Author's note: So I've been writing this story in my head for a while and I finally had the guts to type it up. I seriously can't get enough of this movie and I have so many great ideas! I'm just afraid they won't be as good typed compared to in my head. But it's worth a shot!

*Point of view of Rapunzel, years later, possibly telling the story to someone.

I woke up to the warm sun beaming through my window. Pascal was already awake, staring at me with a smile. I smiled back "Good morning, Pascal." I frowned when I realized what day it was. "Today's the day, isn't it?"

It was the day my royal family were coming to visit. Mother (my real, wonderful, loving mother) said that they were quite anxious to meet me. I was excited to meet them too, really I was. I was just afraid that they wouldn't like me. What if they thought I was strange? What if I messed up and said something stupid? Being princess was sometimes a little overwhelming. I was still getting used to the idea.

I really wanted to go for a horse ride that morning so I got dressed real quick. Pascal made a noise and peaked out from behind my crown.

"Almost forgot" I placed it on my head then reached out my arm for him to climb up. I took one step outside my door and bumped into a maid.

"Oh good morning! Is Eugene up yet?" I asked

"Still asleep I'm afraid. Princess, your mother wishes to see you for breakfast."

I began to slowly back away "Tell her… tell her I'm not hungry."

"Where are you off to? Your cousins will be arriving soon."

"Horseback riding. Just a quick ride. I'll be back in time!" I started to speed walk down the hall then broke into a run and headed for the stables.

Max looked happy to see me. "How's my favorite horse this morning?" I asked, scratching behind his ears. He whinnied happily.

"Princess, what are you doing here?" A familiar voice asked. I turned around to see Ben. He worked in the stables and took care of all the horses. He taught me how to ride a horse for the very first time. Eugene tried to teach me, but the horses like to mess with him too much. And although I found it funny, Eugene got frustrated very quickly.

"Rapunzel. Call me Rapunzel." I reminded him for the hundredth time.

"Okay, Rapunzel, shouldn't you be getting ready?"

"Well… probably. But I really want to go for a ride. Just one quick ride to clear my mind."

He sighed "Alright… be fast. I'll get Max ready for you"

I shook my head "No, no. Not Max today. I want to ride her" I pointed to a beautiful black mare in the back.

"Dakota? Oh I… I don't know, Rapunzel. She's not trained yet." The horse stood there quietly. She seemed pretty tame to me. "I've rode every horse but her. Please, Ben?"

"Okay, okay." I watched him put on her saddle. He pulled the straps tight and closely checked her over.

Max was staring at my new horse, looking unsure. I patted his head "Don't worry, Max. I'll be safe. She seems like a nice horse!" Max didn't look so convinced. I noticed Dakota flash him a smug smile on our way out.

"Why isn't she trained?" I asked Ben

"I've been working with her…" he explained "but she doesn't listen. She's very stubborn and only does what she wants when she wants."

"Is she training to be like Max?"

"Yes… but that'll change if she keeps this up."

"Maybe she just needs a friend." I grinned up at my horse who seemed to be listening.

"Mhm." Ben didn't look so convinced either. Was she really that bad a horse?

I tossed my crown to Ben who almost dropped it. I pretended not to notice and climbed on. "Keep that save, okay? I'm all set! You can let go now" He hesitated before letting go then backed away slowly.

I gripped the reins and gave them a whip. Dakota whinnied and took off full speed, galloping with the wind. She glanced up at me to make sure I was still holding on. I rubbed her neck in response. She probably thought I was a typical princess who rode side saddle all the time. But she soon realized that I could actually handle riding a horse the right way.

She eventually started to slow down. I checked my shoulder to make sure Pascal was still with us. He gave me the thumbs up. Dakota came to a stop under a shady oak tree."That was so much fun! I knew I'd like you!"

She grinned at me.

"But I think… you should try harder with your training. I bet Max could help you." I suggested

She huffed.

"Do… you and Max even get along?"

She shrugged.

"You should give him a chance. He really is a sweetheart."

She rolled her eyes.

