord said "Wait up Max!".

Max turned around and saw his friend.

"Where are you going Max?", Ord asked.

"I'm going to the park to see my friends. Sorry that I can't be with you to show you around this place.", said Max.S.

"I wish I could spend time with you buddy. But if you're busy, then that's OK. I've gotten used to spending time without you.", said Ord.

"OK. Later.", said Max.S as he walked out.

"Bye Max.", said Ord as he went back to Emmy.

"I'm sorry Emmy. I really want to spend time with Ord and the others. But, I can't just put my duties as an Elementarist away.", Max.S thought as he headed towards the park.

The Park

At the park, Max.S and Clay discussed about plans to find their leader.

"He disappeared last night at a house where we fought robbers. Should we look there?", said Clay.

"He might be gone. It's been many hours since Helios disappeared suddenly. We need a backup plan.", said Max.S.

"We should look around town. Maybe he warped somewhere to somewhere else in town.", said Clay.

"Yeah. If not, we're in a situation. I don't think Max.T's decoy will last that long if we have to leave Earth to find him.", said Max.S. in a concerned tone.

"What's wrong Max? I'm pretty sure it's not your brother.", said Clay.

"Since you asked, I'm concerned about my sister and some of my old dragon friends. I know they will be said if I'm not with them. But I can't give up. I'm an Elemental Lord. Still, I'm concerned about revealing my identity to them.", said Max.S.

"Actual dragons? Are they nice?", Clay asked.

"Yes.", said Max.S.

"If I have to tell someone my identity, then I'll do it to protect Earth.", said Clay.

"Really?", Max.S. asked.

"Yes.", said Clay.

"Alright. But still, I must protect them.

"Indeed.", said Clay.

Just then, Max.T, Gingka, Ulrich, and Rex saw them.

"Max! Clay! Look up there!", said Gingka pointing to the moon.

Max.S and Clay saw the moon.

It was strangely black with a dark aura.

"What is that?", Rex asked.

"I don't know. Seems suspicious.", said Ulrich.

"Dan's probably in there!", said Max.T.

"That's what I thought too! He's in there!", said Gingka.

"We better go up there and save our brother! I think he's still in Elemental Lord Form!", said Max.T.

"Something's not right. Why is it closer to Earth than the normal moon?", said Max.S.

"You're right! But still, if Dan's in there, then we should check it out.", said Rex.

"We'll go tonight to make sure our parents don't get suspicious of us.", said Gingka.

"You go. I'll stay on guard.", said Max.S.

"Bro! This is our leader! Our older brother!", said Max.T.

"Sorry Max, but I have some business to do first. I'll probably need Clay to help me.", said Max.S.

"Alright. You do your business with Clay while the rest of us find Dan in that dark moon.", said Gingka.

The team agreed on their plan.

"Emmy, don't worry. I'll protect you no matter the cost!", Max.S. thought.

That Night

Max.S. and Clay were outside Max's house, waiting for Emmy to come back.

Meanwhile, Gingka, Ulrich, Max.T. and Rex all transformed into Aeolus, Gaia, Mercury, and Lelantos respectively and flew towards the dark moon.

"Let's do this!", said Aeolus.

So the 4 attacked the dark moon to save their leader, but all of the attacks failed.

"Just what is this stuff anyway?", Max.T asked.

Just then, Mysterion spotted them.

Meanwhile, Max.S. and Clay saw a yellow dragon flying towards them in a panicked mood.

Max.S recognized that the dragon was Quetzal!

Quetzal saw Max.S and flew towards him.

Clay looked surprised at what he saw.

"No way!", he thought.

"Quetzal, what's going on?", Max.S asked.

"Max! Some mysterious man in black armor captured Emmy, Enrique, Ord, Cassie, Zak, and Wheezie! We need to save them!", said Quetzal.

"Max, don't be afraid. You are an Elemental Lord. You have to tell him.", said Clay.

"Elemental Lord? What is that?", Quetzal asked.

Max.S took a deep breath and began to tell Quetzal the truth as he got out his medallion.

"Quetzal, I am Poseidon, Elemental Lord of Water. I have these powers to protect Earth from the Plasmatalian Army.", he said.

"And I'm Clay, Max's friend and the Apprentice of Poseidon, Oceanus. Whoever took Emmy, Enrique, and the other dragons were taken by the same person who took Helios, our leader and the Elemental Lord persona of Dan, Max's brother.", said Clay.

