When Captain James T. Kirk awakens, it's to the sound of sirens.

Someone is shaking his shoulder, muttering hastily into his ear, "Captain! Were being chased by Klingon pirates!"

Kirk wonders what time it is. Idly, he realises it doesn't really matter. They're underwater, after all.

The submarine tilts and jostles as Kirk scurries to the command center (still in his light blue pyjamas, though he remembered to his captain's hat). A handful of people rush past him, a few slightly injured from the general chaos and mayhem. Kirk doesn't have to hear it, he can feel Bones cursing loudly at the other end of the sub.

Sulu is steering like a madman, though they're successfully evading most of the Klingon's attacks. Kirk feels a surge of pride, but it doesn't last long as Uhura shouts, "Captain! We're being hailed!"

Kirk musters up as much authority as one can in pyjamas, and flips on the transmitter. There's a cracle of static and a moment of anticipation. Then, "surrender Spock or face the elimination of your entire crew."

Kirk bristles. What does Spock have to do with anything? Or rather, what did Spock possibly do to piss these Klingons off?

He eyes the Vulcan, who lightly touches Kirk's wrist. "I will go." Spock says, with confidence.

Kirk gapes.

No! He won't allow it. If Spock's gone, who's going to do all of the cool, science-y stuff while they're in space?

Wait. Space? Why had that popped into Kirk's head? They were on a submarine, Kirk's precious submarine, the Enterprise.

Kirk opens his mouth, and everything disappears.

When James T. Kirk awakens, it's to confusion.

Dream..., he realises. It was a dream.

He's far from coherent, but Kirk sits up in his bed and loudly proclaims, "Don't worry Spock. I won't let any Klingon's kidnap you." Satisfied, Kirk lays back down and falls back asleep.

Spock is sitting across the room, reading. He raises an eyebrow in response.

Oh, listening to the Beatles at 6 in the morning can do funny things to your brain.

I just wanted to let everyone know I'm going to start an actual chaptered K/S story titled "Cosmic Love" soon (a song that will forever be my song for this ship, and of which the lyrics for this particular drabble collection are derived), so keep your eyes peeled for that~