Dean was in the shower trying to think why the angels had given him and Sam Angelique and Delaney. Not that he was complaining about Angelique. She was one of the best he's ever had and she's sexy as hell but why were they sent to them.

Dean looked up into the spray of the shower head. He ran a hand over his neck to try and loosen the muscles and he felt a pair of hands on his back. He turned quickly to see Angelique naked in the shower with him. The water had drenched her already and she was looking sexy as hell.

"Jesus Christ," he cursed staring at her body that all he wanted to do was slam her against the shower door and screw her till she screamed.

"Not quite," she said running her hands up his chest.

"What are you doing in here?"

"I felt your stress and wanted to ease some of it off you. What can I do to help?" She pressed her hands and fingers into his chest moving them in tight circles. He groaned in pleasure closing his eyes. Her hands moved them up to his shoulders, "Feel good Dean?"


"Good that's all I want to do is make you feel good." He could feel her breath against his lips and he opened his eyes to catch her staring at them. She bit her bottom lip as her hands moved back down and her mouth moved with them. She was leaving wet open mouth kisses on his chest. He felt this heavenly feeling come over him from her mouth.

Dean grabbed her by the waist and pushed her against the door of the shower. She looked up at him seeing this animal like look in his eye. "Do what you want Dean?"

Dean grabbed her by her ass and wrapped her legs around him. With one quick thrust he was inside her. "Oh Dean!" She moaned loudly. She grabbed the top of the shower door in her hands and continued moaning.

Dean kissed at her chest and neck, nipping and sucking at it. She felt so good against his body and inside her. She throbbed and pulsated around him.

"I know you want it harder Dean! Harder now!" She moaned, "I know you like it like that!"

Dean bit his bottom lip as he thrusted harder into her, "Fuck!" he groaned.

Angelique stared into his eyes, "Cum with me."

Dean groaned again staring into her eyes. He has never felt pleasure like this before. It felt better than anything he has ever felt before. He's never a woman that felt this good before but this angel, God help him, he was fucking another angel and this one knew everything he liked and liked it herself.

Dean felt his balls tighten and his abdomen twist and he groaned loudly as Angelique moaned his name over and over again as she came.

Sam arched an eyebrow looking towards the bathroom. He made a face before looking back on his computer. He licked his lips shaking his head and reading up more on their angel friends. There was still no word from Cas and they didn't know if they should take that as a sign or not.

Sam continued to read over Delaney's description when he felt hands on his thighs and heard his zipper going down. He quickly pulled out from table and saw Delaney.

"No, no, no, no," said Sam standing from the chair, "No, you uh, stay."

"Stay?" She placed her hand on her hip as she stood up, "I'm not a dog Sam…unless you want to get into doggie style. I can bark for ya," she winked at him as she went after her prey.

Sam swallowed hard as she continued to advance on him. The back of his legs hit the bed and he sat down on it.

"Now Sam, I know you want answers but really what you need right now is," she moved to his ear, "A little oral attention." She licked his ear before getting down on her knees and pulling his jeans and boxers down. With just her touch Sam was hard as a rock. He watched and prayed Dean would not walk through that bathroom door.

Delaney smiled at him as she took hold of his large cock in her hands. Sam closed his eyes and leaned back. Her grip was perfect and he bit his bottom lip in pleasure. He groaned as her tongue licked the slit then around the head as she pumped him with her fist.

"You like that baby?" she asked and he nodded, his mouth open just a bit. She smiled, "I know you do. I can tell."

With that said Delaney took his hard member inside her mouth inch by inch.

"Oh shit," he moaned throwing his head back. "God that feels so good." Sam ran his hands through her hair as she continued to bob her head up and down.

"Eww DUDE!" yelled Dean walking out and quickly looking away.

Sam opened his eyes wide and quickly pulled her off him pulling his jeans off, "Uh, uh, don't give me that shit! I heard you in there! Plus…I blame her!" Sam pointed over to Delaney.

Dean peeked to see if it was ok and he looked around the room, "Who?"

Sam looked at Delaney who waved at him, "Uh Delaney she is right there."

