Hello everyone. Just a one shot little drabble about Dean's reaction to the Impala when he returns from Hell. Of course I do not own anything SPN-ish. I hope that any who stumble upon this little tale will enjoy. Thanks and please, feel free to review and let me know what you think. :)

He smiles when he sees her. His baby. His home on wheels. He can't believe he had forgotten. Man, she looks great. Beautiful. Sam took good care of her, just like he promised. He sighs when he realizes why. Because this, this car, this hunk of gorgeous metal was all his brother had to remind him. To remember him by. His big brother. The one who went to Hell. He feels a shiver roll through him and, as his gaze remains on her, he knows it is just not the same. She looks just as she did the last time his eyes set their sights upon her. She hasn't changed. Not one bit. But him? He is utterly and completely changed. Different in so many ways.

The Impala. It has been as much a part of him as his own skin, for as long as he can remember. But still, it will never be the same. It can not. How could it? The thrill, the freedom, the pure exhilaration, the adrenaline rush, the pull of the open road has now been tainted, forever.

It taunts him now. A stark reminder of what his life used to be. He used to feel a sense of innocence, even after everything he had seen, after everything he had done, he still felt it when he was behind the wheel. Now any innocence he may of felt before has been stripped away, seemingly erased from existence.

He gently opens the door and eases himself into the seat. As much as he loves the familiar smell that he breathes in, he knows. As much as he loves the feel of the seat beneath him, as nice as it is, to feel it seem to mold around him, as if to welcome him home, he knows. As much as he loves the grip of his hands on the steering wheel, he knows. It will never, ever be the same.

It mocks him. Teases him with memories of better days. Better times. Of moments that will now forever be overshadowed, disfigured and warped by his time in the pit.

As he brings the Impala to life, he closes his eyes and listens to the purr of the engine under the hood. He waits for the feeling to take hold. But it doesn't. This moment, he used to relish in it, it used to bring him warmth and comfort. But right now all he can feel within him is cold and emptiness.

He puts his baby into gear and doesn't even try to stop, or maybe he just doesn't want to stop, the single tear that escapes to track down his face. A solemn smile tugs at his lips as he is rushed with memories of the past, of the pit, and of the utter disbelief at his unnatural and perhaps even miraculous return to life. He is here, out of the pit, back in his car and ready to get back out the road. But he knows things will never be the same. He knows there is no going back. Because he is sure of one thing.

Hell. It changes everything.

The End.

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