Sometimes there are those moments, and you know it when they happen, that totally and completely change your life.

Such a thing happens to James Kirk when he sleepily lifts his head from his arms, and the first thing he sees is a pair of dark, deep chocolate eyes. His brain splutters to realise he had fallen asleep in Chemistry, and never mind that the face those eyes belong to looks slightly irritated, because those eyes are gorgeous.

Someone hits his shoulder with a book. It's Bones, who's leaning out of his adjacent desk towards Jim with a grin on his face. Jim gives him a confused look.

"New seats," Bones whispers. "The teacher decided you must like your current seat, since you were comfortable enough to fall asleep in it."

Jim groans, but there's still a little smile creeping over his face.

Two seconds after class lets out, Jim drills Bones about the boy that now sits across from him. Unfortunately, all Bones knows is that his name is Spock and that he's more or less a complete enigma.

"Spock…" Jim says quietly to himself. Bones makes a face at Jim and opens his locker, rolling his eyes at his books. Jim leans against the ones next to it, scanning the crowd. He delightfully notices that Bones has a locker close to Spock's and he watches Spock drop his books into his bag with a stupid grin on his face.

Spock looks up, seemingly sensing someone watching him. He spots Jim and there's a very brief flicker of surprise across his face as Jim winks. He shuts his locker and walks out of the hallway. Jim watches him leave with a regretful sigh.

Jim looks over to see Bones following his gaze. He opens his mouth but Bones cuts him off. "No, you can't have my locker." Jim punches his friend in the arm and the both of them laugh.

The next week is full of Jim gleefully Spock Watching and chatting the boy up during every opportunity he has. Spock is at first confused at the attention, but soon settles into a stony disposition that Jim comes to know well.

However, that doesn't mean Jim doesn't see the flashes of amusement, sometimes even happiness that pass through Spock's eyes on occasion. Jim's goal every day is to get Spock to laugh with his eyes. Jim's glad he's moved away from Spock's initial impression of him – Spock finally confesses he originally thought Jim was an idiot.

As Jim flushes, Spock quickly added, "I do no think that about you anymore, of course."

Jim recovers himself, asking, "What do you think about me now, then?"

Spock avoids his gaze.

A couple of months pass, and Jim learns that Spock is solitary and quiet, but he's also a deeply caring. He's a genius, truly intelligent and clever, and underneath that face that he forces to stay devoid of emotion, he's really, really kind and thoughtful. Jim realises this when Spock surprises him with a small but perfect gift on his birthday, even though Jim never told him when he was born.

Jim's face completely lights up and he sees that Spock is happy as well.

Jim learns that Spock is the most beautiful and fascinating thing he's known.

One day they're sitting in class and Jim asks Spock what Spock has learned about Jim.

"You are fearless almost to flaw," Spock replies thoughtfully. "But it is a redeeming quality, in the end. You are fiercely loyal…and a thoroughly compassionate individual. You are also on the reckless side of things, as evident from your choice of vehicle."

Jim beams and laughs at the remark on his bike. "You still won't let me take you for a ride. Motorcycles are fun, you know."

Spock wrinkles his nose and Jim laughs again.

They're silent as the teacher moves on into a lecture, but Jim feels a small tug on the sleeve of his shirt.

He looks over to see Spock's eyes smiling.

I was in an AU sort of mood for this round of drabbles.

Um, I'd like to take this author's note to give one giant, massive hug to my reader's! When I decided to start uploading drabbles, I initially thought it was a rather sketchy sort of idea, because it's nothing really that substantial and is more self indulgent than anything, because it's really easy for me and I get distracted and don't work on my actual fics. But I'm really, really flattered and thankful and particularly taken aback at the response these have gotten, because you people actually like them! Whoa! So I think you guys are brilliant and I'll continue to write more.

Oh! And in response to someone's question a while back, it is indeed Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine, for the song I'm working on a chaptered fic for. To me it really is like the Sporkiest song in the world and I think it's absolutely perfect for them. I wish I could claim I thought of it applying to them first, but I found it in a fanmix called Wash the Echos out. That fanmix also made me a F+tM fan! It's on LJ somewhere, for anyone who's interested.