Spyro and Cynder: Love Never Ends Chapter 6


Spyro and Cynder awoke to a bright and shiny day. " Good morning, Spyro." Cynder said, still half asleep. " Good morning, my love." Spyro said as he turned towards her." You know, I really don't have to get up right now if I don't want to. I'd much rather lay here with you." He said grinning. " Ditto." Cynder said also grinning. Spyro gave her a peck on the snout. She giggled and did the same to him. Then they heard a knock at the door. Spyro sighed and got out of bed. " Stay right there, I'll be back." He said. Cynder laughed at that. When Spyro opened the door, he wasn't at all shocked. " Hello. Oh you must be the guy whose supposed to ruin my perfect day with my girlfriend. I've been ecspecting you. Would you like some coffee?" Spyro said with a chuckle. " Oh ha ha. Listen, do you want to hear the news or what?" Spyro gazed at him for a minute and then replied. " Um...not really." " Well get over it you're gonna hear it anyways." " I thought so..." Spyro mumbled. " Okay, I got up this morning..." " Good for you." Spyro blurted. " WILL YOU LET ME TALK FOR GOD'S SAKES!"Sparx yelled. " Oh, of course, do continue." Spyro said grinning. " I got up and I came outside. Then I heard some fimiliar voices. And guess who it was." " Probably a result of an overdose of some kind." " Real, frickin', hilarious. No it wasn't. It was mom and dad! They found their way to Warfang somehow. I guess some one told them that we would be here. Anyways, they are in the temple talking to the guardians and they want to see you...and they know about you and Cynder's...'RELATIONSHIP'...if you can call it that, thanks to Volteer and his never-ending jaw." Sparx explained. " Well, it has been what 2 or 3 weeks since we saw them right?" Spyro joked. " Um...close...but wrong. It's been 4 years!" " Okay, fine. Tell them we'll be right out." Spyro said. " Can do brutha!" Sparx said as he buzzed off into the temple. And with that, Spyro closed the door and walked back into the bedroom, where Cynder was waiting for him. " Cynder, babe. I've got bad news. We DO have to get up. My parents have found Warfang and they want to see us." Spyro complained. " Well that's more like good news isn't it?" Cynder asked, climbing out of bed. " Well, yeah...I guess so. They are my foster parents." Spyro replied. They then headed outside and into the temple. Once inside, they walked down the hall and took a right into the giant arched doorway. "SPYRO!" Both of his parents exclaimed at the same time. They flew over to him and hugged him, nearly choking him. They broke the hug and Nina said." Spyro look at you! You're so big and handsome! How old are you?" She asked. " Um...15." He replied. "15! Wow you grew up so fast!" She said. Nina looked at Cynder and gasped. " And this beautiful young lady must be Cynder. Hello, Cynder. I'm Spyro's foster mom, Nina. But you can call me mom if you want." Nina said. " Nice to meet you, Nina." Cynder said." And I'm Flash, Spyro's dad. So are you two sleeping together or what?" Flash blurted out. Nina elbowed him." Don't listen to him. You know how middle-aged men , I guess you don't." " Um yeah...mom it's really nice to see that you're alright." Spyro said. " Aw dear, it's nice to see you alright, too." Nina said. " Can you guys stay for dinner?" Spyro asked. " Of course we can. I mean, it's not like we have anything else planned and even if we did, what could be more important than having dinner with our son we haven't seen in 4 years?" Nina implied. " So, how about 7?" Spyro asked. " 7 is fine." Nina replied. " Nina, Flash, we have your room ready." Cyril said. " Okay mister Cyril, lead the way." Nina said. " Bye Nina, bye Flash. It was really nice to meet you both." Cynder said. " Goodbye, dear. Nice to meet you too." Nina replied. And with that, Spyro and Cynder returned home as preporations were being made for dinner. "Cynder, I am so sorry for the way my parents acted. They just don't get out of the swamp much, that's all." Spyro said. " No need to apoligize, Spyro. I think they are very caring and lovable." Cynder said. " Well, I'm glad you think so." Spyro said. He looked over at Cynder. She looked back." Cynder, I am in love with you." Spyro said. She smiled. " Spyro, I am in love with you aswell." She said. She climbed on top of him and kissed him passionately. They broke the kiss and Spyro gazed at her. " Wow, how did a guy like me end up with such a beautiful young angel?" He asked her. " What do you mean, a guy like you? You're not just a guy. You're a handsome, funny, charming, smart, loving, caring and fun guy. You are always willing to help out and you always put yourself last. And that's why I fell in love with you." She said. " Aw, thanks babe." He said and kissed her lightly on the neck. She giggled. " That's a new move." She said. Spyro laughed. " You like it?" She nodded and giggled again. " Okay." So he kissed her on the neck again, this time more passionately. She just lay back and enjoyed every second of it.

After kissing and goofing around, Spyro and Cynder got out of their bed and headed inside of the temple for dinner.

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