Marry You

By: Lexxie Sparrow

Summery: "If you're ready, like I'm ready." After multiple adventures together, The Doctor finally plans the perfect night.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. Doctor Who is owned by the BBC and its original creators. The characters involved belong to the brilliant mind of Steven Moffat. The song 'Marry You' is owned by its distributors. No copy right infringement is intended with this piece.

A/N: Anyone out there ready for spring yet? Trailer simply not enough? Yea me too. This song was stuck in my head all morning while I was at work and it brought to life this idea. Hope you enjoy.

Candlelight flickered all through out the house, casting an angelic glow over everything it touched. The red and white rose petals were a nice touch, he thought looking at the trail he had leading from the front door into the sitting area where he was standing. He left a bouquet of red roses laying on the door step so they would be the very first thing she saw before she walked into the house. He looked down at the end table to make sure the other two were still there; as if they would have disappeared in the two minutes since he placed them there.

He walked over to the rectangular mirror hanging on the wall and gave himself a once over. Hair combed, suit clean and pressed, bow tie cool, tiny box in his left jacket pocket feeling heavier and heavier by the minute.

This night had been a long time coming and he had done everything he could to make it perfect. He had combed through his memory to remember the meanings of the different colored flowers and placed the order after making sure the right meaning would be portrayed. He made sure to set the coordinates to bring him to a time where she knew him but not too far ahead for her to be unsurprised.

She would be arriving soon and the anticipation had him on edge. He knew what she would say from all the times he had met later versions of her so in all honesty he had no reason to be nervous, yet he was. He unconsciously checked the clock hanging over the mantle and felt the adrenaline start flowing, causing his two hearts to double in rhythm.

He heard the footsteps come up the walk and picked up the two entwined roses from the table. He took a deep breath and tried to calm his hearts rate but they both refused to cooperate as the footsteps outside the door ceased. He started bouncing in place as a way to get rid of the nervous energy. He wondered what was taking her so long to enter the house.

He turned from the view he had of the doorway to glance at the clock again. Before he could turn around he felt the cold steel of a small pistol pointed at the back of his head.

"Who the hell are you?"

Nothing could ever go as he planned, could it.

The End