Triptych - Prologue


Tracey Claybon

This is the Prologue vignette for a trilogy.

Author's note – This story was written when I decided I wanted to NOT get inside the Bat's head for a change. I wondered how Gordon and

From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

Main Entry: trip·tych

Pronunciation: 'trip-(")tik

Function: noun

Etymology: Greek triptychos having three folds, from tri- + ptychE fold

Date: 1731

1 : an ancient Roman writing tablet with three waxed leaves hinged together

2 a : a picture (as an altarpiece) or carving in three panels side by side

b : something composed or presented in three parts or sections; especially : TRILOGY


The stories are titled as follows:

Triptych Prologue: Water Cooler Discussion

Triptych Part One: Blind Justice

Triptych Part Two: Plausible Deniability

Triptych Part Three: Coin Toss

This is a set of stories in chronological order. All three deal with supporting characters for Batman in a Shadow of the Bat/Gotham Knights style. Story one mostly takes place during Batman's first year as the Dark Knight and is from Mackenzie "Hardback" Bock's viewpoint before he joined the GCPD; story two is from Year Five, when Barbara Gordon was still Batgirl and is from Jim Gordon's POV; story three takes place during Cataclysm and the NML, and concerns how Renee Montoya sees Batman and Two- Face/Harvey Dent.

Triptych Prologue: Water Cooler Discussion


Tracey Claybon

All usual disclaimers apply, as always.

Jim Gordon concluded his weekly meeting with the lieutenants and detectives of his department, and dismissed everyone. He busied himself gathering papers together before returning to his desk. As he prepared to go, he noticed that Lieutenant Bock and Detective Montoya were straggling behind, the last to leave, because they were deep in a quiet conversation.

Gordon walked up just in time to hear the end of the conversation. Renee was excitedly speaking:

"…never did tell me that story! You say you met the Bat THAT long ago?!"

The two officers went into a guilty silence when they realized who was behind them. Gordon just looked at them, grinned suddenly and said to the slightly guilty looking pair, "Well? Continue, I want to hear this too…!"