A CSI Miami FanFic

By NiteJasmine

Totally AU – A lonely, hungry and seductive vampire targets Horatio. She doesn't want his blood, it's much more sensual than that…

My first AU in a very, very, very long time: so please R&R, but be gentle!

This story idea popped into my head after watching a 'Kindred: The Embraced' marathon, so consider the source, but it's certainly NOT a crossover as there are no characters shared.

I have multiple other chapters currently under construction, as well as updates to all my other stories… And I am contentedly typing away…

This story is rated M for language and sexual content… The usual warnings apply: don't like – don't read! Adults only!

I don't own anything or any characters from CSI Miami, I just borrow them for fun on occasion…


She had been hunting for a very long time, and was growing exceedingly frustrated. She wasn't looking for just a feed, and certainly not for a kill. No. She wanted something else. Something more. Much more.

Were there no mortal males with any kind of backbone left in Miami? The last one that she held any shred of hope upon had quickly become dismally disappointing, and she had just let him go. He hadn't even been interesting enough to want to feed on. Although, with her want to walk around outside, in the oppressive light of Miami's bright sunshine, perhaps she should have taken just a small drink…

She growled lowly and shook off the thought, and decided to circle the glowing city lights just once more.

She wondered if perhaps she should just give up and move on. Some place new. But in all the many decades she had been roaming this earth, there was no place new. She had been everywhere and had seen everything. What she craved was something different. Actually, some one different. Someone exciting, someone challenging, someone intelligent. And someone strong. Strong enough to satisfy her ravenous desires. But there seemed to be no viable prospects at all. Sure, she could get all the attention she wanted from the others like her. But nothing matched the hot rush of excitement and the heady feeling of the seduction and physical domination of a mortal.

Feeling no interesting vibes whatsoever from the humid Miami skyline, she sighed heavily, and considered just heading back home, hungry and unsatisfied once again.

The sound of sirens in the distance caught her attention. Well, perhaps the night may not be a total loss. Maybe she could enjoy some raw carnage of some sort. That would at least be entertaining. She headed for the sound, and discovered it was a rather grisly double murder.

It was in the parking lot of a large neighborhood grocery store. The actual scene was on the outskirts of the parking area, but still well lit. Multiple gun shots had been fired, and both victims had lots of holes in them. She silently perched herself in a treetop very close to the scene, and inhaled the scent of blood in the air hungrily. It had been a while since she had fed on mortal blood. If she waited long enough, perhaps all these mortals would eventually clear out of here, and she could lap up the dregs. It was a bit beneath her to sit and wait for cold, throw-away leftovers, and she knew it wouldn't be near as fulfilling as feeding on a warm living being. But she was already here, and it would be a free and relatively enjoyable snack. Besides, she had nothing better to do. She slumped down to wait out the boring entourage.

There were cops and cameras and people milling all about, a feeling of tumultuous confusion as the immediate area was taped off. Such a delicious energy. Then she saw a silver Hummer pull up to the edge of the police tape, and a tall, well-built man with light red hair stepped out. He was wearing a dark, well-tailored designer suit that flattered his lean, muscular frame. She caught the small glimmer of light flash across the gold badge clipped to his belt as he walked.

As he approached, the energy around the scene immediately changed. This man had power. She sensed it immediately.

"Evening, Lieutenant," one of the officers said as he held up the police tape for the man to duck under.

"Sorry to call you so late Sir," the officer continued. "But the night shift supervisor is out sick."

"Not a problem," she heard him reply, his deep rich voice exuding authority. "Glad to help out. What have we got?"

"Two vics, multiple gun shots, pretty messy," the officer reported.

"There's two CSIs that just arrived on scene, Anderson and McGregor. They're right over there," he pointed to two figures, bent over their respective kits and pulling on latex gloves.

"Thank you," he said, then strode on confidently, heading straight for the center of the carnage.

She sat up, intrigued. She immediately focused her attention on him, and watched him intently as he smoothly took control of the chaos. He took a central, dominant position, his hands perched on his hips, and calmly orchestrated everything around him.


Horatio strode onto the crime scene, and began taking control. He had done this so many times, it was pretty much second nature to him. The two CSIs on scene were not from his usual day team, but that didn't matter. They were efficient and thorough. And respectfully responsive to his directions.

But he still felt that something was wrong. There was something slightly different with this scene. He had gotten an uneasy feeling right off the bat. After so many years doing this, he had learned to trust his gut instincts, and something was just a bit off here. It felt like… like someone was intently watching him… It wasn't anything concrete or tangible, it was just a feeling… like a cold draft from under a door… just a feeling… it almost made him want to shiver, in spite of the warm Miami night air.

Not betraying his inner suspicious feelings, he held his normal stance, hands on his hips, confidently controlling the situation, directing all the people around him to their necessary duties. But he also took the extra time to slyly turn and scan the various groups of people gathering around. He was convinced that somebody was watching him, but who? He could find no tell-tale eyes in the crowd.


She saw his apprehension, and a sly smile curved across her face. He feels me... she thought, becoming giddy with the realization. Perhaps all was not lost. Perhaps she had found someone worthy of her attention. Her mouth began to water at the possibilities of this new prospect. Such strong, virile, satisfying potential…

Rather than risk aggravating this intriguing new target, she silently flew away from her vantage point, unseen, and headed towards home, smiling contentedly to herself. Lieutenant. They called you that. I will find you, Lieutenant. Whoever you are. I will find you…