"I understand. But there's no time. You need to save Emmy and the others before it's too late!", said Quetzal.

"Alright.", said Max.S.

So he and Clay got their medallions out and put them on their respective chests, transforming them into Poseidon and Oceanus respectively.

The two then flew off to find and rescue the gang.


Helios was practicing his powers with Dusk.

"Remember Helios. Use a calm mind and attack. That's how you control these powers.", said Dusk.

"Right.", said Helios.

So he fired a dark blast with a calm mind, which controlled his powers.

"Now that was amazing! Yeah!", he said.

"Now that you have learned to control it, I must teach you some new moves in order to master the power.", said Dusk.

"OK.", said Helios.

The Sky

As Lelantos, Aeolus, Gaia, and Mercury were trying to breach into the dark moon, Mysterion then used his powers to knock the 4 down to the ground.

All 4 of them were injured, but refused to give up.

"Who did that?", Aeolus asked.

Mysterion then appeared.

"You 4 dare look for your leader? Well, too bad! Not only will you never see him again, you will not be able to stop me! I'll crush all of you!", he said.

"Bring it on! We know you have Helios, our leader, somewhere!", said Aeolus.

The Elemental Lords then got ready for battle.

Mercury then fired a forest shot at Mysterion, but it had no effect.

"What? Why did my shot not work? It should have!", he said.

"Strong as he is, he'll never defeat us!", said Lelantos.

Lelantos then fired a wind shot combined with the power of his forest powers to create a forest tornado to attack Mysterion.

Unfortunately, it also had no effect.

"Seems tough! I'll take him out!", said Gaia.

Gaia ran towards Mysterion with his two swords, each powered up with Earth Elemental Powers.

"I told you. Your powers are way too weak!", said Mysterion.

He then got out his own blade and used it to knock Gaia back and make him drop both of his swords out of his hands.

"We can't lose!", said Mercury.

So he changed elements from Forest to Electricity.

"Take this! THUNDER STRIKE!", said Mercury.

A lightning bolt then came out of the sky and struck Mysterion, only to not even scratch him.

"Interesting. But not enough.", said Mysterion.

He then got his own dark thunderbolt and struck both Mercury and Lelantos.

"Give it up! None of your attacks can even damage me!", said Mysterion.

"He's right. Even my wind powers don't stand a chance against him.", said Aeolus.

"Soon you Elemental Lords will be doomed to be defeated by Reakor!", said Mysterion.


Poseidon and Oceanus found the cage where Emmy and the others were hiding.

"We're stuck here forever!", said Zak.

"There has to be a way out!", said Ord as he tried to break the bars of the cage.

Just then, Cassie saw what looked like a human with wings.

"A human with wings? That's impossible!", she said.

The rest of the gang noticed the mysterious human.

Next to him was a human in blue and yellow armor.

"There they are! Let's save them!", said Poseidon.

"We better. Also, remember Poseidon. You must tell the truth. Don't be afraid.", said Oceanus.

"Alright.", said Poseidon.

So the two flew towards the cage.

"They're heading towards us! We're doomed!", said Zak.

As they landed, Emmy noticed that the blue figure looked like her brother Dan.

Poseidon walked up to her.

"Emmy, I know you and the others very well, but I have a duty as Poseidon, the Elemental Lord of Water, to protect this world from the Plasmatalians.", he said.

"How does he know us?", Ord asked.

"Calm down dragons. We are more than just allies of yours. We are friends of yours. Well, technically, he is, but if he's your friend, then consider ourselves friends too.", said Oceanus.

Emmy walked up to Poseidon.

"Emmy! Stay back! They're tricking us!", said Cassie.

"Max?", Emmy asked.

The gang gasped at what she said except for Enrique, who started to believe what the Elemental Lords were saying.

Poseidon took a deep breath.

"You guessed correctly sis. I am Max, your brother. We'll talk later. Right now, we'll help you escape.", said Poseidon.

He tried to break the cage with his arms and his water attacks, but was unable to.

"I'll try it. Also, I'm Clay, one of Max's friends. In this form, I'm Oceanus, Apprentice Lord of Poseidon.", said Oceanus.

He used his water and electric attacks to try and break the cage, but he was also unable to.

"Whoever sealed us here seems to be very capable of protection.", said Oceanus.

"Yeah. I hope our leader can help us, since this cage cannot seem to break!", said Poseidon.


"Now Helios! Absorb the power of the dark moon!", said Dusk.

