I hate to be one of those authors but I've thought a lot about this and have come to a decision. Sadly, Fragmented Destiny will be put on an indefinite hiatus. When I stepped into writing for this fandom over 2 years ago, I was going through a hard time with school and family and I used writing as an excuse to escape reality even if it was just for a little bit. It's unfortunate, but I've steadily lost interest in the SM universe. I will always be thankful for this story because it was my very first ever written fanfic and it gave me the courage to post my other works. Perhaps one day I will pick it up again, but for now it's time to put it to sleep.

Since FF. net doesn't allow stand alone AN's, here are some teasers that may or may not happen in the future.

"Serenity. My beloved, Serenity." His voice drifted through her ears like a gentle lover's caress.

"Endymion? Is that you? Where are you?" Her head turned round and round, eyes searching through the darkness filled with gray fog for her desired target.

"I'm close by, my love. So very close." Another whisper swept next to her ear. She swiveled her head in that direction, but found no one.

"Where? Why can't I find you?"

"I'm right here, Serenity, just open your eyes." His words were so close that his breath ghosted against her cheek, warming her chilled skin.

"My eyes are open, but I still cannot find you!" Her eyes truly were open, but he was no where to been seen. Everywhere she turned she found nothing but swirling shadows and twisting fog. Desperation clawed up from the pit of her stomach and settled at the base of her throat forming a lump there.

"Not yet they are not. Open them and you will see exactly where I am; where I have always been." A brief touch of his cool fingers trailed away from her cheek left what felt like a scorching heat behind. Suddenly the world around her began to shake. The ground began to split and crack and soon enough pieces started to break apart falling into another dark abyss. In the distance she could see him. He turned his back to her as his back cape fluttered in the non existent wind. Her arm reached out and the moment she took a step towards him, the ground underneath her gave away and she found herself falling further and further into the darkness.

"Endymion, wait!," she screamed at his retreating back, "I don't understand! Endymion! Endy-"

"-Mion!" Usagi woke up with a start. Someone was shaking her and saying something that she couldn't make out and as she opened her eyes to look at who was accosting her being, all she saw was a blurry image of midnight blue eyes and ebony hair.

She reached up to touch his warm cheek, "Endymion?"

"Who are you?" Sailor Mars demanded.

The stranger straightened her back and spoke with a confidence that commanded everyone's attention, "I am the person that you all have been searching for."

"You mean you're...?" Sailor Mercury trailed off unsure if she should voice the question they were all thinking.

"Yes, please allow me to introduce myself. I am mostly known as Sailor Venus, the senshi of love and beauty, but beneath that I am also Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom."

"How can we believe that you're the princess?" Sailor Jupiter cracked her knuckles. None of them have yet to remember their past lives to have an accurate memory of their mysterious princess so anyone could come to claim to be her.

With a brush of her hand, Sailor Venus swept her bangs up to reveal a golden crescent moon on the center of her forehead.

"Only a member of the royal family has the mark of a crescent moon upon their forehead." Luna quietly confirmed. Everyone was stunned into silence at that admission. After so long their search was finally over. For the first time in a thousand years the team was whole again. Sailor Moon should have been overjoyed, in fact she was, but when her eyes met Venus' for the briefest of seconds the deepest part of her mind whispered 'Lies' over and over again.

Usagi's communicator chirped. Flipping it open the shadowed outline of Ninth flashed on screen. "Did you see that? I didn't think Beryl would start sending UFO's after us."

"No, this isn't the work of the Dark Kingdom. This is something else, something much more powerful. I fear a new enemy has arrived."

Usagi's breath caught in her throat as dread washed over her. They weren't prepared for this. Not even in the slightest.

"And why should I help you?" Beryl sneered at the floating cloaked man. His mottled hands perpetually hovered about the crystal ball in front of him.

"Because we both have similar goals. The Sailor Senshi have thwarted our plans at every turn. If we were to combine our forces it would make us unstoppable, wouldn't you agree?"

"The Dark Kingdom doesn't need to rely on some outside help," she spat back.

"Ah, but I believe you do. I have witnessed that your generals have had less than successful attempts at destroying the senshi."

"Yes, they have been less than… competent," Beryl grit her teeth at the admission, "But your people aren't faring as well either. So tell me. How does joining forces benefit us both?"

The cloaked being chuckled lowly, "Imagine this if you will, Queen Beryl, the senshi are completely eliminated and you will rule over the citizens of Earth. There would be nothing stopping you from covering the world in darkness and mayhem however you see fit."

"It seems like it would only be advantageous for me. What's in it for you?"

"I have traveled across time and space to come here to this present. The future that I have seen and lived through is not the one that I desire. I merely want to create a future that is prosperous for those that wish for it."

"You want to change the future?"

"Yes, and with your help I believe it will be a success."