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"Where is she?" Sly said running into the hospital and to the front desk.

"Who are you trying to find sir?" the mink at the front information desk said looking up from her computer.

"Is a Carmelita Fox in this hospital and where is she?" Sly said growing angrier.

"Umm yes there is." she said tapping the keys on the keyboard searching the name. "What is your name?"

"Where is she?" Sly yelled getting the attention of someone further down the hallway.

"Calm down. Who are looking for?" the man said trying to get him calm.

"Carmelita Fox. Where is she?" Sly said not getting calmer in fact madder.

"She is in the ICU. Just tell-" He was cut off by Sly who asked.

"Wheres the ICU?" He said starting to walk down the hall because he saw one of the directional signs pointing him the right direction.

He navigated through the seemingly massive hospital. Each step seemed to echo throughout a distance . The floor was polished and were a white color tile with small green spots in them and the lights from the ceiling reflected off the floor. The hallways were filled with doors none of which were what he was looking for. The thought that the cops or at least some kind of security would try and throw him out crossed his mind because he was an unauthorized person going into a place he probably shouldn't be in and that he wasn't signed in as a visitor. He finally reached the door and opened it up and there was a mole in a lab coat monitoring computers and heart monitors. He quickly turned around and said.

"W-What are you doing in here? Your not supposed to be in this part of the facility. I'm calling s-security." the mole informed Sly.

Sly just seemed to ignore it and ask "What happened?"

"I-I can't say it's classified only f-for INTERPOL."

Sly grabbed the mole by his lab coat and put him to a wall with his feet off the ground and said "I'm only going to ask one more time! What happened!" Sly growled.

"Fine, j-just don't hurt me." He said nervous.

"Calm down I'm not going to hurt you. So what happened?"

"She came in yesterday with multiple gunshot wounds. She was very close to death, if it wasn't for the surgeon being right there and free to take the bullets out she would have died. If you don't mind how do you know her?" the mole asked.

"I'm kind of a...business associate." Sly replied because he worried that if he said who he was he might alert the police to where he was.

"You work for INTERPOL too? Well in that case if you give me your badge and your personnel code I'll get you everything you want."

"I don't work for INTERPOL." Sly said to the now confused mole.

"But you said you were a business associate of hers?"

"Well...kind of. I often deal with her while on the job."

"Wait a minute." The mole said looking at Sly. "You look familiar. Your Sly Cooper!" The mole exclaimed.

Sly ran over and put his and over his mouth and said "Shh! You can't let anyone know I'm here." Sly whispered into the very excited moles ear.

"Wow. It's great to meet you ." The mole said giddy to meet someone famous.

"It's Sly."

"Yes of coarse." he said regaining most of his composer.

"Are you her doctor?" Sly asked looking at Carmelita for the first time since he had been in the room.

"No I'm not. I watch all the monitors for the vital organs." he replied to Sly.

"Where was she brought in from?"

"I'm sorry now that is 100% classified for INTERPOL personnel. But I suppose I could look the other way while you look at the information charts if I had an autograph maybe. You see I'm kind of collector and who else in the world could say they have an autograph from the one and only Sly Cooper." The mole said getting excited again.

"Umm yeah sure."

"Perfect. I'll just print out a picture."

Sly got out a blue pen and signed the picture for the mole who pointed him to the chart.

"Do you mind if I take this page with me?" Sly asked.

"It's nothing I can't print out again. Oh and you might want to go out the window." the mole said turning around to see the window open.

When he got back to his safe house he missed walking in and seeing Bentley and Murray there. The gang had disband two years ago. He hadn't talk to either of them in about the same time. He started reading the information sheet which at first only listed hospital information but went deeper into information of where she was brought in from.

"The warehouse? What was she doing there?" Sly said to himself confused. He found a paper that must have been for her as it had the address of the warehouse and a crate number. "Well crate A-9000 lets see whats so special about you." He said jumping out of the window.

He arrived at the warehouse in a short time to find two black cars one being a sedan and the other an SUV outside and the main door open. He slipped around the side and up a pipe on the side of the building and found a small hatch on the roof. He opened it and the rusted bolt made a small creek. What he saw was three apes each bigger than the other and a well cleaned rat. The rat had a trench coat on and when he turned he saw a pistol in his jacket. The apes were dressed in black suits who also had pistols but in holsters. After a while of watching them they left and he jump into the building landing in complete silence. After looking around he found the crate labeled A-9000.

"Lets find out what you have that's so valuable." He said using his cane to pry open the side of the crate. "Asthma inhalers?" He said confused. He opened the box and looked at the device. It was just a regular inhaler. He tossed it and it landed on the button and some slightly greenish gas came out.

"What the hell is-ah! My eyes! What is this stuff?" The raccoon that was clearly in pain yelled. Under his screaming he heard cars pull up and heard a voice.

"What do you want us to do with him?" a deep neanderthalish voice said.

"Drop him at the hospital and leave him with Dr. Peters." A much calmer yet almost annoyed voice said.

Before he knew what was going on he was being dragged by the back of his shirt. Without any of them realizing he slipped the inhaler into his pouch he kept on the side of his right leg. He was thrown into a car and woke up in an ice bath with his vision hazy he tried to talk but all that came out was mumbling and he fell out of consciousness. He woke up again but this time in his bed.

"That was one damn crazy dream." He said rubbing his head. He reached into his pouch and found an inhaler. When his fingers touched it his eyes shot open. He ran over to his computer and logged on to theifnet.

"Come on Bentley be online, come on." He said anxiously to himself. He looked and found it. Spex_guy was online. He sent him a message reading "Bentley. I NEED your help!" a couple minutes went by and he got reply back saying "What trouble are in now Sly?" Sly explained he wasn't in any trouble and what he had found and about what happened to Carmelita. Bentley said he would be there as soon as he could and the next day at the break of dawn Bentley was there with all of his equipment.

"Put the vacuum end on the part where the gas comes out." Bentley said holding up the hose leading to a device of some sort with wires leading into his computer.

"Your gonna want to be careful with that Bentley. Its bad." Sly said handing Bentley the inhaler. Bentley tapped on some buttons and the machine started working. When the results of the test started coming in Bentleys mouth dropped.

"What is it?" Sly asked concerned.

"It's-It's the most complex structure I've ever seen. It doesn't look highly toxic but will kill in small amounts and its not absorbed by inhaling its absorbed by getting into the eyes and after an amount of time it will cause paralysis and internal organ damage and bleeding and who could have made this?" The turtle said utterly amazed by this.

"Well that explains the eye burning. Oh yeah why would I need to be put in ice after being exposed to this?" Sly asked the turtle with his mouth still wide open.

"It seems cold stops the spreading through the body and ultimately reverses it. I'm going to do more research on this. I'll be back tomorrow." He said picking up his laptop and heading out.

The next day Bentley came running through the door shoving the computer in Slys face.

"I don't get it? What am I reading about?" Sly asked after reading what Bentley found.

"That gas you found is part of a secret government biological weapon!"

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