"Well, Max, Vorcheck was taken into custody and the United Embassy was reported to the United Nations for their actions. All the members have been taken into custody as well and the money has been confiscated," the Chief noted proudly as the agents stood before him in his office. "I'm very proud of your work and I am especially grateful to you, Mr. Bond."

"It was a pleasure to work with such intelligible agents. They don't have many quite like that in Britain...especially none as unique as Mr. Smart."

"Thank you, Mr. Bond. Are you headed back to work for MI-6?"

"Not immediately. I think it will take me some time before I can return to active duty. The betrayal of our government really took it's toll on me. Although, I'm sure that I will go back once all this business settles down."

The Chief was sure to pay Mr. Bond the funds that was promised, although after the mission, Bond had been reluctant to receive them. He also made it known to 99 and Max that they were to be granted a two week vacation with pay for their hard work in uncovering the close-call national tragedy.

On that vacation Max made sure to contact 99 and invited her to come over to his place for the evening. The conversation that he had with Bond on the train kept running over in his mind and it was just about time for Max to confess what had been held in for so long. For the duration of the afternoon, Max spent his time cleaning up the apartment so that it would be suitable to receive his guest of honor. He set the table with a white table cloth and placed a batch of fresh red roses that he had picked up earlier that morning in the center. In addition, he maticulously placed candles not only on either side of the center piece on the table but also around the apartment. As the sun fell into the sunset, he dimmed the lights and lit them all.

He tended to some food that he had prepared in the kitchen. The fragrence of chicken floated up from the pan and stirred some of the vegetable platters he had also prepared.

His hands trembled as he set the silverware in each individual position. As soon as he deemed them to be in perfect position, Max went to the record player and put on a record of some soft piano music. Then, he sat and waited for what seemed like an eternity, although it paled in comparison that he had spent trying to find her.

Before he knew it, the knock came softly on the door. He breathed deeply before answering, telling himself that there was nothing to be frightened of. "Hi 99," he said casually as 99 walked in.

"Hi Ma-oh, Max. Your apartment looks darling!"

"Thanks. I spent some time this afternoon fixing it up."

After they ate dinner, at which 99 was also shocked, Max took her hands. "99, there's something I have to really talk to you about."

"Oh, Max, if it's about you and Mr. Bond, I completely understand."

"No-no...I know you know about that, but what Vorcheck mentioned..."

"Oh I know Max and there's no need to explain. He was simply assuming that you had feelings for me based upon the fact that we're partners-"

"-Well, 99-"

"And his assumptions were incorrect. I know that you don't feel that way about me, but that's alright. We're still very good friends. Now, was that all you wanted to talk about?"

Max sat still for a moment, dumbfounded by her proclamations. She really had moved on since the engagement with Royal. However, he found it silly to confess right now. Perhaps it would be better put off for another moment in time, if ever. "Well, 99..." Then he paused and the words that Bond had proclaimed repeated once more. I never got the chance to tell her. However, he ignored the advice. "Yes. That's everything."

Yet, after the two weeks were spent and Max and 99 returned back to work, they were assigned to the assignment that would change the course of their lives. They were pushed to the brink of death and it was then that Max could no longer hold in his true feelings. On the stage of a television studio, trapped between to closed doors with KAOS banging on either side, was where Max decided that his feelings must be known and, happily, 99 reciprocated those feelings. And it was all due to the push of not only an extremely dangerous situation, but to the words of the world's golden spy.