The following was based upon the characters created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry in the award-winning show: Get Smart. Please read and enjoy!

Max slumped in his chair, feeling the knot in his stomach form in such a manner that it tugged him further and further into the ground. It was if there was a whole that suddenly collapsed and all of his organs, most importantly his heart, had fallen through. For a moment, he could not feel the familiar beat in his chest and everything outside went deafeningly quiet. His ears burned, irritated by the sudden silence that had insued due to the initial emotional shock. Then, the first familiar sound to come rushing back was the sound of his eratic beat, as if Max's heart were screaming to come out. Sweat filmed on his face and the color drained.

"What? No, th-that can't be-Chief are you sure?"

The Chief sat back in his chair, nearly as distraught as his faithful employee and friend. With a dry throat, he croaked, "I'm afraid so, Max."

"But, Chief-there has-there has-" Tears began to weld up at the brim of his eyelids and he suddenly found it difficult to even breath, thanks to the enourmous clot dropping in his throat. Max lurched forward and shielded his face with his hands, attempting to make the awful message somehow disappear. "She can't be-she can't be gone, Chief."

The Cheif leaned forward and, ignoring his emotions almost completely, comforting him with his words. "Max, I realize that this is a difficult message-an impossible one, but unfortunately it has come to pass. However, I need you to pull yourself together as an agent if I am to hand this mission over to you."

Max sat up and wiped his eyes, ashamed at the unusual display of emotion. He rapidly cleared his throat and ignored any ensuing tears that breached their boundaries afterwards. "Well, what more can be done if 99 is dead Chief?"

"Well," the Chief began hesitantly, folding his hands before him on the desk, "we are not completely certain of her status as of yet. However, I felt that you should know the truth-not to have false hope. Despite my initial reaction, I think knowing what I know that you are indeed the man for the job. No one else is as close to 99 as you and your personal involvement may actually be helpful in the situation." Max's eyes averted his, still weapy from the initial statement when he entered the office. "Now this was a deadly assignment, not unlike the usual, but 99 had made contact with me and when the situation became compromised, she gave me her word that she would contact me again within the hour. But, as you are now aware, she hasn't called headquarters in nearly four days."

"Then she could still be alive?"

"That is a possibility," the Chief continued while rising from his chair. He came around the desk and sat on the opposite corner from Max and placed a hand on his shoulder, much as a father would a son. Meanwhile, Max reached up with his forefinger and thumb and wiped both eyes simultaneously. "However, due to the nature of the assignment, it is likely that she is either being held captive or she is...well..."

"What was the assignment she was initially placed on?"

"It appeared that the Russian government had infaltrated the United Embassy with one of their undercover agents from KAOS and that agent was reporting back vital, confidential information that even CONTROL is not to have any documentation on. Now, when we caught wind of that fact, we sent in one of our agents to capture the KAOS man suspected and when he was apprehended, the information that was extracted was quite unappealing."

"What did we discover?"

"Unfortunately, I have no idea. 99 said that she had stumbled upon some information, leathal information..."

"Are you suggesting that she could have been murdered by one of the nations in the United Embassy?"

The Chief simply lowered his head.

"Chief," Max stood up, with his heart palpitating, "that could mean another war if we are to accuse anyone unjustly! Why...this would have to be concealed?"

"Yes, unfortunately, if you go on this mission it will be the deadliest mission I have ever sent you on. As I said before," he stated as he returned to the other side of the desk, "I hesitate to send you out on such a find, but that information could be vital to the government-or detrimental to it. You're one of my best agents-this would be a suicidal mission, Max-you would be in danger every waking moment."

"And...loving it."

"I was afraid you might say that."

"Chief, no one else could fesibly do this-I'm 99's partner and it would be uncooth not to mention unprofessional to have anyone else sent."

"I've arranged for you to have some back-up on this assignment-"

"How, Chief? This is top secret-more than that! Complete confidentiality is necessary!"

"I am well aware of that and that is why I've called upon the best that I could find in the world of espionoge to back you up on this assignment. It took quite a few phone calls and a high dollar amount that CONTROL is nearly unable to afford, but it was necessary."

"Who is my partner?"

"Would you believe, agent 007?"

"007? You mean, James Bond?" Hysterically, Max roared until he looked up and found that the Chief's expression hadn't changed. "Chief, I find that hard to believe."

"Believe it, Max."

"Sean Connery is going to be backing me up?" Max chuckled.

"No, the James Bond. He's an agent actually working for the British MI-6 unit in London, but occassionally, he does contractual work. His identity has been masked by the recent spy-craze and the media has portrayed him in such a way as to mask his actual existence."

"Does he know about that, Chief?"

"Of course. Who do you think instigated all of those fronts?"

Within two days, Max had been placed on a plane and was shipped to London where he was to meet the famous Bond. Although it would have been tempting to spend all of his time contemplating over whether or not the actual Bond was as cunning as the ficticious one had been portrayed, or if he were really the ladies man, Max was distracted by the obvious loss of 99. Every time that it crept up, he felt his heart pound a bit harder as if he had placed it in a tight box and locked it up with a steel clasp. It had only been a few months since 99 had been recruited back to CONTROL after the inital Royal incident, in which she was engaged to the fugitive Victor Royal. The shock of the sudden engagement had been enough to bring his feelings out from hiding and to the forefront of his thoughts. Now that she may be gone again, he wondered if he had lost any chance he may have had to confess his feelings for her.

Did she have any notion of how he felt or had she truly moved on? Sure, he had seen how much 99 cared for him-she was the best partner that he could have asked for. However, with that engagement, he wondered if she had been seeing other potential suitors-men with better credentials than he could ever hope to offer. All he was was a bumbling agent from CONTROL who had the misfortune of being paired with her-of course, the natural bad luck fell upon 99's shoulders rather than his. He had been so grateful to her. Although he could be quick thinking, her calm and resolve had allowed him to rescue her in those moments and many times, she had recued him with her quick wit.

Would he survive without her? Max was certain that he was finished looking for anyone to settle down with. If he couldn't have her, then he was willing to watch be happy with someone else, watch 99 make a life with someone more worthy than himself. But, as for himself, Max would not dream of being with someone else. If she were dead, though-

He peered out the window, attempting to hide his face from any onlooking persons who may detect the presence of emotion falling down his cheeks. Quickly, he dismissed them with a hand, pretending to wipe his face of a pest.