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Spyro and Cynder:Love Never Ends Chapter 1

P.S. This takes place right at the end of TLos Dotd P.S.S. I suck at stories XD

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Spyro awoke to find himself in a grassy tried to get on his feet, but he felt a jaggering pain through his muscles. "Aahh! What the? What is causing this pain?"He asked to himself. " It's called overworking, you of all dragons should know that." A voice from behind said. He turned his head around and gasped in relief of what he saw. A beautiful, young, black dragoness. "Cynder! You're okay!"Spyro said."Thanks to you so is everyone else."Cynder said. Cynder walked over to him and lay next to him. " I am so glad to see you alive Cynder... I was afraid...you wouldn't make it..."He said sadly. She smiled back and nuzzled him gentley. He blushed, but loved it at the same time."Cynder..what you said earlier...did you mean it?"Spyro asked nervously."Of course I did Spyro. I delayed it many times, but i guess it finally felt like the right time."Cynder thought it through, and finally he decided. He turned towards her and kissed her ON THE LIPS. He was going to break the kiss short, but Cynder was enjoying it, so he didn't. After about 30 seconds of kissing they had to break it to breathe. When they stopped, Spyro said with no holding back"I love you, Cynder." She smiled at him and replied"I love you too, Spyro." Spyro knew he had found his calling in life.

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