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Didn't realize how short this was until I posted it but I promise the rest of the Chapters will be longer.

Chapter one:

Kyle's POV

Everyday Life

Despite everything I've been through, I would never say that I was really a troubled person. I can admit I have a short fuse on certain things. I can snap into anger just as quickly as my mother can but I wouldn't say I have anger issues. I feel sad from time to time because I will over think situations, but anyone can do that; it doesn't mean I'm depressed. My mother worries over everything though and had decided that a high school student, like myself, needed a therapist; just so I would have someone to talk to about teenager drama that I could not go to her or dad about. So my mom set me up with a psychiatrist named Dr. Clair Bailey that had graduated from Yale. She was a good hour drive from South Park. My friends were seemed more upset about it then I was. I never really complained about it and I never talked to my shrink about anything rather than regular conversation. So I never saw it as a big deal. In all actuality it was a nice break from home. If I wasn't at my appointment I would be studying or doing chores.

So here I was at my usual appointment time, every Wednesday at 4:00pm, waiting for my doctor to come in and start the session. She did this a lot; she would make me wait in her room alone to gather my thoughts and figure out what I want to talk about that day. I sat in the patients chair staring at the same painting I always did. It was an odd abstract world of the earth and space colliding into each other. This same painting has hung there ever since I first starting coming to see Dr. Bailey two years ago, but I find something new every visit. Today I noticed the brush strokes in the paint, the different directions the brush went to create a realistic texture. I would never be able to paint, I decided.

My doctor walks in now. I don't take my eyes off of the painting as I heard her heels walk against the hard wood floor. Just as I was beginning to understand the technique the artist used to paint the planet in the top right hand corner I hear the leather of her chair shift as she sits," Good afternoon Kyle. How are you this week?"

I look at her now. She's wearing a maroon skirted business suit with an off white laced undershirt to cover her cleavage. Her blond hair is straight and short, only coming down to her chin and her face was only lightly painted with makeup. It was a common look for her. She is actually a very beautiful woman. My friends had come with me to a session once and Kenny never once stopped flirting. They came because Dr. Bailey wanted to put faces to the friends I was talking about. Even Cartman came. I only let him tag along since she wanted to meet the one person I could truly hate if I really let myself. We all sat together and played board games to be honest, but I think she got enough out of it because she never asked for them to come again. She said that playing those types of games can really bring out a person's personality and help people bond as well.

"I suppose I can't complain," I responded to her question," School is fine and I'm ahead in my studies. With the school year coming to an end, my choirs have decreased some so I have more time to prepare for exams. I continue looking at collages and writing essays for scholarships but I still have a lot to do before senior year."

"Are you leaving enough down time for yourself like we discussed?"

"I don't have enough time."

"Kyle, you're going to work yourself into a mental break down if you don't create some time for yourself. Play a video game, watch a movie, hang out with friends. When was the last time you spoke to Stan?" Now this I always found interesting about Dr. Bailey. She knew without me having to tell her how close Stan and I were. She called him my best friend before I told her that he was. I guess board games do show a lot of personalities. I mean, when a game called for teams it was just known that we were together.

"We talk close to every night, I guess." It never a cured to me that we talked that often and I think it surprised Bailey a little too. She cocked an eyebrow to my comment but brushed it off.

"Well at least you're not ignoring your friends," there was one of her non-professional comments.

"Do you ever talk like a normal shrink?"

"Have you ever known me to?"

"No, I haven't, but it is just so strange that you talk to your patients like..." I didn't know how to finish...

"Like a normal person? Kyle the only time I really have to worry about how to communicate with a patient is if there really is something troubling them. Your fine. Your only issue is that you are becoming a work-aholic." We both sort of laughed at this.

Bailey was right though. There wasn't anything wrong with me. I did work a little too hard and even Stan and Kenny have told me to stop and "smell the roses" from time to time, but it really isn't anything to see a doctor for. My mother just insisted that I went; she kept saying that she didn't know why but that she knew at some point I was going to need help with something and that I wouldn't be able to talk to her about it. She was so scared about that she was right about this "feeling" she had that she started looking up therapist as soon as she could. I do have to give my father credit for trying to talk her out of making me go to Dr. Bailey but in the end he gave up. Maybe he thought I would need to talk to someone about her?

I remember the first visit was a lot of fun. It started out shaky sure, but after she started talking to me I relaxed. She told me that first couple of visits she just wanted to get to know me so we watched television and played games, she even had me draw for her. I'm really not an artist. I tried to draw a dog and she mistook it for a pig. We laughed and had fun with it. My appointments now are not much different though, we just talk about current events and home life. She even shares her life with me. She is getting married soon and I get to hear a lot of wedding planning stories. It's like coming to visit a friend more than a psychiatrist.

