Chapter 10: Al

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?"Rachel screams at Al, as he walks in with some flowers.

"What do you care anyway?" Al snaps back at her, as he makes his way towards Cammie's bed. "Hey baby, we'll get you out of here soon. Then we can go home and I'll make it all up to you." He begins to stroke her face.

Cammie swallowed hard, and began having trouble breathing. Violet and Lil moved in front of her so that Al couldn't touch her.

"Can you all leave now, so that me and Cammie can be alone?" Al asks rudely.

All the girls turn their eyes to Cammie. She began sweating and shaking her head. "Don't leave me!" she whispered to Violet, as she squeezed her hand.

"Ha!" Rachel shouts. "Over my dead body!"

"No problem!" Al smiles develishly.

Al lunges towards Rachel, and Rachel punches him hard in the face. He twisted her arm and threw her on the ground. She was bleeding, but she got right back up again. Violet and Lil continued to shelter Cammie, while Zoey ran to get security.

"HEY!" a voice shouts a few minutes later. "You're under arrest." The police officer replies, as he helps Rachel get up, handcuffs Al, and removes him from the room.

Rachel runs over to Cammie, and hugs her. "See, I told you that I would never let him hurt you again."

Cammie frowns. "Well, thanks Rach, but how do you know that he won't come back for me or you?"

"Yea." Violet adds. "He could bring a gun next time!"

All the girls shudder.

"I'm going to go to sleep now." Cammie says, with tears in her eyes.

Rachel nods. "I'll be here the whole time." she promises. "And I will do something to keep Al away from us forever.

A few minutes later, Cammie falls asleep, and Rachel slumps into a chair and closes her eyes.

"Hey, Rach?" Violet says.


"Zoey and I are gonna go grocery shopping. Do you have a list so we can get your stuff too?"

"Sure." Rachel replies, as she slowly takes a piece of paper from her back pocket. "You have a key to my apartment right?"

Violet nods. "We'll move all Cammie's stuff too."

"Thanks you guys." Rachel says sweetly.

Zoey and Violet leave after blowing Cammie a kiss, and Lil begins to leave too.

"I'm going to reopen the bar tommorrow, so I'm going to go clean up and restock." Lil informs her.

Rachel nods. "Just come back in a few hours."

Lil leaves, and Rachel falls asleep.


4 hours later....

"Rachel? Rachel!" Someone screams into her ear.

"WHAT!" Rachel awakes with a start, to find Cammie dressed in her normal clothes, make-up and hair, and sitting on the edge of her chair.

Cammie giggles. I get to go home in a few hours. "The doctor just needs to change my cast real quick."

Rachel hugs Cammie, and celebrates in her mind because of how well Cammie is doing. She wasn't even stuttering that much anymore!

"Come on silly!" Cammie says sweetly, as she grabs Rachel's arm, and leads her into another room where the doctor starts to change her cast.

"So, doctor, does Cammie need to do anything special?" Rachel asks.

"A lot of rest!" The doctor laughs. "She told me about her job, so no working for two weeks okay?"

Cammie giggles and nods.

All of a sudden, Rachel's cell phone rings.

"Hello? Really? That's great! Okay, I'll tell her, yea, uh huh, bye!"

"Who was that?" Cammie asks, as she hops off the table, and the doctor winks at her and leaves.

"Al is in jail. He didn't even need a trial, because we already have proof that he hurt you! The court just has to decide if he will get a life sentence or 30 years with parole."

Cammie's face lights up, as she wraps her arms around her best friend. "We gotta go tell Violet, and Lil, and Zo...."

"I know, I know!" Rachel giggles. "But first let's get out of here. Then we can call them, and go out to eat okay?"

"I got a better idea!" Cammie giggles.

Rachel looks out her and smiles. "What?"

"Let's go home." Cammie replies cheerfully, as she grabs Rachel's hand. And with that, they walk out of the hospital together.


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