I shifted myself so I could sit pretzel style on her saddle. I let out a sigh. "I don't want to go back. I just know I'm going to mess up."

I sat there deep in thought, thinking about how to act and what to say when they arrive. Suddenly, someone shouted my name and made me jump. I lost my balance and fell off my horse. Dakota nudged me with her nose and I giggled.

Eugene hopped off Max and rushed over. "Rapunzel! You okay?"

"Never better." I muttered, a little embarrassed.

He offered his hand and pulled me up. "You didn't wake me this morning. I'm shocked."

"Well… I decided to let you sleep."

"Hmm, that's a first." His eye brows pulled together "What's bothering you? Why are you out here all alone?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm… I'm nervous. I hate this feeling and I can't run away from it…"

"Everyone gets nervous."

"Even you?"

"I can remember a few times. For instance, the first dinner with your parents. I did a good job at hiding it but I was defiantly nervous."

I grinned "But don't you remember? It went so well! We were all talking!"

"It did go pretty well, didn't it?"

My smile quickly faded. Eugene rubbed my shoulders gently "Just try and relax, Punzie."

"What if… What if they don't like me?" I looked down "I'm afraid I'm not what they expect a princess to be."

"Rapunzel… You've only been a princess for a month. It's a big change. They'll understand."

I gave him a worried look and he took my hands "Hey… I'll be right by your side. You won't have to meet them alone."

I smiled softly "Okay, Eugene."

"We should head back. Your mother's looking everywhere for you."

I nodded "I was supposed to join her for breakfast. Probably to go over some last minute things…"

"Yeah, I talked with her this morning. She highly suggests that I keep the witty comments to myself… Am I really that bad?"

I shrugged with a grin "I don't mind. You make me laugh."

He smiled a little "But still, I want her to like me."

"She does. Both my parents do."

We decided to head back so I hopped back on Dakota and she took off. I was anxious to get back to see mother. I felt kind of bad for missing breakfast with her.

Dakota came to a stop when she spotted the carriage. I was late. My face suddenly started to feel all hot and my heart started to pound in my chest.

I noticed my mother and father waiting to greet them as the four women stepped out. My mother's sister, Lady Cecelia, hugged both my parents. Behind her were her three daughters, Kimberly, Roxanne, and Diana. They all looked so perfect. Not one flaw on any of them.

Eugene appeared next to me. He reached out his arm to rub my back "You ready?"

I shook my head "No… Not really."

Dakota started to act funny and began to squirm. "Whoa, what is it, girl?"

Her nose shot up and sniffed the air. Her eyes locked onto a freshly baked pie sitting on a window sill. She ran to the window, trying to dodge anybody in her way. I pulled back on the reins but it was no use. Dakota bumped into Kimberly, Roxanne and Diana, knocking all three of them into the fountain! I jumped off and rushed over to help them.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry!" I cried "I- I lost control of my horse"

They did not look happy. I glared at Dakota, who had pie all over her face. She shrugged with a nervous smile.

"Here, let me help you-" I reached out my arm.

"Get away!"

"Look what you've done!"

I backed away into Eugene's arms. They struggled out of the fountain by themselves. No one dared to help them. Everyone was staring and I felt absolutely horrible.

"Now, girls, it was an accident." Mother said. The two older ones, Kimberly and Roxanne, ignored her and would not stop complaining. It only made me feel worse and worse. There was a big lump in my throat that I couldn't swallow.

"This dress is spun of only the finest silk! Now look at it!"

"We're ruined!"

"Perhaps you should dry off in the castle" Mother suggested quickly.

Lady Cecelia agreed and as she escorted her three daughters inside, all I did was wonder how this day could possibly get any worse.

Author's note (again): So I know it's a lot to absorb for the first chapter. All these new characters, right? It's just that when I write a fanfic I need new characters to get a plot going. In this case, there are many so far. I thought it would be interesting to see Rapunzel have a relationship with other people besides her parents and Eugene. And of course there will be Rapunzel and Eugene fluff. That's a must! After all, they're the reason I'm even writing this ;D So keep an eye open for chapter 2! Reviews are greatly appreciated.