A/N: I don't own Digimon or Tv Tropes. It would be cool if I owned Digimon, but not Tv Tropes. That belongs to everybody. Anyway. This story is a birthday fic for Hedgi, because it's her birthday today, and also since she was willing to beta and give advice. One last thing before the story begins. I dare you all to read this with Wormmon's and Ken's voices. It'll be awesome, and you know it!

"Excuse me Ken, but I have a question." Wormmon asked Ken one day while they were hanging out.

"Ask away" Ken replied, slightly curious.

"Have you heard of a site called Tv Tropes?"

"Yeah, I go on frequently. Why?"

"I've heard you and Izzy talk about it. What is a 'Berserk Button'?"

"It's a type of trigger, where the response is extreme anger. Like if one of your close friends is hurt. And when the friend is protected, it can be a crowning moment of awesome and heartwarming."

"What are those?"

"They're exactly what they say on the tin"

"Does that me that it's exatcly what they sound like?"

"Yeah! Anymore?"

"Yes, a few more. What about 'Mama Bear'?"

"When a woman protects her loved ones."

"'Papa Wolf'?"

"Male version of 'Mama Bear'."

"I would ask about 'Too Dumb To Live' but the phrase is getting overused."

"I agree."

"Would you give me an example of 'Badass Adorable'."

"Okay. That's easy. Digimon."

"Aw, thanks Ken! I have four more."

"Ask 'em."


"Sound made by excited fangirls."


"When a serious scene is unintentionally made funny."

"'Heterosexual Life Partners'"

"Two extremely close friends of the same gender who spend a ton of time together."

"Like House and Wilson?"


"Okay, last one. 'Heel Face Turn'?"

"When a bad guy turns good."

"Like you?"

"Exactly like me."

"And a face heel turn is when a good guy turns bad?"


"Thank you! Now all my questions are answered! Oh! Ken?"

"Yes Wormmon?"

"Who's 'Professor Layton'?"

Well, that was fun. I was originally going to have Izzy and Ken talking, but it was pointed out that Wormmon could be better. I then realized it, because Wormmon probably doesn't know a lot about the human world. But I had to change some of the dialogue, because Wormmon is polite, as in, he wouldn't say things like "Thanks." Also, I had to throw in a "Professor Layton" thing, because it's an awesome game. And I don't own it.