This is kind of a follow up to The Email but you don't need to have read that to follow this. There'll be major MSR so if you don't like it, look away now! Teeny tiny spoiler for Agua Mala. Enjoy!

It had been a full 24 hours since the hurricane had passed over the West coast of Florida, leaving behind its wake of destruction. Mulder was on the phone as they left Arthur Dales' house in Goodland, having informed him of the details of their latest case. He hung up as they reached the car.

"Bad news, the local airport's still closed. Lady on the phone reckons they'll be closed up for at least a couple of days, she suggested we head up to Orlando and catch a flight from there instead, they weren't hit so hard. It's only four hours up the I75."

Scully sighed and nodded before climbing into the car. As she looked away, Mulder grinned and sighed a breath of relief. She hadn't called his bluff and checked up on the airport which was actually perfectly operational. He climbed into the driver's seat and they both waved goodbye to Arthur as they headed off towards the freeway.

After an hour's driving, Scully nodded off on the passenger seat. Mulder turned the radio down so as not to wake her. The route was easy and his mind set to wandering. He'd been planning this ever since Charlie's email to Dana several months ago. Arthur's call regarding the sea monster was the perfect cover, even if it had meant putting several plans into super fast forward; and the hurricane "closing down the airport" had given him the perfect excuse to get them in the region. X-Files cases never tended to happen in happy, sunny vacation spots. As he drove on, Mulder looked over at the sleeping redhead beside him and grinned again. He put his free hand in his pocket and felt the object resting safely inside before putting both hands back on the wheel and focusing on the road once more.

In Orlando, the woman paced her hotel room nervously once more. She opened her case and checked all the equipment the man had given her for the task. It was all still there, neatly laid out as it had been the past few hours. She checked her watch again. Mulder and Scully would be arriving in only a few hours, from that point on she would have to keep undercover until the time came. She rechecked the message the man had sent her. She knew where she had to be, when she had to be there and what she had to do. Exhaling heavily from the nerves, she shook herself off and decided to head outside for a few hours before hiding herself away from any wandering eyes.