Helloo! It's not my usual stuff, it's much more darker, be prepared ;)

He said he would never leave her,

that they'll always be together,

It was a promise…

And promises are not made to be broken

She says she's fine, that she'll be okay.

He wants to believe it, but that would be lying to himself

It was a promise, Ayuzawa.

The man in white robe came into the room,

Moved closer to the light green bed,

And left after what he had to say…

It was a promise, why does she have to be the one to break it?

They both stood still, staring at the invisible, mute at the unspeakable.

She had a heart condition,

And it got worse.

1 week, that's what the doctor said…

1 week and she'll be gone…

He grabbed her hand, which made her look up.

But the agony in his eyes made her look down.

He fell on his knees, burying his head in the covers of the hospital's bed.

She patted his head, to comfort him.

"Stupid, I thought you knew me better, I won't die, Usui"

She was the one who was stupid to believe that.

Even though she had always been strong, able to fight anything, she couldn't fight that.

She couldn't fight science: she will die and no one could save her, even herself.

He came to see her on Monday,

Dark circles under his eyes,

And then he saw her,

Weaker than yesterday, but probably less than tomorrow.

That's when he promised himself to use all the time that remained.

He came to see her on Tuesday,

And brought a movie to watch it with her,

In case it was the last time he could have her in his arms.

Because he loved the way she fell asleep as soon as a movie begins.

He came to see her on Wednesday,

And brought a CD,

In case it was the last time he could see her.

Because he loved the way she gets lost in her thoughts when she listens something and didn't care about anyone who watches her.

He came to see her on Thursday,

And brought a camera,

Because he loved the way she gets upset every time he tried to take a picture of them. But he finally succeeded, swearing to find a proper place for it.

In case if someday the memories vanish from the head, at least he'll be sure that the heart will not have forget.

He came to see her on Friday,

And brought a letter, sealed in an envelope.

He asked her to open it on the next day

She waited for him the last day,

He didn't came,

But the doctor did,

"We found you a heart, Misaki"

Miracles could really happened, right? She thought.

The operation was a success,

There was one person she wanted to share it with,

And he wasn't there…

She tried his cell phone,

No answer

She waited by midnight, still recovering from the operation,

But she never saw him crossed the doorstep.

She remembered the letter he gave her the day before.

She tore down the envelope.

Today, I came to see you,

I brought you my heart, and I gave it to you.

You were and you'll always be the only one to possess it.

I love you with all my heart

And now it's yours.

Goodbye Ayuzawa

Vision blurred,

She fell down of her bed,

Her back against the wall, she stared at the picture of them on which was written those words.

The picture slowly became wet,

Tears dripping on it,

She held her head towards the ceiling,

And crumbled down, her head on the floor,

She was the one who was supposed to leave, not him.

You promised to never leave me

Some may say that sadness flies on the wings of time,

That at some point you have to let go and blink away the tears to be able to say…


But others cannot go and pretend that it's okay, when everything is not.

How can she live if every beat of his heart is there to remind her that she was the reason of his death?

The answer is…. she can't….

Sorry for a not so happy ending (totally not), I always wanted to try something else :) I hope it wasn't too fluffy or dramatic ;) R&R thank you!