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Carmelita sat alone in her apartment wearing just a pair of sweat pants and a gray tank top trying to think of something to do while she was on her forced vacation from her boss. Her whole career at INTERPOL she had never taken a vacation or even a sick day. She let out a sigh of boredom just as the phone rang. Her ears perked up and she darted to the table answering the phone.

"Hello." She said somewhat eagerly.

"Inspector Fox, I'm sorry to bother you on your time off, but we need you to come in as soon as possible."

"No, no its fine." She said excited that her day of mind numbing boredom was finally over. "I'll be in in just a few minutes." She hung the phone up and quickly got her hair done and slipping on her tight blue pants and small blue undershirt. She walked out of her bed room now dressed and grabbing her shock pistol and holster and grabbing her yellow coat walking out the door. She climbed into the driver seat of her bright red convertible and put on her sunglasses driving the forty-five minute long trip from her apartment to INTERPOL.

When she arrived she parked in her usual spot in the parking garage. As soon as she got out of her car a black van drove by and parked a few spots up but no one got out. Seeing this made the fox uneasy so she took the elevator opposed to walking like usual. Walking in she was greeted by the usual stares and whistles. One of the more forward agents that worked there started to move his hand getting ready to smack her ass but she saw it and grabbed his wrist twisting his arm back and hitting his head of the desk.

"I wouldn't recommend that." She said just loud enough for him to hear it just before she released his arm. Everyone was laughing as he straitened his shirt out. Carmelita walked down the rest of the hall to the chiefs office. When she opened the door to walk in there was someone in one of the two seats on the opposite side of the chiefs desk.

"I'm sorry sir I didn't know you were busy." She said halfway in the door.

"No its alright Inspector. This is just one of our newest members, Inspector Gonzales." The chief said making a hand motion in his direction. He stood up and Carmelita saw that he was a tall rather good looking fox.

"It's great to meet you Inspector. I've heard quite a lot about your accomplishments." He said extending his hand to shake Carmelitas whos hand had just seemed to do the same on its own.

"Um, thank you its nice to meet you also." She said nervously noticing that she had been staring at him the whole time and looked down and turning her attention to the chief.

"Inspector Gonzales could you excuse us for a minute." The chief said motioning to the door.

"Of coarse sir. It was nice meeting you Inspector." He said walking out the door.

"Now Carmelita I know you've always worked alone but I think it would be a good ide-"

"Sure." Carmelita said before he could even finish his sentence.

"What? All the other times I've tried giving you a partner you've heavily refused." The chief said confused.

"Well every other time you've tried to give me a partner on the Cooper case." She said sitting in the chair.

"Well." He said.

"But sir I've been alone on that case since I've started." She said defensive.

"Look, Cooper was spotted on Banoi Island last night and-"

"So let me go!" She said excited to finally have a lead after such a long time.

"He was spotted at a night club where there was a shooting and I think it would good if you and Inspector Gonzales went to investigate this, its much too dangerous for you to go alone."

"But sir-"

"Either you go with Inspector Gonzales or I'll assign someone else the Cooper case." The chief threatened.

"Yes sir." She said standing up. "When do we leave?"

"In about a half hour. You better get going."

She walked out of the chiefs office and down to the door where she was met by Inspector Gonzales.

"So I suppose we are going to working together." He said walking out next to Carmelita. His accent was only slightly thicker than her own.

"I assume you've read up on Cooper case file?" She said walking to the parking garage elevator with him.

"Yes, and I must say he has a very impressive criminal record." He said standing next to her looking over at her when she was turned to her side to press the button for the floor.

"Yes. That he does. If we are going to working together I think its right we at least know each others names." Carmelita said as the door opened.

"Rodrigo. And you?" He said walking with her to her car.

"Carmelita." She said almost to her car.

"Ah, a very beautiful name." He said with a smile which made Carmelita blush and look down. " Look out!" He yelled pushing Carmelita out of the way of a black van that screeched to a stop and two men hopped out. Rodrigo jumped up and hit them both with his shock pistol and reached down to help Carmelita up.

