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Conspiracies 2 Chapter 1

"You should see it down here Bentley. Its amazing!"Sly said laying back in a beach chair with a drink in his hand looking at the screen of the laptop his turtle friend had given him.

"Just remember to keep a low profile. And you should be wearing sunglasses or something! Last thing we need is you getting arrested!" Bentley said worried looking in the background seeing all the people.

A small giggle was heard as a very beautiful cat girl in a bright blue bikini walked up to Sly and into frame for Bentley and giggling again before saying "Um excuse me but are you Sly Cooper?"

Sly paused for a moment to examine her and seeing that her top that had the Cooper logo on each of her boobs. "Didn't know they made those." he said smiling. "And yes, I am. Gotta go Bentley." He said reaching to close the laptop.

"Remember low-" The laptop closed leaving Bentleys screen black. "-Profile."

"So your name is?" Sly asked casually sitting up in his chair.

"Ginger, like my fur." She said excitedly and true to her word her fur was a beautiful shade of redish tan. She grabbed a napkin from the table and pulled a blue sharpie out the bag she was carrying and wrote down her phone number and room number and hotel name giving it to Sly. "Me and my friends are going out tonight and we'd love to have you come." She said smiling and pointing a group of equally sexy girls looking over at the two of them.

"How could I possibly say no." Sly said sliding the napkin into the pocket on his shorts.

"Great! See you at nine." She said going back to her friends and walking away.

Sly continued laying in his chair for another hour or so before heading back to his hotel which was right on the beach. He walked into the lobby and looked around seeing a back leather coat and black pants that looked away when Sly saw him. He kept walking to the elevator. He pushed the button for his room number. After a three floors it stopped and a beautiful white rabbit in a bright red dress walked in. they exchanged smiles and Sly couldn't help but look over and check her out. His eyes wandered up and down until she looked over at him. He quickly looked away. She smiled to herself and pulled out a pen and slip of paper from her purse writing down her number and slipping it into his pocket before she exited the elevator. Slys floor came up on the digital numbers above the doors as they slid open. He got off and walked to his door sliding in his room key and walking in. He looked at the clock on the end table next to his bed that read 5:17. He set the alarm to 8:00 and flopped on the bed for a quick nap.

In what felt like no time at all his alarm went off. He reached over lazily turning it off and getting out of bed. He jumped in the shower and got dressed looking at the information on the napkin. Sly took the elevator to the parking garage. He walked through the dimly lit building to his rental car. He drove over to the hotel and walked through the lobby and took the elevator to the girls room and met her just as she was walking out.

"Hey!" she said looking at her watch that read 9: 38. "Didn't think you were coming."

"Yeah uh sorry. Traffic." He said placing his hand on the back of his neck.

"Its fine." she said smiling.

"Where are your friends?" Sly asked after seeing her in a group earlier in the day.

"They're meeting us down there."

"Alright well lets go." They walked back out to Slys car and Ginger gave him directions to the club. When they arrived Sly got out and and walked around opening the door for Ginger.

"Such a gentleman." She said stepping out of the car.

"I try." Sly said with a smile an she giggled.

They walked up to the club and Sly saw the same guy in the lobby from earlier again looking away when Sly looked at him. Ginger turned to him and saw him looking.

"You know him?" She asked.

"I don't think so." Sly said walking into the club seeing a sign out front that read 'Number 1 rated Night Club On Banoi Island!'

"Hey!" Ginger said running up to her friends taking Sly with her. Sly turned around to look back and saw the man in the black coat walk in behind them.

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