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I knocked on Anthony's closed door and waited as I heard bumping and shuffling around inside.

"Just a second," Anthony's cold voice called. There was more bumping and shuffling and then he yelled, "Alright, come in!"

Dimitri opened the door and I almost vomited at the sight before me. Anthony's two bodyguards were carrying a body shaped bag out of the back door of the office which led to the back alley. Anthony quickly licked red liquid off of his lips, which I realized was the blood of the innocent victim that he just sucked the life out of.

I swallowed down my disgust and fear and smiled at him.

"Sorry if I'm bothering you, boss. I just thought that you'd want to meet the man that you've been asking about. Anthony, this is Sergei Smirnov."

Anthony and Dimitri shook hands, and he smiled at him, expertly hiding his deadly fangs.

"Hello, Sergei. I've heard so much about you. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind…" He said trailing off.

"Absolutely sir, but may I ask why?" Dimitri asked.

"Oh just out of curiosity my boy. I like to know as much as I can about my employees." Dimitri nodded and Anthony proceeded with his questions. "Where do you work?"

"I'm a physical therapist at Drayer Physical Therapy center in Missoula."

"Interesting. How long have you and Taylor been together?"

"Four years and counting," He replied, draping his arm around my shoulders.

"And you are ok with her occupation?"

"Sure. I do get jealous from time to time but I get over it with the fact of knowing that she's all mine."

"What are your plans for the future, hmm?"

This is a little weird, I thought to myself. It's like a teenage girl's overprotective dad questioning her boyfriend.

"Roza and I are going to…" He stumbled over his name mistake. "Start a family and settle down soon I suppose."

Oh fuck. We're screwed.

"Why did you call her Roza?" Anthony asked suspiciously. His bodyguards returned through the door quietly with no body bag, and took their places standing along the back wall.

I gulped, but Dimitri quickly thought up and excuse for his mistake.

"It's rose in Russian. I call her Roza because she's beautiful like a rose." He said, smiling at me.

I smiled back and held my breath as Anthony studied us curiously.

"I see. You seem like a good man, Smirnov. I look forward to seeing you in the future." I left go of the nervous breath I was holding in. Luckily, he didn't think of Dimitri's name slip as anything more than a strange pet name. "So sorry to rush you out of here, but it's almost your dancing shift, Taylor."

"Oh yeah, I better go change. Bye babe!" I said, kissing Dimitri and hopping out of my chair.

"Be on the stage in fifteen minutes. Goodbye, Sergei." He said, sending us a smile that made me want to cringe.

I grabbed Dimitri's hand and towed him out of the room and towards the bar.

"I'm so sorry, Taylor. I can't believe I…" He began, but I cut him off.

"It's ok… Sergei." I replied grinning at him.

"Very creative Rose," He said, rolling his eyes.

"Thank you. I googled common Russian last names. I'm not that creative." I said, winking. "I have to go get changed. Love you."

"Love you too. I'm going to go find Adrian and Eddie. I guess I'll see you later," He said, giving me a goodbye kiss and heading the other way.

I hurried back to the locker room and grabbed my bag out of my locker. I stripped my dress and changed into my blood red lingerie. It's so weird, walking around with no clothes on. I headed on to the dark stage and smiled at my fellow dancers. There was a Chinese one with jet black, naturally curly hair named Cho and a bleach blonde with pin straight hair named Sierra.

"Alright guys, we got some hot dancers up on the stage tonight! Give it up for Sierra, Cho, and Taylor!" The DJ yelled into his microphone.

Dirty Dancer by Enrique Iglesias, Usher, and Lil Wayne played and we all spun slowly around the pole. This was a choreographed song that we all practiced together yesterday. We jumped on the pole and shimmied down just as Usher said "This is for the dirty girls".

I looked around the crowd when I could to look for Dimitri, and after a minute or two I finally found him in the swarming crowd. Eddie was beside him, staring at me wide-eyed and practically drooling, and Dimitri elbowed him. Eddie snapped out of his haze and mumbled an apology, rubbing the back of his neck. Dimitri turned his head back towards the stage and we locked eyes. I winked at him and his eyes glazed over with lust.

I hadn't even realized that the song was over until we did our final move, jumping up and hanging upside down off the pole. We dropped to the ground and winked at the crowd, picking up bills that littered the floor and sticking them in our bras and the waistbands of our underwear.

The stage went dark and we headed to the back.

"We rock!" Cho yelled, fist pumping.

"Yeah we do!" I replied, grinning.

"Let's split the tips," Sierra said.

We pulled the money out of our waistbands and threw it in a pile. I took the liberty of counting it, only because Sierra and Cho are a little bit… How do I put this lightly… Dim.

"400 total and the club gets 25 percent so we each get 100," I said after a moment.

We grabbed our share of money and put it in our bags, then went separate ways. I had to go back and dance so I changed into my midnight blue lingerie. The rest of the dancing shift was pretty uneventful. I stripped to 5 or so songs and make about 500 more bucks, and then changed back into my leopard print dress.

Dimitri caught me as I walked out of the employee hallway.

"I'm heading back to the academy. Eddie is tired and Adrian is drunk out of his mind with the Badica sisters," He said, rolling his eyes.

"Okay. I think I'm done here in like an hour and a half so I'll just catch a ride 'home' with Stace." I said.

"Damn. I forgot that you can't go back to the academy… I'll take the guys back and then meet you at our house."

That sounded so weird. Our house. The academy was so afraid that we would blow our cover if somebody followed me home that they got us a house. It was Mrs. Karp's old cottage about 30 minutes away from the academy where she spent holidays and vacations. She had graciously let us use the house so my coworkers would have somewhere to drop me off when they gave me rides.