"Dude remember I can't see her only Angelique," he pointed over his shoulder Angelique.

"Yeah and I don't see her."

"Ok, ok, ok," said Angelique, "we can fix this problem. Come on Delaney."

And just like that both angels appeared in front of both brothers. "Hi Sam," said Angelique waving at him, "It's so great for you to actually see me now."

"You're Angelique," said Sam pointing to her and she nodded.

"And you're Delaney?" asked Dean pointing to Delaney.

"Yes sir."

"Ok then will you two please tell us what the hell is going on?" asked Dean, "Not that I'm really complaining I love sex…I mean love it but why are you two following us and stuff?" He looked at Angelique.

"Oh well that's because Cas asked us to. He told us to watch you and take care of your every need. He said God told him that you two needed presents for the hard time you two had given to this world."

"And we really really appreciate it," said Delaney and she gripped Sam's shirt and licked her lips, "let me show you my appreciation."

"Whoa," said Dean putting his hands up, "No appreciation is going to be done in front of the other brother alright? Are we clear?" Both angels nodded. "Alright now," he looked at Angelique, "Do you mind sending Cas down here so we can talk to him?"

"Sure baby, anything for my warrior." She grabbed Dean by the face and pulled him against her lips kissing him hard and moaning. She let go of his lips and smiled, "I will never get enough of those delicious lips."

Dean smirked, "Well there will be more where that comes from."

"Dean," said Sam.

"Right, right…uh Cas."

"Right sorry," said Angelique with a wink before closing her eyes and sending Castiel a message to come down to them.

"Yes," said Castiel appearing in the room.

"Castiel!" yelled both angels as they ran up to him and hugged him, "We missed you," said Angelique running her hand over his chest, "I know it's been such a long time," said Delaney smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Hey!" yelled Dean, "Not even two minutes ago you were kissing me!" Sam arched an eyebrow at Dean making a face. "What?" he asked with a slight shrug, "She's my angel and I haven't felt sexual bliss like this in…ever and you have to agree."

"I'm sorry baby," said Angelique walking up to him and rubbing his chest with her hands, "It won't happen again I swear. Cas and I are just co-workers. Forgive me?" she asked as she nipped his bottom lip.

"Maybe later," he winked at her and smacked her but.

She giggled and they all turned to Cas when he cleared his throat. "I guess you are wondering why God has given you two gifts."

"Well," said Sam, "The girls sort of told us that they are gifts for all our hard work for saving the planet."

"Yes, they are here to do whatever you, give you whatever you need. They were matched for you in heaven."

"I was so happy that I got you," said Delaney grabbing Sam's hand and winking at him, "I've always had my eye on you." She chewed on her bottom lip and Sam gave her a smile.

Dean closed his eyes in pleasure as Angelique started to kiss his neck and placed her hand in his jeans and started rubbing him. He opened his eyes and cleared his throat, "So, uh…they do whatever we want…" He swallowed hard and bit his lip trying to concentrate.

Sam and Delaney looked over seeing the look on Dean's face and what Angelique was doing. "DEAN!" yelled Sam and Angelique took her hand from his jeans and smiled.

"Sorry I got a little into it, he's just so…delicious."

"Anyway," said Sam shaking his head, "What are we supposed to do with them?"

"Whatever you want," said Castiel, "They are your angels. They aren't normal angels as you can tell they didn't need vessels or anything. They were chosen at birth to do this."

"So this is all you?" asked Dean looking Angelique up and down.

"Mmhmm," she said with a smile.


"They are here to keep you focused," said Castiel, "With them there will be no need for you to go out and find others, wasting your time that you two don't have."

"That's right," said the girls with smiles.

"And don't even think about it," said Delaney, "We aren't so friendly when we're angry."

Cas nodded to the girls giving them the ok before he vanished.

Delaney turned to Sam smiling, "I want to finish you off."

Dean's eyebrows raised and Angelique laughed while Sam smiled.

"Dude!" yelled Dean shaking his head.

"Well you go to!" yelled Sam and Dean shook his head. This angel thing may be a bad idea.