After my appointment I walked out to my car. My parents had gotten it for me for my seventeenth birthday, mostly so they wouldn't have to drive me anywhere. I can't complain at all though. It truly is a beautiful car. I picked it out myself but because it was over the budget of what they wanted to spend I have to raise the money to pay back the difference. I started raising that money by the chores I do around the house and I plan on getting a summer job. I sit in my lovely, rebuilt, 210 horse powered, 298 engine sized, liquorice black, 1995, Ford Mustang Convertible...I have quite a bit to pay back...but oh is it worth it. My mother wasn't too keen on this car but my father says I have great taste. Just as I was turning on the car and hearing that wonderful engine purr my phone rings in my pocket.

"Hey Stan" I answer without even looking at the caller ID.

"Hey Dude, how was today's session?"

"Don't act like you're interested my personal life Stan. What did you call about?" I was going to put the top down but since Stan called I'll save him the annoying sound of wind. I drive off down the road.

"Nothin' really...I mean...are you going to junior prom next month?"

I turn on my Bluetooth to keep my hands free for the road. It came with the package deal when I got the phone, might as well use it," Let me guess," I start," Wendy wants to go and you want to drag me along to keep you from blowing your brains out."

"Well...not just that...Wendy...kinda...wants to set you up."


"Oh...ah Well she was talking to Millie and Millie was saying how she needed a date or something."

"Set her up with someone else. Wendy set me up with her before and it didn't end well," that was true I went on a pity date with Millie last time Wendy wanted to do a double date and she turned out crazier than bat shit. By the end of our third date she had already started talking about our kids.

"I was kinda hoping you had forgotten about that."

"Your such a great friend"

"I try...So you going to find a date or you just not going?"

"Why do I have to have a date?"

"Status really"

"...Yeah I'll find one…Without your girlfriend's help."

We laughed at that and just started to talk about sports and classes and nothing really in particular. We talked until I got home. I had to let him go when I got into my drive way it was about 6:30pm and dinner was most likely on the table.
When I got inside I announced myself and made my way to the dining room. My family had already been seated and having a simple dinner.

"Oh hello, Bubbie," She greets as I bend over for her to give a kiss on my cheek. The little things to make her happy, "How was your day?"

"It was fine." I sit down and start dishing out my plate, "I got an A on my English report but I only got a B on my government class test."

She shook her head at this," Well that's ok Bubbulah, You still have your final to make up for that up that B. You still have an A average right?"

"Yeah, so far."

"Well you'll be fine then. Remember you won't be able to qualify for grants so you have to get those scholarships."

"I will mom; if not my grades then by basket ball."

Ike laughed at this, "Let's hope your grades work out then. You may be hot stuff here in South Park but you can't possibly think you can make it against real players."

"I'm sure I can hold my own," I respond, "I'm a little short but I'm a good player."

"That's right Ike. It doesn't take only height to play but talent," My father chimed, he always tried to support me in no matter what I did, "I'd say our Kyle could make pros if he wanted to." He was good making me proud of myself.

My little brother sinkers and takes a spoonful of mashed potatoes, "He won't make shit."

"IKE! What have I told you about that potty mouth of yours!"Mother scolded. I just smiled as I eat.

After dinner I went to my room for a little studying before bed. In a way I liked studying. It made me feel prepared and accomplished. But I still wished I could be a little bit more care-free like my friends. Stan just did his studies like a normal kid would and just hoped that his talents in football would carry him through collage. Kenny just sort of gave up on the idea he could make it to collage...but I think really does want to make something of himself...I wish I didn't worry so much about the future...I wish I could just fly through life like they did. My mind was too much like that painting in Dr. Bailey's office...crowded and abstract. I couldn't focus on just one thing. I could be thinking about the earth and then all the other planets and stars would come crashing into my mind and I wouldn't be able get back to the original topic. I take my glasses off and rub my tired eyes...I need a break. I let my head rest there on my hands and almost fall asleep...I need to sleep. I look at my clock and find I've been studying...or maybe I was sleeping for some time now; it's a little past nine. I look at my schedule and decide it's time to just call it a day. I still have a lot to do tomorrow: Wake up cram for tomorrow's math quiz, go to school, after school is basket ball practice, then straight home for dinner and get ready for Stan's game, then home again for a couple chores, studies, bed...Maybe Bailey's right maybe I should slow down...but going to the football game counts as down time I think...That's going to have to count. I set my alarm for 5am and go to bed.


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