"Are you alright Inspector?" He asked helping her to her feet.

"Yes, I'm fine thanks to you." She said a little shaken up.

"We had better get going if we're going to catch our flight." He said getting in the passenger seat of her car. They drove off to the airport and got on their flight just in time. As they sat in their seats Rodrigo read more on the Cooper case files and Carmelita rested her head on her hand thinking of how she hadn't seen the van coming. But her thoughts kept drifting back to Rodrigo. She knew that she could never have a relationship with him as they worked together but still she thought about it. He seemed nearly perfect. Good looking, kind, smart all the things she liked about Sly except the clashing careers. Sly, she smiled thinking about what his face would look like seeing her with a partner.

The plane landed and they got their luggage and headed out to get their rental car. This time Rodrigo drove. They drove through the city to their hotel and decided to get started the next day as it was getting late. Carmelita checked in while Rodrigo carried in their bags. It was a nice hotel room, roomy two beds, good sized shower and bathroom, and a rather large TV.

"I'm gonna take a shower." She said walking into the bathroom.

"Ok." Rodrigo said still reading the files on Cooper.

"She slipped out of her clothes until she was just in her bra and panties and necklace. Her bright orange fur stood out against her dark blue undergarments. She reached behind her neck taking off her golden star necklace and lightly setting on the sink. She reached into the shower and turning on the hot water and let the room steam up a bit before slipping out of her bra and panties. She stepped into the warm water and stood there for a second letting her fur get wet. She began washing herself and thinking about Rodrigo again. He hands rubbed the soap all over her fire orange fur and began wandering down. First down to her chest where one stopped while the other continued down. Past her stomach and down to her thigh. She thought about Rodrigo and Sly. " No!" Her head yelled at her to stop. She stopped and finished washing quickly. "I can't be doing this. It would never be able to work. I have to focus on finally catching Sly. I'm here on work." She though talking herself down from her day dream while she dried off.

She walked out of the bathroom in her sweat pants and tank top for bed like always. She lay down in bed and closed her eyes while Rodrigo closed the documents he was reading and sat on his own bed.

"I see you re-enforce the stereo type that girls take long showers." He said with a laugh.

"Shut up." Carmelita said laughing throwing a pillow at him and crawling into bed while Rodrigo got into the shower.

She lay in bed thinking about what Cooper would be doing here. The island was a particularly wealthy place. Didnt have many things that would be of too much value. She decided to close her eyes and try to get some sleep.

Just minutes later the bathroom door opened and Rodrigo stepped out. Carmelita opened her eyes slightly and surprised to see him naked walking out of the bathroom. "He must have thought I was asleep." She thought to herself. She followed him with her eyes. Her thoughts from her shower started re-surfacing. He turned over and saw that her eyes were open. Upon noticing he grabbed the blanket from his bed and covering up.

"I'm sorry Inspector I um thought you were asleep." He said looking down.

She lay there for a second trying to think of what to say. "No its alright." She said and involuntarily smiled sexily and closed her eyes.

"Inspector?" She heard Rodrigo say and opened her eyes and they were met by his only a few inches away from her. She lay there shocked somewhat at how close he was and she looked into his eyes. They reminded her of Slys. Before she could finish her thought Rodrigo kissed her. Her eyes shot open then slowly started to close. She pulled away after a good amount of time then pulled him onto the bed and returned to his kiss.

"Inspector?" Rodrigo said softly in his Spanish accent.

"Yes." She said with a heavy breath.

"Time to wake up Inspector." He said.

Her head tilted a little. "what?" She said confused.

She jolted awake in bed with Rodrigos hand on her shoulder shaking her awake lightly.

"You are a heavy sleeper aren't you." He said laughing.

"It was a dream." She said softly. "Ha, yeah." She said thinking about the dream she had just been woken from. She got out of bed and grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom to use the toilet and get dressed before heading out.

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