"In fact, we could just stay the night, and go back to the academy in the morning. It's stupid to drive all the way back home." He said, shrugging.

"Yeah, that's fine!" I replied. Although it wasn't currently in use, Mrs. Karp kept the house clean, furnished, and with everything running like electric and water.

"Belikov! Oh, shit. I mean Smirnov!" Adrian called from behind us clutching a bottle of alcohol. He staggered over to us and handed it to me. "We gots to GO brother! The Badicas are trying to take me back to the bedrooms and I can't do that! They probably have AIDS and STDs! Not to mention…," Dimitri put his hand over his mouth so he couldn't continue.

"Bye, Roza." He said, turning to me and kissing me.

"Bye Comrade. See you later," I said, giving him a quick hug and turning away to head back to the bar. Only a little bit longer and I can go home to a waiting hot, turned on Russian. That fueled my energy and let me fly through the rest of the work day.

xXx DPOV xXx

"Hey guys, you wanna sing a song? Hey! Me too! Alright I'll start! This place about to blow OH OH OH OH OH OH OHHHH!" Adrian screamed the song that was playing when we left.

I rolled my eyes and sighed as Eddie covered his eyes.

"Hey Adrian, wanna play truth or dare?" Eddie said.

"Hells yes! Me first! Belikov I dare…" He began.

"No, me first!" Eddie yelled cutting him off. "I dare you to compulse yourself to sleep the rest of the way home!"

Adrian scratched his head and stared at Eddie. "I don't know if I can compulse myself, especially with so much alcohol in my system!" He slurred, scratching his head. He scrunched his eyes together and grunted but then sighed. "Nope! That sucks! That means you gotta pick another…" He went silent.

I looked in the review mirror and saw him passed out across the back seat.

"Woah, he actually did it?" Eddie asked.

"I doubt it. I think he's just knocked out from the alcohol." I said, snickering.

Eddie laughed then looked at me.

"Are you jealous when Rose is up there like that?" He asked.

"Of course. But it's not in my control," I said, shrugging.

"Yeah. I don't know how I'd manage to keep my cool if I were you. Just wait until she actually has to strip…"

"What?" I asked, whipping my head around.

"Yeah," Eddie said looking at me quizzically. "She is a stripper you know. Probably sometime this week the boss guy will make her strip for a shift along with the dancing and bartending she already does."

"Ебем," I swore, shaking my head.

"Sorry man. That must suck!"

"Yeah. That is just all the more reason for me to search the entire facility tomorrow and kill some Strigoi, and get out of there."

"Good idea."

We rode the rest of the way to the academy listening to the radio. Eddie thanked me for the ride and grunted as he dragged Adrian towards the main gates. I chuckled to myself and was about to pull out when there was a knock on my window.

"Hello, Alberta," I greeted her as I rolled down the window.

"Belikov," She nodded, smiling. "So, got any dirt on that place yet?"

"Absolutely nothing yet. I only went where normal customers are allowed to go today, and there was nothing suspicious. Rose took me to meet her boss though and he was definitely a Strigoi. I don't know what he's up to, but it's not just running a business. I'm going back tomorrow to check the rest of the building for any signs of what's going on."

"Sounds like a plan. At least we know that there is a Strigoi behind this."

"Yeah. I'm sure something's going on, and we're going to find out what it is. Roza is going to search the back hallways tomorrow too. It'll be a lot less suspicious if an employee's caught back there rather than a patron."

"Yes. I agree. Please just be careful, and tell Rose too. Speaking of, where is she?"

"She's not of work yet. Her coworker Stacy is driving her home to the cottage in about forty five minutes now."

"And I'm presuming that you're going too?"

"Yes. Actually, I'm going to have to speed to get there and unlock the door for her. We're both just spending the night there. It's already late."

"Okay. I expect to see Rose in her afternoon classes tomorrow, so get her here when you wake up. She's excused from her morning classes."

"Got it," I said, starting the ignition.

"Oh and Belikov," She said, as I was starting to pull out.

"Behave. I still consider Ms. Karp's house school grounds so don't do anything… inappropriate… That you wouldn't do here," She said, giving me a stern look.

"Don't worry Mom," I joked. "I'll be safe."

She rolled her eyes and chuckled at me before walking off towards the faculty housing.

I felt kind of bad lying to her. Well, technically I wasn't lying. Having sex with Rose is something I would do here at the academy. Three times actually; once in the cabin, and once in each of our rooms. I went about 80 all the way to the cottage so I would make it before Rose. I pulled in the driveway with about 10 minutes to spare, so I went upstairs and changed into my flannel pajama pants. I don't know why; they're just going to get taken off. Hopefully.

I heard a car door slam and Rose saying thanks and goodbye, and then the front door opening and shutting.

"Welcome home," I said winking, and kissing her hand.

She grinned and hugged me.

"I like the sound of that." I released her from my arms and she threw her stiletto heels across the room at the closet. "I hope Ms. Karp has the fridge stocked. I'm starving!"

She padded across the room and opened the fridge, peering inside and pulling out some cold pizza.

"Thank goodness," She said, her voice muffled with the pizza that she was shoving in her face.

She finished her last bite of pizza and I strode over to her, grabbing her wrists. I pushed her roughly against the counter and growled, attacking her neck with my lips.

"Horny tonight, are we Comrade?" She said with a smirk.

"You don't seem to realize, Roza," I said between kisses. "Watching you dance like a goddess all night and not being able to touch you has gotten so much sexual frustration built up inside of me, that I just have to get it out of my system." Her eyes glazed over with lust and she shivered. I knew she loved it when I talked dirty with her. "I'm in control tonight," I growled, and hitched her leg around my hip.

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