Sorry about the delay in getting this up. A sick child does not a happy fan-fiction writer make! Hope it's worth the wait. This is complete now but I'm thinking about a sequel?

Scully giggled like a child as the volley of fireworks almost deafened her. As the light faded, she turned to smile at Mulder, but found herself giving a goofy grin to a total stranger. She looked around quickly, and then looked down to see Mulder staring up at her from waist level, an incredibly nervous look on his face and a ring sat in a box in his hand. She stared, open-mouthed for what felt like forever, her mouth getting dry, as the crowds around them began to stir and head towards the park exit. A few people saw what was happening and nudged one another to watch. Eventually, Scully remembered that words existed.


"Scully, will you marry me?"

Scully looked around, noticing that she was being watched by well over a dozen grinning faces. She felt the blush rise into her cheeks; all words had flown from her head again. Mulder was proposing to her. Actually proposing, with a real ring and everything, she didn't know what to think. Her brain started racing at a thousand words a second. She needed to give an answer, a quick one too, people were staring.

"Mulder's proposing!" a voice kept yelling at her inside her head, "This is what you've been daydreaming of for years!"

"But he's not in love with you," another voice retorted "Why is he doing this? What is he up to? Is he undercover again, working for another agenda?"

"What kind of secret government agenda would involve Mulder faking a marriage proposal in the middle of the Magic Kingdom?" the first voice yelled back.

"Shut up!" Scully shouted at the voices in her head, making sure not to speak out loud. She looked at Mulder with the most enormous smile she could ever remember crossing her face.

"Yes!" she squeaked, as tears began to roll down her cheeks "I don't know why you're even asking me but yes!" Mulder took a deep breath and leant forward to put the ring on her finger as the small crowd that had gathered around them whooped and cheered. He stood up and the pair of them kissed then hugged each other tightly. Scully rested her head on his chest. "Why Mulder?" she asked him quietly. "I didn't think, I mean, I didn't know."

"You thought it was just sex between partners?" Mulder asked, unable to keep the trace of hurt out of his voice. "You didn't think it meant more than that to me?"

"No I, I thought you loved me, cared for me, like a best friend, I didn't realise you wanted this" she told him honestly, staring at the ring on her finger.

"You didn't want it too?"

"Yes, of course I did, I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't mean it. I just never would have dreamed you did too." Mulder didn't reply, instead he pulled her in tighter to the hug. They stood there for a couple of minutes, Scully staring at her ring, until a thought took her. "Mulder?"


"This ring is a perfect fit."

"I'm glad."

"How did you know my ring size?"

"I guessed."

"No way Mulder, I'm not buying it. How did you know?"

Mulder shifted slightly, looking over Scully's shoulder. He caught sight of something and grinned before looking down at her again.

"I need to admit something to you Scully" he told her, looking sheepish. She pulled away from the hug and eyed him suspiciously.


"I didn't arrange this all by myself."

"I know, you already told me my mom helped you out."

"Yes, but what I didn't tell you is that your mom knew about this bit too, that I was going to propose. She helped me pick out the ring last weekend, because she knows your taste in jewellery better than me." It was like a light switch had been flicked in Scully's head.

"That's why she asked me to stay over! She told me she'd been watching QVC and wanted to order a ring but she needed her size checking, so I helped her do it, then she started winding me up about what size I'd need for my wedding ring, got me laughing and measured mine too, I remember mine was an I."

"Yeah, tiny little fingers, had to get your ring ordered in specially, they don't keep them in stock that small!" Mulder taunted her, and then he smiled. "I've got another surprise for you Scully."

"Mulder! What now?"

"Turn around."


"Turn around Scully." Scully furrowed her brow at him but then turned to look behind her. Stood a little way back from them, watching them through the thinning crowd was a small, red headed woman. She was holding an oversized rucksack in her hand and had tears flowing down her cheeks. As she and Scully made eye contact, the woman burst into tears as a huge grin split her face. Scully's brain caught up with her eyes a few seconds later.

"Mom…? MOM!" She ran towards her mother and flung herself into a hug, Mulder following close behind her. "How long have you been here Mom? Did you see?"

"I saw Dana, don't worry, I saw everything. I've been here a few hours now; Fox has been keeping me up-to-date with where you guys were." Maggie Scully pulled out her phone and waved it in front of her daughter who shot a glare at Mulder. "He told me where he planned to propose and where a good vantage spot would be, I was watching the whole thing from the balcony up there" she continued, waving the phone in the direction of the train station balcony. Scully was still in shock, grinning from ear to ear.

"Mom, why do you have such a huge bag? Did you bring a change of clothes for each of us or something?"

"No Dana!" her mother laughed, putting the bag down and opening it. "Fox gave me this when we went ring shopping." Maggie pulled out a digital SLR camera with an enormous zoom lens attached to it. "I was up on the balcony with it, taking photos of you as Fox proposed." Scully started to cry again.

"Can I see?" She asked, and her mother handed her the camera. Scully switched it on and began to flick through the pictures. Her mom had obviously just kept clicking constantly, there were over 100 shots.

"Hopefully there'll be at least a few good ones." Maggie said, looking at the pictures with them. "Oh Dana I'm so happy for you! You have no idea how hard it's been keeping my mouth shut about all this. I can't wait to tell Charlie and Bill."

"Oh yeah, I bet Bill will be thrilled" Scully muttered, "He'll probably insist on sending me off to have my head checked for massive trauma."

"I'll handle Bill" Maggie said firmly, "he won't dare argue with me and I happen to adore Fox." Scully looked at Mulder and noticed he was blushing slightly at her mother's confession.

"We'd better get moving" Mulder said eventually, breaking the silence, "We're almost the last people in here."

"Where are you staying Mom?" Scully asked as they made their way through the park's exit.

"Same hotel as you two Dana, the next building down" she replied. "I'm flying home late tomorrow though. I wanted to spend a bit of time with you two but I know you'll want to be left to your own devices for the rest of this trip."

"We'll come over as soon as we're home" Scully told her mom, "we'll bring lots of photos."

"You better believe you'll be coming over once you're home young lady" Maggie replied, "I've got a wedding to start planning!" Scully wanted to say something but the excitement in her mother's face stopped her and she just smiled and started to giggle again.

"OK Mom, but no big frilly dresses ok? I did copious taffeta at prom and it didn't agree with me."

Scully and her mom laughed all the way back to their hotel, remembering old dresses Scully had worn to dances and family occasions. Once they arrived, they continued chatting to each other again in the lobby whilst Mulder checked something out at the concierge desk. Eventually Maggie waved them goodbye and Mulder began leading them back to their room.

"Mulder, this isn't the way to our room." Scully told him, "We took a left here, not a right."

"Trust me Scully, I know where I'm going." he said as she followed him to a lift and they headed up to the top floor.

"Mulder, seriously, this is the wrong way," she pestered, as Mulder studiously ignored her and led her down a hallway to another door. He inserted the key card and the light clicked to green. He looked up at her and smirked. Scully huffed and pushed past him into the room. She stopped dead. It was a different room. Their cases had been moved here and left on the large comfy couch. Instead of two single beds, this room had one enormous four-poster instead, and it had been covered in rose petals. On the bedside table nearest the door stood an ice bucket, complete with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. A few balloons had been tied to the bed posts, each of them had "Congratulations" printed on it. Mulder followed Scully into the room and stood beside her.

"Mulder…" Scully began but Mulder cut her off.

"Huh?" he said, trying to sound confused, "I swore this room had two single beds when we left, must be that Disney magic again."