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This is from the swords view

It was never about the swords. It was about what each brother learned from them.

Tenseiga and tetseiga

A swing of me will destroy a thousand demons.

A swing of me can bring a thousand to life.

I am the one that both brothers sought

I am the one that both brothers know

By the hand of a human I was given.

By the handless I was given

Which of us has the better hold?

You are life, a healing blade.

You are death, a fighting blade.

I know you, and keep the blood at bay.

I known you not, and awaken your heart.

Both are as dangerous as the other

Both of us teachers the brothers a lesson

Both of us teach the strength of their father.

it is fun to see them fight

It is fun to see how they try to overcome one another.

The human heart of my hanyo is what you taught

The yoki power of my master you have bought

I save him

I taught him to save himself

Who's lesson was more important?

I have the power.

Ah, but I have taught him not to need you.

I win

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