I have always wanted to do things with other clans than the 'normal' or playable in game clans of orcs. So that is what I started here. This is based in the mag'har aka 'uncorrupted' brown skinned orcs in Nagrand. It is my take on what life would be like before and after Thrall's visit as well as all the adventurers that flood into the region in during that time.

Wow belongs to Blizzard. Questions/reviews are welcomed.

Talbuks while their bodies were beautifully marked in stripes, they were also a formidable prey. Athrum shifted her weight off her twisted ankle, it had nearly broken when she was chasing after a doe she had aimed to kill earlier. The irritation had slowed her down enough to allow the creature to return to the herd, thus tossing her back to square one in her hunting.

She grunted unhappily as a body slipped almost silently beside her, she didn't need to look to know it was Karga. She kept her eyes fastened upon the herd of the horned creatures in hopes she would go away. "I am in Om'riggor," she snarled when the slightly older female did not leave. "I will not have you corrupt my rite with your presence."

"Fine," she returned in just as harsh tones. Than held up a dead rabbit by the ears. "I am done with mine, was going to share the blood with you."

"The shaman will know it is not talbuk," she snapped a little to loudly and the herd shifted away from the hiding spot closer to the safety of the large tree. She lowered her volume of her voice and glared at Karga.

Karag was like any other female in Garadar, brutishly broad and stocky, her brown flesh was lighter like her father. She had tusks protruding from her lower jaw that were much longer than her own. She had a full head of hair which she kept in two short tails that resemble antenna with the thick wraps she used to keep them pointing to the sky. She shrugged a shoulder, her copper colored eyes drifted toward the herd Athrum was intent on staring at. Karga, in Athrum's option, would be almost handsome if she wasn't always trying to bend the rules and skirt around responsibilities. "It is not a shame I will inflict upon myself, now leave."

"They won't know, blood is blood. Not unless someone tells them," her brown broad features held an expression of the threat that was left unsaid. "Guess I'll be there when Selm returns," she laughed evilly before slipping through the brush with unnatural stealth.

Athrum shook her head, her hand brushed off a fly from her partially bald scalp. The herd wasn't settling so she took her leave of it, the third day of her solo hunt was ending very badly. Anger bubbled inside her the way Karga seemed to laugh in the face of their clan's traditions, they were there for a reason. She moved deeper toward Skysong Lake which would be other clusters of the needed beast. She was hungry and tired from all the tracking she been doing, she still hadn't found the doe she had managed to nicked with her dagger.

With a grunt she dropped to the ground next to a tree, rubbing her palms over her face. Her mind whirled with all she had to do to make camp, she had been practicing living off the land for many cycles to prepare for this event. She was eager to show the clan she was indeed an adult and than she would find one of the males to settle down with. A grin spread over her lips as her thoughts rested upon the orc she had in mind. Selm, who had easily waded through the om'rigger last cycle. It was only a matter of time before he would take a mate. She wanted to be there before his eyes as a worthy adult and good hunter, she knew in her heart of hearts he would pick her.

She let her mind wander with the dream of him forsaking all the others, especially Karga, and pulling her into his arms after the union ceremony. Athrum planned to look down her nose at Karga who would be weeping bitterly at the defeat. She would relished that moment, she planned to memorized every aspect of Karga's distress to recall during the long days of tending to the many children she would bring to Selm.

Her gut twisted knowing Karga would be in the village wooing her man, only than did she remember he was currently doing an errand for Great Grandmother Gyah. The venerable leader had grown weaker over the last few cycles, the rumor about the clansmen was grandmother was seeking Earthcaller Rya for advise on her current state of health. Others whispered she was after another in at the post, one of a male persuasion. Who knew if those were true or not, Athrum couldn't decide which hand to place her trust in.

A snap of a twig pulled her back to reality, her hand was upon the hilt of her dagger that was tucked safely at her hip. A deep grunt followed by small trees snapping as a clef-hoof came into view, the large tongue of the wooly animal wrapped around a clump of grass and pulled into the waiting mouth.

Athrum frowned, she was not even frightening enough to ward off the lazy herbivore. She tried not to make it reflect badly on her bruised ego, the creature was big enough not to be afraid of anything these plains had to offer. She rose, wrinkling her nose at the stench of fecal matter and dirt the creature gave off. If there was one cleft-hoof there would be more soon. They tend not to watch where they tread, for the clan had lost a child not long ago who was smashed by a hoof of the grazer.

She just wanted to finish the rite and return to the village with a blood soaked face to be there when Selm arrived from his travels. Athrum decided to pull an all-nighter and pin down her query and get ready to be counted as the adults in the clan. She could see in her minds eye the other females actually giving her a little more respect when she walked through the dirt paths of the clan.

Athrum shook her head and set her mind on getting the job done without any more daydreams.