Helios began to absorb all of the power in the dark moon.

He then saw his brother Poseidon having trouble opening a cage even with the help of Oceanus.

"No one messes with my family!", Helios screamed and started to fly out.

Once he flew out, he had completely absorbed all of the power in the moon, still in his darkness form.

Helios flew down to his brother.

"Come on! Please break!", said Poseidon.

Just then, two arms appeared and grabbed a higher portion of the bars.

"Pull brother. I'll help you!", said Helios.

Poseidon pulled and broke the cage, allowing his friends to escape.

"Thanks!", said Emmy.

"You're welcome. Now go and tell Quetzal you're safe.", said Poseidon.

The gang flew to Quetzal, while the Lords flew to their allies.

"Helios! It's really you!", said Poseidon as they flew.

"Yeah. It's me. I have this new darkness power. The one who captured your friends knows of this. But I'll defeat him. But before, I could not control this power! But I controlled it and now I'll use it against the evil Plasmatalian army. However, I'll use my normal fire attacks more often. This power will be used in case of desperate emergencies in battle.", said Helios.

"Alright. Let's help our allies!", said Poseidon.


Aeolus, Gaia, Mercury, and Lelantos were about to be destroyed by Mysterion.

"We can't win guys! If only Helios can help us, then we can defeat him!", said Aeolus.

"Say goodbye, Elemental Lords!", said Mysterion.

Just then, a charged dark blast hit Mysterion hard.

Helios then appeared.

"Helios! He's safe!", said Aeolus.

"Yeah guys. I'm fine! As for you Mysterion, you're finished.", said Helios.

He then charged a new attack.


Just then, multiple dark fire shots came out of Helios's blaster at rapid speed.

Each of them severely injured Mysterion until he was killed.

The other Lords cheered his return and victory as Oceanus and Poseidon descended.


Helios told the gang what happened to him.

"No way! You had this dark power that you were destined to get, but you had to control it just so that you could defeat the next set of Plasmatalians?", said Aeolus.

"Yep. It's very obvious now I'm the strongest member of the team.", said Helios.

"OH COME ON! I WAN…", said Mercury before being slapped by his brother Poseidon.

"He makes a point you know.", said Poseidon.

"Well, it's great to have to back Helios.", said Aeolus.

The team then each split up to go to their respective homes.

The Heroes' House

Helios, Mercury, and Poseidon each returned home and reverted, except for Mercury, who had to deactivate his spell for a temporary brother.

As Max.S walked into his room, he saw his sister.

"The others went home. Don't be shy. You can tell me.", said Emmy.

"Alright Emmy. One night, a meteor crashed into our backyard. Inside it was three medallions. One was red for the fire element. One was green for the forest element. And the last one was blue for the water element. Dan took the red one and became Helios, Elemental Lord of Fire. Max.T took the green one before me and became Mercury, Elemental Lord of the Forest. I was then left with the blue medallion. Its power transformed me into Poseidon, Elemental Lord of Water. Since then, the 3 of us, as well as the other Elemental Lords, who still are all from Earth, are battling the Plasmatalian army, an evil alien force that is against Zeus, the God of The Elemental Lords, and of course, us Elemental Lords. For our own sake, do not tell anyone unless we don't have any other choice, alright?", said Max.S.

"I understand Max. I will tell your secret to others only if we do not have any other choice but to tell them.", said Emmy.

As she walked away, Max.S looked concerned.

"Could my sister be the Elemental Lord of Light other than Zeus? If so, then I have to tell her! Emmy's the one or not, we will find that Elemental Lord no matter what!", he thought.

Plasmatalian Base

Reakor was displeased at the failure of Mysterion but intrigued at the power Helios has gained.

"Seems like Helios has mastered the dark power. I should have known Dusk told him about his powers! Nevertheless, I will crush Helios and the Elemental Lords!", he said.


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Chapter 7: Electricity VS Electricity

Description: Max.T is still upset that he is not the strongest of the Elemental Lords. But the next day, he falls in love with a girl at his school. The other Lords, however, are concerned that this might affect his duties as an Elemental Lord. Meanwhile, Reakor hears of this and sends an electrical servant to take out Mercury by capturing his girlfriend. Unfortunately for Max.T, another boy falls in love with the girl. It looks like the girl prefers the other boy instead of him. But when Max.T learns of his true identity, can he defeat the electrical servant and possibly, win his recently acquired crush? Keep reading to find out!