One of the "Coyotes" gets into a terrible accident. Will she get better and will she ever be able to work at the bar again?

Background: Violet still lives in NYC and she is still dating Kevin. Her dad still lives in South Amboy, New Jersey and she visits him once a week. Violet works at the bar Monday-Saturday and on Sundays she sings at open mike nights to get her songs heard.

"Hey Cammie, pass me the coronas." Violet shouts to her best friend over all the noise.

"Here ya go, Vi." Cammie replies with no expression at all.

Violet and Cammie have been best friends for almost a year now, and Violet could tell that something was wrong with her.

"Cammie, are you okay?" Violet asks seriously, as she hands 2 guys their drinks.

" dunno." Cammie replies, as she grabs another shot glass.

"Well, what can I do?" Violet asks, looking her friend straight in the eyes.

"Just promise me that we can talk later."

"Sure thing, Cam." Violet smiles at her, and walks towards the end of the bar. "Hey Rach, ya ready?"

"Yea Jersey, I'm coming." Rachel replies, as she hops up onto the bar and motions to Zoey to put a specific song on.

When the song starts, Violet and Rachel begin to sing and dance on top of the bar, while Zoey and Lil watch and clap for them. As Violet is dancing, she notices Cammie crying quietly in the corner. Violet immediatly signals to Rachel that shes taking a break, and Zoey quickly takes Violet's place as she hops onto the bar, and grabs Rachel's hand.

"Okay, Cammie, what's going on?" Violet asks, as she takes her arm and leads her into the storage room so they can talk.

"Vi, I can't tell you!" Cammie exclaims, as tears roll down her face.

"Cam, you can tell me anything!" Violet assures her. "Please, let me help you."

"Okay well see.....It's....umm....." Camme begins.

"What?" Violet asks, growing slightly impatient.

"Violet, you have to help me please!" Cammie cries, and she wraps her arms around her best friend's neck. "I'm scared."

"Okay, Cammie....scared of what?"

Cammie wipes the tears from her eyes, and pulls up her sleeves.

"OMG!" Violet screams.