Title- Salvation
Characters/Pairings- Nyssa/Erik
Rating- K+
Summary- "Fate is a funny thing... constantly turning expectations on their heads." Erik reflects on his life and his love.

A/N- This is a little prologue/preview of a crossover story I am currently working on between Doctor Who and POTO. I figured I would post this preview on the POTO lists to drum up some interest, since I don't think people tend to look at the crossover lists very often, and my review-glutton tendencies mean I need reviews to live. I'm fairly sure there are more DW-loving phans out there besides me, so this seems as good a way as any to procure an audience for my story. Anyway, the story will pair Nyssa, that most angelic and kind-hearted of the Doctor's companions, with our beloved Erik. See my profile, about halfway down, for why I think this is a good idea. In the meantime, enjoy this little preview!

I was never meant for an ordinary life. That was a lesson I learned long before I learned to walk. The world would never love me, and I, as such, had no particular love for the world. It would be fitting to say that, for all that I wished otherwise, I always knew I was destined to lurk in the shadows. Fate is a funny thing, however, constantly turning expectations on their heads.

I am a deeply flawed man. I know this. I have a fierce temper and I am of mercurial temperament even on my best days. I am distrustful of my fellow man on principal. On more than one occasion, I admit to having displayed a sadistic streak. Worst of all, though, is my predilection for obsession.

Once upon a time, my obsessive nature nearly destroyed me. The voice I had been teaching for a decade suddenly belonged to a beautiful young woman who only recently had been a promising child. Her image filled up my mind, driving all else away. What had previously been an attempt to create the perfect instrument to carry the music that lives inside me became fixation. Before, Christine Daae was my protégé and my instrument, a professional interest only. When affairs of the heart came into play, however, that obsessive facet of myself emerged and latched onto the talented soprano.

I loved her fiercely, possessively, and it nearly drove me mad when she gave herself to a young viscount, choosing a handsome face and an undamaged heart over my terrible visage and devotion. I think I should have become a monster, if I had been allowed to continue.

Fate, though, chose that moment to play the most unexpected card in the form of an angel from beyond the stars. Nyssa is her name, the impossible, fearless miracle that I have never quite been able to understand. She led me up out of the darkness of my mind, not into the harsh, revealing light of day but the soft glow of the moon and stars. She turned my thoughts away from the coy soprano who ate at my mind, and showed me compassion I had never before experienced.

I have never deserved to have Nyssa of Traken by my side, but somehow, she is there. She does not have the voice Christine did… or rather, I did not craft her voice to my specifications. Her singing voice is indeed lovely, and though it lacks the raw power that I gave to Christine, her voice compliments mine unexpectedly well.

I never knew joy before Nyssa. Maybe I still haven't. With no sample against which to judge, I don't know. I think, though, that she has taught me to live, and to me, that makes all the difference.

This is the story of how a woman from another world descended with no fear into the darkness. This is the story of how she brought forth a sad, lonely creature and saved him from himself. This is our story…